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ASP MT Solved
Ques1 Conside a scenario where you are trying to directky deploy a web application on the IIS server of your development computer.As the first step Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager and currently accessing the Add Apllication dialog box.At this stage which of the following information (ch11)

1.A name of the application,A URL to access the application
2.The pysical path where the website will be saves,A URL to access the application
3.An Alias name of the application,The physical path where the application will be saved
4.The URL to access IIS,The physical path where the website will be saved.

Ques2 When you execute the application,the application is automatically deployed on____.
Ques3 DatePicker Code(ch8)
Ques4 Create CSS file code(ch6)
Ques5 The IEnumarable interface is avaible in the ____ namespaces.(ch6)
Ques6 Range Data Annotation(ch4)
Ques7 To implement client-side validation in an MVC application,which one of the follwing options is not required?
1.Add annotation to the model class
2.use HTML validation helpers in Razor view to display error message
3.Include the jQuery validation script
4.Add custom error message to annotation in model class
Ques8 Which of the follwing statements is true regarding the ReadOnly attribute applied to a property? (ch 4)
1.Ensures that the property is not made availble to the view
2.Specifies constraints for a numeric value entered by the user
3.Ensures that the default model binder will not set the property with a new value from the request
4.Helps you provide information about the specific purpose of a property at runtime
Ques9 In server-side validation,if the model state contains an error,the ____property retuns false
Ques10 Which one of the following code snippet will generate a URL of the Login action in the Account controller?
[email protected]("Login","Action")
[email protected]("Login","Action")
[email protected]("Login","Account")
Ques11 RadioButton coding(from book Topic Helper Method)
Ques12 The _____ helper method is used to display an editor for the specified model property.
Ques13 Custom Route(Go through the Animation)

Identify the URL that cannot match with the following
Ques14 What wll be the result when the following URL is sent to an MVC application through a Web browser?
Ques15 Chris is given an existing ASP.NET MVC application created by using scaffolding feature.In the application,he has to make changes to the HTMl template.Which options?
1.Views folder
2.Web config file
3.App_Data folder
4.Controller folder
Ques16 You have created a controller for a web apllication with the name Tutorial.What will be the name of the folder created by default under the Views folder if you use the scallofding
Ques17 FadeIn() and FadeOut() methods of JavaScript coding

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