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The mate should be back on board by about 3 P.M. tomorrow WAHOOOO!! It will be nice to have someone to talk to again. Also my cooking is getting boring. I have a small group of things that I can prepare. That means I get one type of meal per day per week, then start the process over again. Last Thursday was Grocery and laundry day. I was forbidden to rent a car for the day till the mate got home. That is fine by me. She will probably want to add some thing to my list. I hope so. I am getting tired of my menu. Laundry is fine. When we rent a car, we can get the laundry done.

Tomorrow I will be out of food. That is unless one wants rice and chicken breasts for the foreseeable future. I do rice and pork chop with a heavy coating of Barbeque sauce. The excess sauce goes good with the rice. Not bad. Wednesday we will have to make the grocery trip. I have a good stock for lunch, and I can survive on Toast for breakfast. By the time dinner rolls around on Wednesday, we should be back from the grocery store. I ate out twice in two months. One was last Friday to help have a meal for this Tuesday night. My two meals were at the pool bar at the Yacht Club. Both were very good. One was a poor boy shrimp basket the other was a French Dip. Both were very good. I think I did very well in only eating out twice.

Our hot windless days went away Saturday. There is this tropical low sitting in the Big Bend area of Florida. It never really got itself together, so we get an almost feeder band with wind in the 20’s for a few minutes. But, it rained hard till about 5 pm. Now there is only a heavy mist. Sunday was a little lighter then today. Tampa is very flat. That means the streets flood. Big time.

We have 3 leaks. One by our sink in our stateroom. We have had it for 4 years. To fix it we would have to pull the mizzen mast. All the time we were cruising it had stopped leaking. I think that was because the humidity caused the boat to swell and that sealed it up. At least that is my theory. Now with the air conditioning on, the boat has dried out and we have the leak back. Now there is one in the forward head. Fixing it was one of my projects I did over the last two months. It is still there. I am really stumped on that one. I found a place where I thought water could come in and calked the hell out of it. Looks like I missed. The last one is buy the depth and speed gages. I replaced the depth gage in the Bahamas. It appears that it needs more calk. Even when we had the tropical storm right after we got here, it did not rain like it has for the last 2 days and none of these leaks were around.

The Olympics are on and our wifi does not have it running. I will have to check it again. I can’t imagine that the 2 bars that have TVs do not have it on. They run on the same wifi that I get, so if it is not up I may have to visit the bar tenders.

I tried Saturday to talk to someone about how to get it on, but only got the chef. She is from the old country, I have not figured out which old country, but we have a very difficult time communicating. Plus, I knew when I tried to explain what had to be done to get it on the wifi, we were way beyond her pay grade. So, I check with the BBC news every few hours and get updates and some 30 second film. I tried CNN, but they are to busy beating Trump to a pulp. They did a little blurb on Michael Philips getting his gold. If you did not know that he was a swimmer, you would not have known why he got his metal. They did not even mention that he swam with 3 other on his team. They did not even mention their names. What a bunch of jurks.

Guess I better check on the Olympics.

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