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Our Top 10 Vodka’s

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Nowhere in the world have potatoes held so much importance, than in creating Vodka. Fries and chips come in a close second, however Vodka—being a truly unisex drink, is celebrated all over the world. Whilst there are so many Vodka brands on the market, some of them are much better than others. Made from fermented potatoes or cereal grain, it is distilled and filtered in various ways to manufacture its specific taste and usual after-burn that is felt.

Below are the most famous brands of Vodka, globally.

10) Effen Vodka. Made in the Netherlands from wheat and filtered through peat instead of the standard charcoal which lends to its sweet grassy flavor. The bottle has a very clean cut, clinical look that would fit in perfectly in a medicinal cabinet. The booze is circulated countless times through steel columns which refines it to perfection.

9) 42 Below. Made in New Zealand, with a slight citrus aftertaste—this Vodka is a big favorite with those in Kiwi land. It is one of the best NZ exports packaged in a standalone bottle which is opaque. If you are able to look past the kookiness and the strangeness of both the bottle and the website, this is a fantastic Vodka to enjoy!

8) Skyy Vodka. Made in California, USA, this is a Vodka whose campaign that you will rarely forget! With a rich and gorgeous cobalt blue set of bottles-- laced with a suggestively placed woman, it was initially designed to attract the Martini drinking crowd. It is seen as one of the purest Vodkas on the market as it has been triple filtered and quadruple distilled.

7) Stolichnaya. Made in Good ole Russia, this is THE Vodka of Vodka's. You will know when you have had Stolichnaya because it's the type of Vodka that lights a fire in your chest! This is the very Vodka that is often supplied to the Kremlin and rationed to Russian soldiers. This Vodka should only be quaffed if you are a serious spirit drinker looking to take your drinking game to the next level.

6) Finlandia Vodka. Made in Finland, this special vodka has been crafted and created from 10,000 year old glacier water and barely that has been exposed to months of sunlight due to the Arctic circle's constant “midnight sun”. Although it has a slightly bitter aftertaste, it is known to be clean and crisp. The aesthetic design of the bottle means that it can easily pass as a gym water bottle. Ideal for the sophisticated drinker.

5) Smirnoff. Made in Russia, this is probably one of the most famous brands of Vodka. It is a universal household brand and even non-drinkers know the brand. Often nicknamed the “white whiskey”, it has earned a permanent place behind every single bar in this world. Although it has many loyal fans today, sadly this wasn't always the case. In a last attempt effort, Smirnoff execs sat down and combined Vodka, ginger beer and lime in a copper mug. The rest—as they say, is history.

4) Van Gogh Vodka. Made in the Netherlands, this brand of Vodka was actually made for Princess Beatrice of the Netherlands. She labelled it as “one hundred and twenty five years of consistence excellence and remarkable quality”. The art work cover and cover design on the bottles, lends it a very suave and wine type of feel. Perfect and ideal as a Christmas present as well as a luxe celebration.

3) Russian Standard. One of the most recognized brands of Vodka on the planet, combining hand selected wheat from the black soils of the Russian Steppe. It is also combined with the softest water in the world drawn from the largest lake in Europe. The liquor has been filtered through charcoal, silver and quartz for that premium, smooth and perfect finish.

2) Absolut Vodka. Made in Sweden, this is the Vodka that most people often have in their hand at a club. Coming from Swedish winter wheat, it is planted in autumn and diligently grows beneath the snow. The bottle shape is absolutely iconic and the first release of Absolut was actually printed on an 18th Century Medicinal flask.

1) Grey Goose Vodka. The champion of all Vodka's, this one is not to be messed with. Often being poured behind bars, in front rooms as well as being waved around at night clubs, everyone is familiar with this brand. Hailing from the Cognac region in France, water is naturally filtered through Champagne limestone. The bottle is a perfect blend and finish between clear and frosted, giving it a mysterious feel. The taste is soft with a sweet finish. A real winner!

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Our Top 10 Vodka’s


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