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Should I Get A Camera For Travel?

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With the introduction of new, better and somehow explosive smart phones every year, taking only your Phone with you on the trip might just be sufficient. However, I’ve been wondering since the first trip if I should take a Camera with me as well. My biggest concerns were the size of the camera and if I’d willing to carry it around with me. After some years of debate, I’ve finally made up my mind. If you’re going through the same struggle as I was, I’m hoping that this article would be helpful.

  • Why do you need a camera?

    The pictures taken by the phones are good enough for common social media use, with good lighting and a few magic touch from VSCO and voila, you’ve got yourself a nice post. My incentive to own a camera was that I wanted to take better pictures in low light scene, and the cameras usually give more depth to the picture. I believed that with a camera, I could grasp the moments with more possibilities.

  • Are you willing to carry it around?

    The thing I love about smart phone is that it is super convenient. All work could be easily done with simply a swipe and click. It is light and it doesn’t take up too much space. Of course same could go to the digital cameras, which is also small and light-weighted. However, if we are talking about DSLR then that’s another story. DSLR is capable of taking incredible pictures but the weight and the space it takes up might burden you.

    It really depends on how you travel, I’ve seen my friend carrying all his camera gadgets and his luggage through half the continent and never said a word about his poor shoulders. Weight was my major concern while I was picking mine. I was weighing the cameras in my hands and thinking if I’d willing to take extra lenses with me when I’m on the road. I ended up taking Canon sx60, which is considered small, and has a great ability if I ever want to go Moon hunting.

The last night of moon festival vacation, I went moon hunting again. I was going to get a clean shot with just a piece of grey cloud on the moon like a moustache, instead, i got this amazing light reflection like the milky way of the moon that is simply mind blowing. Out of the 23 moon festivals Ive celebrated, this is by far the only one Ive taken my time and actually enjoy the moon. #moon #midautumn #nightsky #clouds #festival #nature #fullmoon #science

April Hung(@chingyihung)張貼的相片 於 張貼

  • Running Out Of Storage

    I went on my first few trips with just my smart phone and every night I had to upload pictures on to the clouds and delete them on my device to release the space. Seeing the warning of low storage space popping up so frequently is so annoying. If the phone is old like mine, the huge amount of pictures would slow everything down and it has certainly got on my nerves. If you’ve decided to stick with your phone for the next trip, be sure to prepare a big enough cloud to store all the lovely moments.

  • Sync With Social Medias

    Especially if you’re a big instagramer, and you have the habit of sharing your whereabouts with amazing pictures. Things are so simple on the phone, just a few clicks and a new post is ready to go. Sharing pictures that are taken by the camera is however a slightly bit complex. It also depends on if your camera is capable of sharing via wifi. In my case, it goes as the following steps.
    1. Get wifi
    2. Connect the camera to my phone
    3. Download the pictures onto my phone
    4. Edit
    5. Post
    Of course in the end of the day I’d have to deal with low storage on my phone again. But I have realized that I am a lot more satisfied with the pictures taken by the camera than with my phone, and I don’t mind going through all those trouble to post.

“Everybody has to leave, everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons.” ― Donald Miller. #trainstation #home #taichung #homesickquotes #sunset #taichungtrainstation #donaldmiller

April Hung(@chingyihung)張貼的相片 於 張貼

It took me months to decide if I really need a camera, and I have almost driven my friends crazy by endlessly repeating my doubts. There were more trivial things I was debating on that are not listed in the article. But if you’re a traveler who is new to photography like me. And if you’re going through the same struggle. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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Should I Get A Camera For Travel?


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