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The Effects of Drinking Water on Your Organs

The Effects Of Drinking Water On Your Organs

Drinking sufficient water on a regular basis is vital for your good health, as your Body consists of around 70% water, which can be found in every single cell of your body. When you do not drink sufficient water you can become dehydrated and this can lead to major health problems.

Drinking insufficient water can cause your kidneys, which filter 113 – 140 litres of fluid daily of which around 2 litres leaves the body in the form of urine and the rest is recovered by the bloodstream. Kidney failure can lead to excess fluid building up inside the body, urinary tract infections (UTIs) chronic kidney disease and renal failure, whereby the organs stop working, requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Dehydration can also lead to thicker blood, which will increase blood pressure and cause your heart to have to work far harder to pump the blood throughout your body. Putting this amount of strain on your heart can in turn lead to a heart attack. According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, drinking five or more glasses of water will reduce your chance of having a fatal heart attack by around 50%.

Good hydration is also integral to a good digestive system. When you do not drink sufficient water on a regular basis this can lead to constipation, an overly acidic stomach which can result in heartburn, as well as the development of stomach ulcers.

Dehydration also affects the brain, which is around 90% water, because water is required to create the electricity that is used to send messages to the rest of the body via the central nervous system. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and impaired cognitive ability.

You can get some of your daily required fluid allowance from water-rich fruit and vegetables as well as from tea, coffee, juices and other liquids, but pure drinking water is the best way to ensure that your body remains dehydrated. The best form of water that you can drink comes from a water cooler, as it is completely free of toxins and pollutants, unlike tap water. Drinking water from a water cooler is also nicer and better for the environment because there is no need to let the water run until it is cold; a water cooler provides chilled drinking water virtually non-stop.

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The Effects of Drinking Water on Your Organs


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