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Must See Wildlife while on Tanzanian Safari

Tanzania has over 4 million animals living in the wild. Over 430 species make up this number.  There are around 1,000 species of birds, 60,000 species of insects, and 100 species of snakes.  This means there is lots to see for Wildlife lovers on safari in Tanzania.   Below are some animals you must see in their natural habitat in Tanzania.

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These animals are the prime scavengers of the savannah.  They enjoy hanging around Lions to get a share of whatever is left of their kills and in some cases, they can overcrowd lions and take away their kill!

They are not only scavengers, they are also good hunters as they hunt antelopes and wildebeest packs.  Their hunting skill is entirely based on smelling out a weak animal in a herd and working together to isolate and kill it.

Their social life is an amazing spectacle.

They can be found around the Mara triangle and virtually most parks in Tanzania.


Lions often live in prides of 20 or more.   The typical pride has 4 males and 12 lionesses. The young cubs generally stay with their mothers until maturity at which point the males have to go off to find their own pride.

It isn’t hard to distinguish between male and Female lions as the males are known for their long shaggy manes.  Their main role is to defend the pride from predators as the females often do bulk of the hunting. Hunting is done in groups and chief on the menu are antelopes, gazelles and zebras.

You can find lions in many parts of Tanzania but the highest numbers can be found in the Ngorongoro crater.

African Elephants

You don’t need any reminders to make sure you see the largest land animal on the planet while in Tanzania. Elephants can get as heavy as 14,000 pounds and grow as tall as 13 feet. They are generally peaceful herbivorous giants that spend much of their day eating 300 pounds of fruits, roots, grasses and bark.

Bull elephants live alone and only join a herd during mating season. The females live in herd with their babies.  The females endure the longest gestation period among mammals (22 months!).  Unfortunately, these animals are endangered as poachers continue to battle for their ivory tusks.

You can see the largest herds of elephant in the Mikumi National Park but they are just about everywhere in Tanzania.


Chimpanzees are very social animals that live in communities. They are one of the main attractions for wild-life watchers. They are able to make nests and use tools to dig their own food or crack nuts open. They can even learn sign language!  These animals are so intelligent because they share 90% of our genetic blueprint.

Chimpanzees can be seen in various parks in Tanzania and wildlife watchers enjoy d


ocumenting them eat fruits, meat and plants. Chimpanzees are on average 4-5 feet tall and weigh as much as 130 pounds.

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Must See Wildlife while on Tanzanian Safari


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