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How Safe is Our Tap Water?

How Safe is our Tap Water?There are many individuals who refuse point-blank to drink tap water because they feel that it is unsafe to drink no matter what their government says, and besides, it smells and tastes funny anyway.

There are various individuals who agree; who have raised concerns about the quality of their tap water, asserting that it contains trace elements of pharmaceuticals, Including gender-bending chemicals; pesticides, recreational drugs, and more.

As much as the UK government and other governments may try to convince their citizens that their Drinking water is of high quality, various studies have shown that those fears may not be that far off. Some of the substances that are present in tap water have been put there on purpose in order to cleanse the water or to prevent dental decay, but that does not mean that they are healthy when ingested in large amounts or over a period of time.

  • Chlorine is added to water in many areas to kill off bacteria and sterilise drinking water. Water companies insist that it is safe but chlorine by-products can cause allergies such as food allergies and asthma.
  • Microscopic Organisms such as M. Avium paratuberculosis (MAP) have been found in drinking water because they are highly resistant to chlorination, and are believed by some experts to be a cause of Crohn’s disease.
  • Pesticides and Plastic Resins have been found to have leached into the water supply in several incidents. They can mimic the action of hormones in the body and are believed to be responsible for the rising rates of hormone-related cancers in industrially developed nations.
  • Fluoride which is put into the water in various countries including the UK to help strengthen children’s teeth as they develop can cause fluorosis and is also believed to cause bone cancer, especially in young boys.
  • Heavy Metals including magnesium and selenium are vital to one’s health, but lead and aluminium are not, and poison the internal organs before settling in the brain and bones. Aluminium is believed to trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

So, it seems that your tap water may not be all that healthy at all. The best way to ensure that the water that you are drinking is pure and toxin-free is to invest in a water cooler with a good carbon filter that can eliminate all toxins, including all those mentioned above and provide you with pure, chilled drinking water virtually 24/7.

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How Safe is Our Tap Water?


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