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Today and When Tribal Fair was a Hotspot for Casual Sex

Beautiful and exotic Rabari girls
Beautiful and exotic Rabari girls

A beautiful Rabari girl
Another Rabari tribe girl: She is beautiful, and almost has a regal sort of feeling.

When Gujarat's Tarnetar Fair was a Sex Hotspot 

This is my personal experience in 2006-7 of a whirlwind of colors, vibrant tribal beauty, romance and music, dances and oozing sex, where prostitutes were roaming on the way and in the fair. Perhaps, now the scene has changed to an incredible zest and extravaganza, but still you can observe raw tribal beauty and feel sex in the air which lingers on.

You don’t believe. Isn’t it?

Well, here is a report appeared in one of the most trusted newspaper “The Times of India” at that time. It collaborates what I experienced.

Summary: TARNETAR: It is not just villagers and tourists, who flock to Gujarat's famous Tarnetar fair in Surendranagar district. Sex workers too made a beeline for the fair, keeping in mind that thousands of people visit the fair and stay overnight for the entire duration. Local residents too have been noticing that areas near the fair grounds are becoming a hotspot for casual sex. They point out to used condoms, which litter the approach roads to Tarnetar. However, this is also taken as a positive sign of them, as it suggests that safe sex is being practiced here! Arun Dave, who runs an AIDS awareness NGO said, "Stalls for AIDS awareness are put up here every year and free samples have been distributed. On an average, about 25,000 free samples were given in the fair."……….
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Today, Tarnetar Fair is an out of this world experience!

Tarnetar Fair, Gujarat
The Tarnetar Fair today

If you think you are prepared to walk out of your mundane experience and free-fall into a whirlwind of colors, romance and music, then head for the Tarnetar Fair.

Pre engagement celebrations
Pre engagement celebrations

This is one of the most important fairs of Gujarat. The fair is attended by colorful men and beautiful women of various tribes. All these tribes mingle together to enjoy and celebrate the legendary marriage of Draupadi with Arjuna in the popular epic Mahabharata. 

India’s Biggest Engagement FairColorful Brides and Grooms

Dances in Tarnetar fair, Gujarat
Dances before engagement ceremony in Tarnetar fair, Gujarat

A tattooed sexy tribal girl. Upto what?
A sexy tribal girl. Upto what?

A celebration of ethnic Gujarat’s folk-dance, music, costumes and the arts, centered around young tribal men and women seeking marriage partners.
But even for those not interested in finding a spouse, the romance and excitement in the air are captivating, and every year the fair seems only to grow in popularity, attracting visitors and tourists from Gujarat, elsewhere in India, and even abroad.

There is a tradition of sexy tribal girls getting their tattoos done at the fair on their neck, before engagement, probably to look sexier? But in this picture, it's already done, then what? I was curious, but dared not to probe further

Innocent tribal beauty

Innocent tribal beauty 2

Before getting ready to select a groom
1. Innocence 2. A bit shy before engagement/ 3. An exotic tribal beauty

Here the many colorful costumes, glittering ornaments and free-spirited movements of folk dances, all combine to create a memorable scene. As the dancers surge in waves of circular movement, the incessant throbbing of the drums keeps them moving in unison, and the drum beats continue throughout the day even as the dancers change from one group to the next.

A divine smile
My goodness! How she is looking and smiling at?

This was my 2nd visit after 2006-7. I was stunned at the transformation of the past to an exotic and a romantically thrilling scene of passion and grandeur at the fair, where tribal rugged beauties look at you and giggle or smile!

Beautiful Rabari women of nearby Zalawad perform the famous circular folk dance called "Rahado". Their marital status is indicated clearly by their costumes; a black Zimi(skirt) means she is married. But if a woman is wearing a red Zimi, it means she has not yet tied the knot, probably seeking a husband. The potential husbands seeking brides are elegantly dressed in colorful dhotis, artistically designed waistcoats and a head-cloth twisted at an angle, moving about the fairground at Tarnetar with striking umbrellas, advertising the bachelorhood they are keen to relinquish.

Looking for a fun? 

Then dress as above and enjoy once in a lifetime experience

Don’t miss the special packages and tented accommodations offered by the office of Gujarat tourism.

When is the fair?

The Tarnetar fair is held every around August-September for three days.


The Tarnetar Fair is held 8 km from the town of Thangadh, in Surendranagar District. This is the nearest railway station, on the Ahmedabad-Hapa broad gauge line. The nearest town with road transportation to other places is Chotila, 25 km from Thangadh, which is connected by ST buses from Rajkot (75 km), Jamnagar (162 km), Ahmedabad (196 km) or Porbandar (252 km.) From Bhavnagar, Chotila can be reached either via Rajkot, a trip of 264 km, or via Botad, a short journey of 190 km. Chotila, Thangadh and Tarnetar are well connected by ST buses and other mode of transportation. The nearest airport is Rajkot, 75 km away.
Private bus companies serving Tarnetar Fair can be found at

An Interesting Fact

Exquisitely  embroidered Umbrellas
Exquisitely  embroidered Umbrella

The tribalsKolis of Saurashtra initiated the custom of embroidering umbrellas, which are exquisitely elaborate in terms of embellishments. The embroidery of each is unique and rises from the edges all the way to the top, with beadwork and patchwork in the design as well. Small colorful handkerchiefs are attached all around the edge, to attract further attention. These men spend over a year embroidering their umbrellas.
Their intention is to entice the girls with their art, cloths and head gear and impress them, so that they can propose them for marriage. 

It is not surprising that, before the fair is over, they usually meet the lady of their choice.
And you may also find one if desire so!

Event calendar for the next two years

Year       Date

2016       05-09-2016 to 07-09-2016
2017       25-08-2017 to 27-08-2017

You are requested to check the exact dates with Gujarat Tourism office before finalizing your travel plans for this festival.

Must do activities

If you are planning to visit the Tarnetar fair you must do following three things:
  • Watch the spectacular dances performed by men and women that resembles how rams butt their heads and lock horns during rutting season.
  • Ride a camel or horse or a bullock cart to get the feel of the Tarnetar fair.
  • This region is famous for the production of peanuts, spices and herbs. So try some of the local foods made with these ingredients.
Visit source:
Gujarat Tourism-Tarnetar fair

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    Today and When Tribal Fair was a Hotspot for Casual Sex


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