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How Does Green Tea Help Detoxify Your Body?

Green tea is the most talked about tea when it comes to health and fitness. It is no doubt a healthy beverage and also the most sought-after one for detox and weight loss.

Needless to say, it is a part of many detox programs and we get to hear a lot about it every now and then. After all, green tea has numerous health benefits to offer.

Green tea is known to support the body’s natural ability of detoxification in an effective manner. Find out how it does so!

Detoxification System of the Body

How Green Tea Help Detoxify Your Body

Before learning how green tea helps in detoxifying the body, you should know more about the term ‘detoxification’ and how the body carries out the process.

Just as the name suggests, ‘Detoxification‘ refers to the natural ability of the body to remove toxins from its system.

Now, what is a toxin?

It can be anything from an environmental pollutant to a harmful substance produced by the body. We can’t do much about the toxins in the air that we breathe and the water that we drink.

Practically, toxins are present everywhere around us! Even excess medication that should be cleared out of the blood is a toxin. Whatever it may be, it is important that these toxins that enter our bodies are removed from the system or else they can cause a lot of harm.

You may not know but the human body is hardwired to get rid of all such toxins all by itself!

Yes, through the process of detoxification.

It is the liver that has the biggest role to play in the process of detoxification despite the fact that the skin, immune system, respiratory system, kidneys, and intestines are also involved in it.

Toxins are altered by the liver and then get eliminated from the system through urine with the help of the kidneys.

Detoxification of the Body

Green tea and antioxidants

Now coming back to green tea, you should be aware of the fact that this tea is processed differently when compared to other kinds of teas. Green tea is unfermented.

That is probably why it has the maximum amount of antioxidants called polyphenols.

These antioxidants help in combating free radicals and stopping them from damaging the healthy cells of the body. It is due to these free radicals that you suffer from numerous health issues, chiefly heart disease and cancer.

The polyphenols in green tea are immensely helpful in preventing free radicals from causing damage to the body.

Green Tea and Antioxidants

The other health benefits of green tea include the ability to help burn fat and enhance the body’s metabolism. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of cancer.

How does green tea help in detoxification?

Now, let us find out the green tea and body detox connection. As mentioned already, it is the liver that plays the most prominent role in the process of detoxification.

Green tea helps the liver by providing it with antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in the liver and allow it to do its job in peace.

The enzyme activity in the liver is also increased by green tea. It is mainly due to the presence of antioxidants that green tea works well in detoxifying the body.

There is a no magic involved in it and is a purely physiological process. Therefore, green tea only supports detox and does not carry out the process all by itself like it is claimed by most detox diets.

You also need to note that not all green teas have the same amount of antioxidants in them.

The antioxidant content depends on various factors including the tea leaf and the soil it is grown in.

So, every brand of green tea has a different amount of antioxidant content. This means that you need to choose the green tea brand wisely if you want to enjoy all its health benefits.

Once you start drinking the right kind of green tea regularly, you can get the desired health benefits.

Avoid trying out quick cleanses and rapid weight loss diets that make tall claims. You should instead make green tea a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

You need to make green tea an important part of your lifestyle to lead a healthy and energetic life!

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How Does Green Tea Help Detoxify Your Body?


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