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GED® Test Score To GPA Calculator

Easily Convert Your GED® Test Score To An Equivalent High School GPA Fast With Our New GED To GPA Calculator!

Revealed in this post...
A desk of a student who may be interested in using the GED to GPA calculator
  • What a high GED test score is (especially for college entrance)
  • How you can convert your score to a high School Gpa (middle of the page)!
  • What the percentiles and Class ranks mean

What You Should Know About The GED Test Scoring

Before we go any further, it will be helpful to make sure you understand that there are 3 levels of scoring. These 3 levels are:

1. 145 - 164 Scores: Pass / High School Equivalency 

2. 165-174 Scores: College Ready

3. 175-200 Scores: College Ready + Credit

Scores below the level 1 range are not passing scores; 145 is the minimum score you'll need to get in each section to pass! 

Scores in the level 2 range demonstrate college readiness, and may make you eligible to skip certain placement tests and remediation programs when you enroll for a university degree.

 Scores in the level 3 range are the best because they indicate you've probably already mastered some college level material. 

You may be eligible to earn college credits for a level 3 score, depending on the college.

How To Use The GED Score To GPA Calculator

This is the very first GED test score to GPA calculator ever created as far as we know!

Disclaimer: This calculator is intended for entertainment purposes only! There are way too many variables involved to  ever convert your score to a high school GPA with 100% accuracy! 

That being said, if you've ever wished you could equate your score to a high school GPA, this tool will give you a great idea of what it would be in theory!


  • Enter your GED test score from each section after the equals sign in each row except for the last row. 
  • Each time you enter a score, the score should appear in red right after the row. 
  • Once you've entered a score into each of the 4 rows, your estimated GPA will appear in red beside the last row
  • Please DO NOT change anything in the last row! The last row contains the formula that the calculation is based on, so if it's altered in any way, the result won't come out right!
  • If you make a mistake, just refresh the page and you'll be able to start over!


School Seniors GED® Test Average Score Estimated National Class Rank

The official testing service website provides data that allows you to estimate what high school class rank your test score corresponds to. If you're a little confused on what this means, basically, everyone who graduates from high school will have a class ranking. 

The top students will be in the top percentile, while others will be in lower percentiles. For instance, if a student graduates in the top 10% of their high school class, this roughly means that they performed better than 90% of the other students at their high school. 

Here's the data:

Note that test scores are shown first on the left, followed by the class ranks on the right. 

187-200 - Top 1%
183-186 - Top 2%
182 - Top 3%
179-181 - Top 4%
178 - Top 5%
177 - Top 6%
176 - Top 7%
175 - Top 8%
174 - Top 9%
173 - Top 10%
172 - Top 11%
171 - Top 13%
170 - Top 16%
169 - Top 19%
168 - Top 20%
167 - Top 22%
166 - Top 23%
165 - Top 27%
164 - Top 31%
163 - Top 34%
162 - Top 37%
161 - Top 39%
160 - Top 40%
159 - Top 42%
158 - Top 46%
157 - Top 51%
156 - Top 54%
155 - Top 57%
154 - Top 60%
153 - Top 62%
152 - Top 66%
151 - Top 70%
150 - Top 73%
149 - Top 75%
148 - Top 79%
147 - Top 82%
146 - Top 83%
145 -Top 85%
Click here for source

Why This Matters

To confirm whether or not a GPA given to us by the calculator is accurate, we can compare the given GPA to the class rank the score corresponds to.


Suppose a student's test scores are as follows:

Social Studies: 146
Language Arts: 155
Math: 160
Science: 170

When we plug these number into the calculator, we can see that his approximate GPA is a 3.155, which rounds to a 3.2.

An image of the GED to GPA calculator itself, included as part of the example of how to use it.

Now, if we add all of his scores together and divide by 4 (because there are 4 sections), we find that his test score average is 157.75, which rounds to 158. 

Letter Grade
Percent Grade
4.0 Scale

According to the class rank estimate data, his score puts him in the Top 46%. A 3.2 GPA falls between a B and and B+ average, and it makes sense that a student of this caliber could be ranked in about the top 46% of their class. Therefore, his estimated GPA makes sense!

Go ahead and play around with the calculator to try it yourself!

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GED® Test Score To GPA Calculator


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