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Tidal Energy

What Is Tidal Energy?

Tidal energy is a form of hydro-power that converts the energy obtained from tides into useful forms of power, mainly electricity. It is not yet widely used but it has potential for future electricity generation because it is more predictable than the wind and the sun.


1. Predictable Energy Source:
Large amount of water moves in predictable patterns. This make it easier to harness the energy that generated by the tides because we can predict the tides as far as years ahead

2. Inexhaustible Source of Energy:
Tides will never run out anytime soon. they are controlled by the gravitational pull between the Earth, Sun and Moon. This means that as long as our Earth is being orbited by the Moon, the tides will continue to be there to produce energy and generate electricity

3. 100% Green:
There are zero carbon emissions used while producing electricity from tidal energy, making it an energy source that doesn't negatively affect the global environment. By the way, tidal energy can last for a very long time. Tidal energy plants are very simple and made of durable and simple materials that can withstand the time very well


1. Limited Locations:
There are very few ocean shores that are suitable for the construction of a tidal energy. Research has shown that only around 20 areas in the entire world would work to harness tidal energy.

2. High Construction Costs:
Expensive equipment are necessary to build a tidal energy plant. For your information, it is projected that tidal power will be commercially profitable within 2020 with better technology and larger scales.

3. Marine Life Effects:
The mounting of the turbines could greatly interrupt the habitats of marine life. It also will prevent natural movements of species.


Tidal Barrage:

These work rather like a hydro-electric scheme, except that the dam is much bigger. a huge barrage is built across a river estuary. When the tide goes in and out, the water flows through tunnels in the dam. The ebb and the flow of the tides can be used to turn a turbine or it can be used to push air through a pipe which then turns a turbine. Large lock gates like the ones used on canals, allow ships to pass.

Tidal Stream Generator:

This machine extracts kinetic energy from moving masses of water, tides in particular. These machines look like underwater wind turbines called as well,tidal turbines moved by the masses of water which move during the tide.

Dynamic Tidal Power:

This is a new and untested method of tidal power generation. It would involve creating large dam-like structure extending from the coast straight to the ocean with a perpendicular barrier at the far end, forming a large 'T' shape.

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Tidal Energy


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