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If I Were A Teacher

If I were a teacher (I'm not), these are the casual policies I would strictly enforce in my classroom. Comment below which of these rules you would support the most!

1. High School students are allowed to sleep in my classroom.
2. High School students are allowed to sleep in my classroom.
3. High School students are allowed to sleep in my classroom. (Ask for permission of course.)

Now that we've got the three Golden Rules of my classroom established, we shall now continue to address other (less, but still) important rules I would enforce as a teacher.

4. Eating in the classroom is permitted.
5. Tests cannot be assigned on Mondays. (Like all other students, I don't want to spend my two days of the week free from school preparing for school.)
6. On that note, no homework will be assigned for the weekend. (I already get enough during the week.)
7. Yes, you may listen to music. (Although I may disagree with your taste in music, I will allow you to listen to it, as horrible as it is.)
8. Extra Credit isn't just a myth or a legend. It is a real, actual thing. That you can earn. And get. For real.
9. The final will not be a huge percentage of your grade. (We're talking 2.5% max of your overall grade here.)
10. All grades must end in whole numbers or be rounded to the nearest half point. (I know this is a weird one, but I have a teacher who gave me 18.795 on an assignment. I'm like, "Excuse me?!")
11. On multiple choice questions, if the answer at the bottom is "None of the Above" or "All of the Above," that is always correct. (Because no joke, I had a teacher that would put both, both of those answers on multiple choice questions. And neither was ever the correct answer.)
12. If you raise your hand to ask to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom, I won't make you answer a question before you leave.
13. If your stuff is at your seat you're present. You're still expected to arrive to class in the first few minutes, but you're not going to automatically be counted absent if just your stuff is there and you're not.
14. There are no seating charts. At all. Ever. Sit where you want to.
15. Because we have no seating charts, if you ever plan on finishing homework for another class, seat yourself in the back of the classroom.
16. Any homework that is assigned is graded for completion and not for correctness.
17. You do not have to participate. I expect you to stay focused and on task (unless you're sleeping), but I will never grade participation. Or arrange the desks in a weird semi-circle so we can discuss the topics in a "Socratic Seminar" - whatever that means.
18. Nothing has to be dated. That way you don't spend time raising your hand and asking what the date is, I don't spend time figuring out what the date actually is, and I also don't spend time telling you what that date is.
19. Multiple choice questions will not have Scantron answer choice options with more than one letter. So just "A," not "AA" or "AB."
20. Because the list of rules should cap at a nice whole number, this rule is just filler to even the list out.

Granted, if these rules were adopted and enforced by a teacher, there would be no, and I mean no order or control, but these are still things I would like to be rules as a high school student. Who knows? If I do become a teacher this list may find itself to the classroom walls...

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If I Were A Teacher


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