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Is Adaptive Learning The Future Of Education?

Education is a dynamic concept that is evolving over time. The influx of new technology and digital Learning models have created a tectonic shift in the way students and teachers are learning and teaching in the classroom

One such concept that is transformed classrooms across the world is Adaptive Learning.

What Is The Adaptive Learning Theory?

Adaptive learning can be defined as the use of technology and digital tools to create a personalized learning experience for the students. Adaptive Learning theory was conceptualised and born from the understanding that every student in every classroom is unique with a distinctive way of learning. This insight gave rise to the concept of personalised learning where the content was aligned with the student’s learning style for a better learning outcome. In personalised education the study materials are developed to personally suit each student’s learning styles, learning needs and focus areas.

Adaptive learning software uses learning technology to perceive the student’s strengths and weaknesses and use that information to offer recommendations of what the student can do to improve their learning outcomes. The basic principle of adaptive learning is to modify the presentation of learning content to reflect the student’s understanding of the content and classroom performance.

In the initial days of using the adaptive learning software, the student usually undergoes a short and simple assessment to determine the level of content mastery. This assessment is then scored, and a learning pathway is created for the student. This pathway can be assigned by the software or by the teacher, depending on the preference of the school. As students’ progress on this pathway, they keep encountering assessments to measure their performance. The software interacts with students in real time and adapts itself to every new interaction to create a comprehensive learning program.

How does Adaptive Learning Software Impact Student Learning?

  • Creates a personalised learning experience for the student

There are many adaptive learning advantages. This online learning system follows the student’s learning experience to change the sequencing of the syllabus into a learner-friendly program that enhances learning.

It is an online learning system that aims to create a unique and personalized learning experience for the student – an experience that focuses on the students’ weakness, enhances his strengths and creates a  path of content mastery at the student’s own pace.

  • Creates an engaging learning experience for the student

Adaptive learning tools include a combination of video, quizzes, animations, podcasts and other digital tools all of which aim at working with the student for better engagement and learning.

  • Creates an opportunity for immediate feedback

Using the digital tools, adaptive learning offers plenty of opportunities for students to get immediate feedback on their performance and take remedial action as prescribed by the online learning system.

  • Enhances the knowledge curve of the learner

It is very easy for students to get bored with easy content or to feel discouraged when the content difficulty is at a higher liver. However, one of the adaptive learning advantages is that it keeps the content delivered at an optimum level, ensuring a consistently rising knowledge curve.

  • Creates an Empowered Learner

Using the adaptive online learning system, students are constantly aware of what they know, as well as the gaps in their comprehension of the syllabus. Learners do not have to wait for the teacher for feedback and can seek to overcome their learning challenges with the help of the system. It empowers students to work independently and takes responsibility for their learning.

Thus, adaptive learning tools structure and present the school content in a way that suits the students ‘learning needs and cognitive abilities. This helps create a highly personalized approach that transforms the way students learn.

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How does Adaptive Learning Software Impact Teacher Performance?

The benefits of an adaptive learning system are not just limited to only students and educators working in the classroom, too can enjoy the advantages of working with this system:

  • Helps Teachers Identify Students Who Need Extra Aid and Attention

When a teacher is standing in a classroom, it is often difficult for them to gauge the understanding or comprehension of the students. However, with the help of an adaptive learning system, the teachers are able to get immediate real-time feedback on the understanding of the student. This enables them to give struggling learners the extra time they need while simultaneously challenging high-achievers to move towards upwards in their learning

  • Creates Time For One-on-One interaction

Adaptive learning programs give teachers insight into whether students are truly understanding new concepts being taught and help identify kids who could benefit from one-on-one instruction. This individual attention can be offered during classroom hours, or after-school is a great way to connect with the students and understand hindrances in learning.

  • Empowers Faculty

Using adaptive learning systems helps to empower the faculty and teachers in the organisation. This is possible as the rich data analysis of student progression enables the teachers to continually keep revamping the course design – keeping it relevant to the needs and learning goals of the students

Today, the role of education in a classroom has changed.  A few decades ago, education was simply the dissemination of information to the students. But today, teachers teaching in the digital age have the responsibility to empowering the students by teaching students to learn how to think, how to critically assess a situation, to analyse a topic and how to learn independently of the teacher. Using an adaptive learning software is one of the best ways to empower the students to be independents thinkers of tomorrow

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Is Adaptive Learning The Future Of Education?


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