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Advantages & Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Advantages of Studying Abroad

Offering advanced learning techniques: There are a number of foreign countries which use the advanced learning techniques to teach the new generation. Relatively, these new learning techniques impress this generation to pursue foreign Education. Moreover, there are several countries that additionally has smart laboratories with foremost facilities which give a practical atmosphere for doing an analysis. Hence, considering all the factors associated with advanced learning methods, students get encouraged to pursue higher education abroad than in their hometown. This is the foremost advantage of overseas education.

          Developing autonomous lifestyle: Studying abroad instils a sense of self-sustaining along with helping the students to develop an autonomous lifestyle. For example, after getting educated in their hometown, students lack the opportunity to live a free & independent life and this dependence can give them a sense to snug solely in their circle. Thus, foreign education will definitely facilitate them a grasp to adopt and live freely.

          Providing exposure to different cultures: While studying in the hometown, students get to the sole origin of one particular cluster of the country. Alternatively, once they take up the option of pursuing education abroad they get a chance to meet with folks from the varied cultural backgrounds, folks speaking a specific language and a completely mixed culture of the environment. Hence, students pursuing education abroad can have exposure to multicultural folks.

          Providing better job opportunities: Students studying abroad have better job opportunities and better job roles in their hometown just because of the higher education standards in abroad along with the advanced technology setting. This is the foremost reason, parents would like to send their offspring to study in abroad.

          Building goodwill in the hometown: Overseas education is a gateway to build a good reputation in the hometown for the students. For instance, students studying abroad get a lot of respect and credibility than students studying in their hometown. For this reason, most of them select to check in abroad for their higher education.

          Interacting with topmost successful people in their field of study: There are several universities in foreign countries ready to pay chunks of money to hire the most successful people in the field as guest lecturers or for part-time interacting with students. This kind of exposure can for sure inspire the parents to send their children abroad to satisfy and grow with the foremost gifted and successful folks.

          Offering higher pay scale as compared to education in hometown: When comparison of the pay scale of the scholars who are graduated in abroad with the scholars who are graduated from town is drawn, there’s a big difference noticed. Due to the practical knowledge, foreign education imparts and advanced learning techniques in abroad, organizations believe its worth to employ students from abroad with a good pay scale. This reasons for sure add on the benefits of studying in abroad. 

Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

          Expensive: There is a plenty of expense in overseas education program as compared to studying in hometown. Beginning from the travelling expense, accommodation to college fee structure, it’s all expensive. This is the major reason that students hesitate to take up education in abroad.

          Communication barriers: Communication is one of the foremost hurdles for many of the scholars wanting to study in abroad. It is not just a hassle between fellow mates however conjointly, generally, students do not perceive what lecturers speak. They even find it difficult to clear all their doubts while conversing with their lecturers. This generally would possibly result in depression among the scholars concerning the complete method of obtaining an education abroad. So, this is often believed to be the major hurdle for the students wanting to pursue an overseas education.

          Possibilities of getting exposed to non-ethical things: Studying abroad is a process full of cultural shocks for many of the students. This often occurs as a result of a mixture of culture and other people having a unique style. This may not suit everybody, and generally, students tend to adopt, non-ethical things prevailing, from totally different country people. This is often a reason for a few students not selecting overseas education program.

          Feeling of loneliness and homesick: Not every student will solely focus on studies after they leave abroad because the surroundings are incredibly new, new faces all around would possibly cause nostalgia and disturbance. As a result of homesickness & unfamiliarity, students tend to avoid gatherings and stay alone, this generally affects them to a larger extent. Henceforth, this is often regarded an obstacle of studying in abroad.

          A lot of expectations: It is a natural tendency among the organizations or the society to develop a lot of expectations once they realize that a student pursued his graduation from abroad. This generally seems to be a pressure and would possibly create the scholar to outperform which is burdensome for a person. Hence, due to the social pressure and a lot of expectations students get afraid to select study in an abroad program.

          University credits may not be valid or accepted everywhere: Every country has its own accredit rules and it can’t be expected to be accepted in each country. There is a possibility that few university accredits are not accepted in all the countries. This would possibly cause a loss when knowing this later after graduation.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Studying Abroad


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