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Things You Never Knew About The Fulanis, One Of The Most Interesting Tribes In Africa

They are all over and they view themselves as to be the most lovely individuals on earth. They've been around for a great many years. Furthermore, will unquestionably be for more ages to come. Bosses of the Cattle Herd. Legends of the Sahel. Lasting Nomads. Awful Warriors. Bold Fighters. Exceptionally wonderful and a to a great degree beguiling individuals. They are the Fulanis, a standout amongst the most persuasive tribes in Africa.

In Nigeria, where there is the biggest Fulani people group on earth, Fulanis mean diverse things to various individuals. For a few, Fulanis are only a band of radio-conveying wanderers pursuing bovines lasting through the year with popas and dozing in the shrubbery brimming with bugs while for some others, Fulanis are power-snatching blue-bloods who control every one of the occasions behind the scene while others will swear with paradise and earth that there is not any more wonderful tribe in the Milky Way.

All things considered, actually one single portrayal or definition does not do equity to the Fulanis who are one of Africa's most beautiful and showy tribes. 

All things considered, actually one single depiction or definition does not do equity to the Fulanis who are one of Africa's most vivid and colorful tribes.
Fulani lady
The Fulani world is one of startling differentiation: while a Fulani man is the wealthiest dark on earth, numerous Fulanis are utilized as housemaids at homes the nation over. 

After some time, because of silly and nearsighted speculations of tribes and ethnic gatherings in Nigeria (which is an extremely normal yet disgusting practice), a number of us have advantageously either neglected or disregarded the stunning parts of Fulanis and their way of life (a few Nigerians even think Hausas and Fulanis are the same).
The Fulani milk maidens at the back of the N10 naira note.
In any case, in all actuality Nigeria has had only ONE Hausa pioneer, and that was Murtala Muhammed. While it is not necessarily the case that Fulanis don't have their own inadequacies (recollect the consistent bleeding conflicts in Plateau and Oyo States with ranchers on whose land they munch their cows and a wide range of internecine battles), this essayist still thinks the tribe merits a moment look, or perhaps, only somewhat more light on one of Nigeria's most under-evaluated yet to a great degree persuasive ethnicities. Coincidentally, did you know Thomas Sankara likewise had Fulani blood? 

Fulanis allude to themselves as Fulbe and their dialect is Fulfulde (additionally called Pulaar or Pular). In a few conditions of Nigeria like Kwara, neighborhood news is communicate on radio and TV in Fulfulde. In Nigeria, we know them principally as Fulanis however they are likewise alluded to as Fula individuals, Peul (French), Fulaw (Bambara), Fulan (Portuguese), Pel (Wolof) and Fulan (Hausa). 
Fulfulde is an intriguing dialect and makes them stun highlights. For example, men and ladies have a place with a similar thing class and they are both depicted with similar pronouns dissimilar to English where "he" and "she" are utilized. In Senegal, Fulfulde is an official dialect and an authority provincial dialect in Guinea. 
Fulani Traditional Hat

In Mali, where it is called Maasina, it is the national dialect, same with Niger Republic (national dialect status). Composing Fulfulde is done in the Arabic Script or the Ajami or Ajamiyya Script in which Arabic letter sets are utilized as a part of composing African dialects. 


The Bororos (which means herders shredded) (called Wodaabe in Fula) are really a little subgroup of the Fulanis. Bororos see themselves as the most delightful on this planet. Basically steers rearers, they are discovered essentially in northern Nigeria, southern Niger, northeastern Cameroon and parts of the Central African Republic (CAR). 
Fulani female hair style

The Bororos (Wodaabe) talk the Fula tongue as well however don't have a composition framework. In Fula, "woda" signifies "forbidden" and Wodaabe is meant signify 'Individuals of the Taboo' or 'The individuals Who Respect Taboos'. This is inferable from the way that Wodaabe or Bororos adhere to the old customs, not at all like some different gatherings of Fulanis. Fulanis are comprehensively isolated into two: Cattle Fulanis and Town Fulanis. 
Bororos have a place with the principal gathering while the other people who have coordinated into the bigger standard society are alluded to as the Town Fulanis. In some other Fulani subgroups, as in Guinea, there is really a standing gathering. 
Bororos keep crowds of since quite a while ago horned Zebu dairy cattle and nibble lasting through the year crosswise over different states and districts, occassionally conflicting with gbesefied ranchers en route, whose products have either been eaten or decimated by a great many steers hooves. E no entertaining o! Environmental change is the principle purpose for these fierce conflicts and the administration ought to experience its obligations.
Fulani child on make up

Bororos move around with their spouses, youngsters and different relatives. They convey couple of belonging and these incorporate wooden beds, calabashes and atimes, weapons for insurance or cutting meat. Bororo ladies convey lovely and luxuriously enhanced calabashes as materialistic trifles, and are frequently passed down to their little girls.
These exceedingly cherished calabashes are additionally known to bring about battles and impel contention among the ladies. Bororos live fundamentally on an eating routine comprising milk, yogurt or ground grains/millet gruel (fura de nono), see photographs underneath, infrequently do they feast upon meat (when they do, they devour goats), and steers is a measure of riches.
Cute Fulani princess.
Some fascinating social practices among the Bororos is that guardians are not allowed to talk specifically to their two initially conceived kids, who are generally embraced and raised by their grandparents. Married couples are additionally not anticipated that would clasp hands or convey in an individual tone in people in general. 

Unobtrusiveness (or semteende is of incredible significance in Fulani culture. One thing that I have seen among the Bororos is that they are generally thin and I have NEVER set my eyes on a fat or large Bororo. Indeed, you work out the maths yourself. 

Fulani man from Nigeria.
This is a festival of adoration and magnificence and it is likewise an occasion in which guys show their make-up and attempt their best to win the hearts of the ladies with their lavishly hued confronts, white eyes and teeth (yes, those are significant parameters). The celebrations keep going for whatever length of time that 10 days amid which the men go up against each other in a stunner challenge while the young women get the chance to pick. The man has the ability to deny yet this specialist is once in a while worked out. 

A few men utilize an entire day to make up utilizing normal hues. In any case, there is an unsafe practice by a portion of the men who make utilization of the dark and exceedingly dangerous lead inside old batteries as eye liners, eye shadow or even lipstick. 

On the off chance that you need to perceive how a Bororo man is toasting angels in the conventional way, simply watch underneath, skip to 19:00, 35:00 and appreciate: 

To be chosen by one of the women amid the Gerewol Festival is viewed as a remarkable respect. To guarantee that there is equity amid the opposition, all men are required to utilize a similar sort of make-up unit so as not to pick up an out of line preferred standpoint over others. 


Among a portion of the Fula individuals (like the Jawul Fulani), there is a fascinating service alluded to as the Sharo or Shadi which implies the 'lashing meeting'. Amid this occasion, which is a trial of valiance, young fellows are openly arranged and appropriately flagellated all in an offered to demonstrate that they are man enough to pick a young lady for marriage. Olohun mom je family waye pankere, ewo ni tegba? LOL! It is normally composed twice in a year and that is amid the dry season when grains are gathered and amid Sallah (or Id-el-Kabir Muslim celebration). 

The Sharo is a long term hardship (you fit slash Soja koboko for your darling? Joor o! LOL!) Atimes, it is likewise composed to respect a senior of the faction, amid a naming function or only for entertainment only (see pictures). 


Fulanis are found in different numbers in the accompanying countries: 

1.             Nigeria 

2.             Ghana 

3.             Senegal 

4.             Guinea 

5.             Mauritania 

6.             The Gambia 

7.             Mali 

8.             Sierra Leone 

9.             Benin 

10.          Burkina Faso 

11.          Guinea Bissau 

12.          Cameroon 

13.          Cote d'Ivoire 

14.          Niger 

15.          Chad 

16.          Togo 

17.          Central African Republic 

18.          Liberia 

19.          Egypt 

20.          Sudan 

21.          Eritrea 

22.          Gabon 

In a large number of these nations, they are in the minority yet can be as high as 40% in spots like Guinea. In Nigeria, Fulanis are assessed to be 10% of the populace, and about a similar rate in neighboring Niger Republic. 


Fulanis are overwhelmingly devotees of the Islamic confidence and of all the ethnic gatherings in West Africa, they were the first to change over to Islam through jihads (blessed wars). After some time, they could unite profound, financial and political control over extensive swathes of the West African domain. 

For example, the greater part of Nigeria's Muslims have the Sultan of Sokoto and a relative of the Fulani warrior and researcher, Usman Dan Fodio as the Amirul Mumineen (Head of the Believers or Commander of the Faithful) and Spiritual Leader. Among subgroups like the Bororos, there are a few adherents of customary religions and among the Town Fulanis, there are some who take after different beliefs like Christianity however the number is modest for sure. 


These are similar difficulties confronting everybody in Africa, predominantly destitution, absence of education and ailments. The roaming way of a portion of the Fulanis even confound matters and government intercessions appear to be horribly deficient in tending to the issue. 


Conspicuous FULANIS 

Fulanis have ascended to the top in various features of life. Here are the absolute most noticeable Fulanis: 

o              AHMADU BELLO, First Premier of Northern Nigeria and Sardauna of Sokoto. 

o              Sultan Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar III, twentieth Sultan of Sokoto. 

o              Alhaji Dr. ADO ABDULLAHI BAYERO, Emir of Kano, Kano State. His Golden Jubilee Celebrations came up amidst June 2013. The Emir of Kano close by other Fulani rulers in the Northern parts of Nigeria are generally worshipped and regarded.
The late Ado Bayero.
o              Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Musdafa, Lamido of Adamawa. 

o              Alhaji Ibrahim Kolapo Sulu Gambari, eleventh Emir of Ilorin, Kwara State 

o              UMARU MUSA YAR'ADUA, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2007-2010,
o              ALIKO DANGOTE, World's wealthiest dark 

o              MUHAMMADU BUHARI, Military Head of State, Nigeria, 1983-1985, Nigeria's present president

o              JUBRIL AMINU, teacher, heart specialist, previous clergyman of training and oil. 

o              SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI, previous Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria and Emir of Kano

o              SHEHU USMAN ALIYU SHAGARI, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1979-1983 

o              DAHIRU MUSDAPHER, previous Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. 

o              NASIR EL-RUFAI, Governor of Kaduna State. 

o              AMADOU TOUMANI TOURE (ATT), President, Mali, 2002-2012 

o              TANDJA MAHAMADOU, President, Niger Republic, 2000-2009 

o              SHEEFU AMADOU, Transitional President, Niger Republic 

o              MANUEL SERIFO NHAMADJO, Acting President of Guinea Bissau, officeholder from 2012-2014. 

o              USMAN DAN FODIO, Founder, Sokoto Caliphate, Nigeria. The Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto (UDUS) was named for him. 

o              MODIBO ADAMA, researcher and warrior, Adamawa State of Nigeria is named for him. 

o              ISA HAYATOU, Cameroon, previous President, African Football Confederation (CAF). 

o              AHMADOU AHIDJO, first President of Cameroon. 

o              UMM HAWA TEJAN JALLOH, first female Chief Justice of Sierra Leone. 

o              ATIKU ABUBAKAR, Vice President, Nigeria, 1999-2007 

o              MACKY SALL, previous Prime Minister and current President, Senegal. 

o              ABDOULAYE SEKOU SOW, Prime Minister of Mali, 1993-1994. 

o              NANA ASMA'U, Usman Dan Fodio's little girl, artist and instructor. Generally respected crosswise over Northern Nigeria. 

o              HAMA AMADU, Prime Minister, Niger Republic, 1995-1996, 2000-2007 

o              SHEHU MUSA YAR'ADUA, Nigerian legislator, fighter and previous appointee head of state and sibling to late President Yar'adua. 

o              MURTALA NYAKO, Nigeria, previous Chief of Naval Staff, GCON, CFR, previous military legislative head of Niger State and current Governor of Adamawa State. 

o              IBRAHIM AGBOOLA GAMBARI, CFR, Nigerian representative and researcher, Pro-Chancellor, Kwara State University (KWASU), previous Minister for External Affairs and presently Special Adviser on the International Compact with Iraq and Other Issues for the Secretary-General of the United Nations. 

o              MOHAMMED SHATA, Nigerian government official and previous clergyman of national arranging and interior undertakings (1999-2003). 

o              BAABA MAAL, artist and guitarist, Senegal's most well known performer after Youssou N'dour, he sings in his local Fulani dialect (Pulaar or Fulfulde). 

o              ADAME BA KONARE, student of history and previous First Lady of Mali. 

o              HABIB KOITE, Malian artist. 

o              ALPHA YAYA DIALLO, Canada based Guinean artist and guitarist. 

o              OUMOU SY, form creator, alluded to as 'Senegal's Queen of Couture'. 

o              FATIMAH TUGGAR, US-based Nigerian visual craftsman. 

o              MARIAMA BA, Senegal, creator and women's activist. 

o              DAOUDA SOW, Senegal, previous Head of Parliament. 

o              ABDOU MOMOUNI, instructor and scholarly, the Abdou Moumoni University, Niamey, the main open one in Niger Republic was named after him. 

o              BOUBACAR DIALLO TELLI, Guinean negotiator, government officials, one of the authors the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and was its first Secretary-General. He was executed by starvation in 1977 after he was blamed for driving a plot by Fulanis against the condition of Guinea. 

o              KATOUCHE NIANE, The Peul Princess (from Guinea) French model 

o              CELLOU DALEIN DIALLO, Guinea, Prime Minister, 2004-2006 

o              SAIFOULAYE DIALLO, preeminent Guinean government official and legislator, d.1981 

o              DEMBA BA, Senegal, footballer. 

o              IBRAHIM "IBOU" BA, Senegalese-conceived French footballer. 

o              MAMADOU NIANG, Senegalese footballer. 

o              ISSA BA, Senegalese footballer. 

o              TIDJANE THIAM, Ivorian previous government official and businessperson and first dark individual to head a FTSE 100 organization. 

o              OMAR SY, French on-screen character with Senegalese roots. 

o              ABDOUL SALAM SOW, Guinean footballer. 

o              IBRAHIMA DIALLO, Guinean footballer. 

o              BOBO BALDE, Guinean footballer. 

… ..and some more… .While composing this, only one thought continued turning in my mind. Imagine a scenario where all Fula individuals grouped together and shaped a Great Fulani Republic. All things considered, it's only an idea… 

A debt of gratitude is in order for your time. 

JARCOO. #EnjoyingFuraDeNono!

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Things You Never Knew About The Fulanis, One Of The Most Interesting Tribes In Africa


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