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A List of the Most Venomous Sea Snakes

Sea Snakes are poisonous snake species that can be found in the tropical waters of the Indian and the western Pacific Ocean. They cannot be found in the Caribbean, the Atlantic, nor the Red Sea.

A few sea snake species can also be found in the waters of Oceania.

Sea snakes are primarily part of the elapids group of snakes, which according to science, have evolved from a species of Australian snakes that lived on land.

Given that they have lungs, and not gills, which is why they must come off for air to breath, they are considered fascinating species that live in the water.

It is the reason why they live in shallow waters, and cannot live in certain parts of the ocean, such as the Atlantic and Caribbean.

They feed off eels, fish and their eggs and their lungs supports them to swim as far as 160km in the sea.

Sea snakes are venomous and are often warned about when entering the water, as many of these species are related to the cobra and land kraits. Their venom is thus very potent, making it toxic to anything it encounters.

4 of the most dangerous of all sea snakes

#1 The True/ Aquatic Sea Snake

This snake has 57 species. With laterally compressed tails, these snakes use it to propel themselves through the water. They have valve-like flabs, that can be closed upon submersion. They are viviparous and can bear between 2 to 20 live baby sea snakes, which when born, are independent from the moment they’re born when they leave their mother.

#2 Spiny-Headed Sea Snake

This snake only has one species and can be found in the Gulf of Thailand, the Strait of Taiwan and the Southern Chinese Sea. It has also been spotted in the waters of Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines, New Caledonia, New Guinea and the coasts of Guangdong.

#3 Olive Sea Snakes

This seawater snake has 7 different species and can be found in the Southern Chinese Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Timor Sea, New Guinea, and Australia. These species are reef-dwelling species and have hard scales that protect them against sharp coral reefs.

#4 Marbled Sea Snakes

This species of sea snake is also known as a spiny-tailed sea snake and can grow up to 1 meter long. It can be found in Australia and Southeast Asia, in shallow waters or coral reefs, and feeds mainly on fish eggs. It never emerges on land and is perceived as quite dangerous-looking.

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A List of the Most Venomous Sea Snakes


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