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5 Azamsing Strategies To Improve Your Memory

Like your muscles, your Memory needs exercise for a superior performance. Your ability to member things can be improved with practice. To develop your memory does not mean you have to crame. Cramming means forcing yourself to learn hurriedly workout prolonged study. We do not encourage it.

5 Amazing Strategies To Improve Your Memory
5 Amazing Strategies To Improve Your Memory 

5 Confirm Strategies To Improve Your Memory 

1. Memorising By Understanding

When faced with task of learning a complex process, first focus on the general view and then try to understand the component parts of the process. For example photosynthesis is the formation of carbohydrates I'm greenplants from carbondioxide and water with the liberation of oxygen in the presence of chlorophy11. Understanding the general concept immediately reminds you of the components involved:

  • greenplant
  • Chlorophy11
  • Water
  • Carbondioxide 
  • Oxygen 
  • Carbohydrate.

2. Mnemonics 

This is the act of using a rhyme to prompt the memory. For example, the task of remembering the twelve nerves can be helped by mnemonics. The twelve nerves are olfatory, optic, Oculomotor, trochlear, trigeminal, abducens, facial, auditory, glossopharyngeal, vagus, accessory, hypoglossal.

The following mnemonic can make it easier for you to remember;

  • A Fat-Armed German Viewed 
  • A Hop 
Note that the first letter of each word of the mnemonics is also the first letter of each of the nerves. You can develop your own mnemonics for each learning task. 

3. Use The 4R Strategy 
  • Read "actively". Use a pencil or a colour pen to mark out important points as you read. Outline the main points to enhance learning. That is using  A, B, C, D etc for main points and 1, 2, 3 for sub points.
  • Recite as you read. After reading a particular section, look up any try to recite the keypoints. If you cannot recite them, go back and read again. 
  • Write as you read and recite. My sister makes use of this method, it is an effective method for understanding what you have read. A good test of whether you have understood what you read is to write it down.
  • Repetition: ordinary, you have to read through your notes up to five times. It can be more less depending on your retention ability. 

4. Wholesale Memorising

In literature, religious studies, etc you may be required to commit whole section to memory. You may be required to recite a poem or a section of a play. Best to use the 4R strategy and practice regularly. Start with simple tasks like memorise the national pledge, school pledge and the national anthem. 

5. Develop Your Own Method 

You can develop your own method. Some students use index cards as promoters at bus stops, cafeteria etc. In higher institutions, tape recorders, calculators, electronic devices, can be useful. SOMG students of history and literature can also improve their memory by acting out poems, battlefield movement of armies and historic conflicts.

In conclusion
You can only improve your memory if you focus on the keypoints.

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5 Azamsing Strategies To Improve Your Memory


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