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A Cuppa Green Tea – Secret to Timeless Beauty

Agent Green Tea – The Secret Ancient Cosmetic Remedial

The advent of tea as a beverage and refreshment predates the arrival of British East India Company who are historically deemed responsible for the commercial cultivation and export of tea to all parts of the globe. Although the British monopolized the trade surrounding tea in the entire world in the start of the early 17th century, by exploiting the colonies they held in this part of the world, tea has been discovered and consumed by the Chinese as early as the 3rd century B.C. A Chinese text dating back to the Han dynasty was found wherein the mention of tea was recorded for the first time in history. The place of origin of tea is historically recorded to be in Yunan province in China. And it was only from Yunan that tea eventually spread to Sichuan and other parts of the country and eventually other parts of the world. However the method of preparation of tea and the consumption of the brew is dominated mainly by its ability to affect change in flavour and taste, a trend that was given precedence by the trading British. In India the recipe for tea is dominated strongly by the taste palate and involves milk sugar and spices infused along with tea. The tea leaves are roasted crumbles and black in colour which is also precedence inherited from the British. Whereas the traditionally prevalent style of stirring a cuppa in China involved boiling dark green tea leaves, conveniently cured in the sun, in hot water, meant to be consumed as a brew, with the leaves served into cup along with the drink. This method of tea and the leaves used therein is popularly known nowadays as green tea.

So it should come as no surprise that the Chinese considered this brew more of a medicinal tincture than a beverage and refused to part with their existing monopoly over tea with the trading British East India Company when enquired. The British not to give up easily managed to procure some seeds of the tea plant by craft and cunning, but without the knowhow and trade secrets, the plants would not just grow despite nurturing. The Chinese had taken sufficient measure to ensure their traditional secrets are not revealed to the world beyond the borders of China. Although to the untrained eye this sort of precaution to restrict a natural herb and its resulting brew within territorial boundaries might seem uncalled for and quite irrational, it was not without reason that this practise was prevalent. Green tea, or the traditional method of preparing tea in China in those times, was not limited to a refreshing beverage alone. Tea was revered with a special status for its medicinal properties as well as its proponent anti-ageing qualities. Come to think of it, tea was reserved royal status and could not be made readily available to all and sundry and yet it was widely consumed by the masses for its wide range of healing and restorative properties. Come to think of it that could be a reason why most Chinese people irrespective of gender do not look their age at all. Ageing in China seems to have been a process that the Chinese have learnt to delay or stall. It is not surprising that world’s oldest men and women mostly have been from China and have attributed their health to their longstanding habit of tea consumption.

Homemade Remedies with Green Tea

SKIN TONER & Cleansing Solutions

In this discourse we try unravel and present to our readers, how green tea can be employed as a natural agent for enhancing beauty and glowing Skin, an area that has been much speculated upon very often, but very rarely discussed in detail. And when we say using green tea for skincare and beautification, I am not just referring to the internal application of the beverage by consumption but also employing the brew in cosmetic therapy and remedies. There are many ways in which Green Tea can be supplemented in beauty products, but the most commonly used application is that of a skin toner that has a natural cooling effect on the skin. Cooled green tea, blended with cucumber juice and Aloe Vera serve as a brilliant skin toner that soothes the skin perfectly opening up clogged pores and allowing the skin to breathe. The ingredients need to be used in the proportion of 1:2:1 by volume and then blended together uniformly and stored in a cool place. Simply applying cool green tea stored in a refrigerator works wonders in case Aloe Vera gel and cucumber juice are hard to come across by. Under such circumstances, add honey and lemon in the green tea skin toner solution and reap rich benefits and noticeable change with glowing skin on prolonged use continually.

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Green Tea face masks are also extremely effective in exfoliation of dead skin cells and fighting inflammation or fungal infection due to its abundant and plentiful resource of contained free anti-oxidants. However unlike skin toner and cooling cleansing solutions, in face masks the application of green tea is not in the form of a liquid brew but by employing green tea leaves along with other secret natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, curd and turmeric. The natural antigens in the supplementary products react in combination with free anti-oxidants which are released to replenish the moisture content of the skin, remove acne and restore the natural glow of the skin.  Adding a mashed banana to this mixture helps dry skin problems. Using cream and sugar with a pinch of honey to this mixture, makes for an excellent face scrub which encourages growth of new skin cells and opens up clogged pores, allowing circulation of blood and fresh air. Prolonged and continuous usage of these natural green tea based remedies will not only provide clean & clear glowing complexion without any patches or blemishes but also remove the puffiness from below the eyes and dark circles. It also keeps diseases like skin cancer and wilting of skin and premature ageing at bay.


Green tea also can be used as a hair conditioner and is an excellent dandruff repellent and is very effective in cleansing the hair follicles from the roots for any fungal or bacterial growth. It revives weak roots and removes dead or damaged hair particles thereby giving the hair a silken touch and a shiny feel to it. Green tea beaten in the yolk of an egg is a great hair mask to enhance hair growth and revive follicular growth in the scalp. When used as a hair mask, the pack should be allowed to hold for at least 30 minutes before being rinsed off like shampoo. You will emerge with hair shining like a lustrous sheen of velvet and one cannot escape basking in the new found glory of admirers all around.

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A Cuppa Green Tea – Secret to Timeless Beauty


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