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Cheshnotes · 11:05 21 May 2018
Net Earnings of Berkshire Hathaway 1999-2017 The following table shows the net earnings of Berkshire Hathaway from 1999-2017. The sums are in million dollars. The net earnings of Berkshire H… Read More
Sumber Materi Kuliah · 06:31 21 May 2018
DEFINISI ASAM EMPEDU - Asam empedu didapat dengan proses permurnian empedu sapi yang segar yang diambil dari sapi yang menjadi produk pada perdagangan daging. Asam Chenodeoksikolik  d… Read More
The Astoundingly Opulent Trip
I Am E-Learner · 12:12 20 May 2018
The maiden trip of my life was one of the most splendid trips, which will always remain in my reminiscence. I am a difficult person, and I generally detest trips and tours. I was not in favo… Read More
Ozone Layer
To Know · 08:11 20 May 2018
Ozone-destroying chemical emissions on rise despite banEmissions of one of the chemicals that can cause hole in the ozone layer are on the rise, despite an international… Read More
Summer Reads For The Teacher
Hot Lunchtray · 14:01 19 May 2018
The phrase – Professional Development – may or may not make you roll your eyes hard. However, professional learners such as teachers are always learning, no matter is it is the s… Read More
Jump Into Genius · 18:05 17 May 2018
(You are reading the eighth post in a series about cognitive science in your homeschool, click here for the introductory post and links to the other posts in this series.)“Children do… Read More