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10 Positive Steps To Realise Your Destiny

As years go by: Negative conditioning, constant repetition of negative suggestions. Ideas that limits, encircle, retard and stifle.

  • Don't bite off more than you can chew
  • Site down add don't as you are told
  • Can't you don't anything right 
Over and over and over such negative ideas are drilled in our young, receptive minds. And before we know it we are conditioned to think negatively.

10 Positive Steps To Realise Your Destiny
10 Positive Steps To Realise Your Destiny

Those negative conditioning affects our work at school, working place etc. It also affect our performance, results and skills. Irrespective of how hard you've worked, you may still fail, if you do not condition your mind for success. Positive action is therefore an important pre-condition for success. Here are tips to help you succeed.

10 Positive Steps To Realise Your Destiny

1. "Think big and your deeds will grow" wrote Rudyard Kipling. It is not enough to just have an objective of passing your exams, succeeding in every endeavour. You must have a well defined objective of those papers for which you must have "A"s, "GOOD JOB" and those for which nothing below credit will do.

2. Never think of having a problem. Always think of facing a challenge. When you say "l have a problem", you create a picture of something difficult and unpleasant to solve. But if you say "l face a challenge" you create a picture of something pleasant. So anyways thank of your difficulties as challenges.

3. Always renew that you are bigger than any challenge you are likely to face. You have within you the natural resources to meet and cope with any challenges, regardless of their size or difficulty. No matter what it's weight, no burden can keep you down forever. No cross can crush you're. Whatever your mountain, you can move it. Remember that there can be no gain without pain, no progress without struggle, no money without sweating. Always bear in mind that a blow today can be a blessing tomorrow, that in every loss is a lifelong lesson, that out of trials and tribulations come great triumphs.

4. Successful resolution of a challenge increase our mental, physical, social, moral, emotional and spiritual strength. It develops our ingenuity, insight, intellect and other facilities, which can make us master of every mountain. It helps reveal our hidden power and potential and perhaps even the purpose of our lives.

5. Think of your strength. Work to further develop them much as you work to eliminate your weakness. Nothing inhibits our personal achievements as smell thinking about ourselves. Why should you not pass this exam in flying colours, why should you quit your job whenever you are about to be promoted. You planned for success and you worked for it. You've been organised, diligent, disciplined and humble. You've used very minute of your time to maximum advantage. You've received he'll from a good principal, good teacher, fellow students, boss, fellow workers. Besides, you've passed many challenges before this one. This is just another challenge or  exam for which you are well prepared. Believe in yourself. Approach the challenge with self confidence.

6. The art of visualization is a helpful stimulus to positive thinking even though we are not suggesting day dreaming. But visualise yourself in the next stage of your life after this challenge, exam. If you are in junior secondary three, visualise yourself in senior secondary one. If you are preparing for SSC or JAMB exams, visualise yourself as already in the University. If you are in the University visualise yourself in the NYSC Camp. In almost all cases, whatever you focus your mind on materialize provided, you work for it.

7. Never think of any subject as "necessary evil" or challenge. Many students, workers who would have otherwise done well in the mathematical sciences, jobs fail to do so simply because of their negative frame of mind. Try and choose subjects and courses for which you have genuine interest and likeness. Never allow any person to force you into subjects or courses or jobs for which you have little interest. It helps for us to see our efforts in terms of the changes and contributions we can make to the world.

8. Most of your learning will come from people rather than books. In any case, every book is authorised by someone or some people. Therefore it is important that you think positively and enlarge your thoughts about people. Think positively about other students, your teachers, boss, fellow workers and other authorities. Be grateful for every assistance they give you. "No man is an Island". We need to discover and appreciate out very large dependence on each other.

9. Never see constructive criticism as a bad thing. No person is perfect. No person knows everything. Analyse every criticism and learn from it. Do not get big headed about praises. Always work to improve yourself for there is always room for improvement irrespective of how good you may be.

10. From the habit of reading biographies especially those with "rags to riches" and "poverty to prosperity" themes. You will draw inspiration from people who demonstrated that in each human being is the seed for surmounting any challenge, however daunting. Even in what you consider "as failure" still think positively. Let's assume that after your hard work and preparations, the result is not as good as you expect. Let's even suppose that you "fail". The truth is that there is no such thing as failure. God in his infinite wisdom may be telling you something about the direction your career should take in order for you to achieve your destiny.

    Read inspirational and motivational stories. It wasn't all beds of roses. They have one thing in common. Whenever they fall, they rise again, they learn and they move onto success and glory. 

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    10 Positive Steps To Realise Your Destiny


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