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Travel with Me: On the Road to Osnabrück, Germany

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Hi Kiwis! Here my first post on the new website/blog, a good motivation for start writing a little bit of a significative thing i have done in my third Travel to Germany and tell you about something unusual and that can be pretty interesting to you.

Let me introduce to you as first where is Osnabrück; this is a wonderful old and small city in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in the North West of Germany, the houses and buildings are thypical of the north german architectonical style with standard pastel/flat colors, but also if is a small town, is just third on the top list of the biggest cities in Niedersachsen.

Here a map for localize where exactly this town is located:

So after this little intro i want to tell you my travel to Germany!

When i had chosen to make this travel for the first time i still lived in Austria and i had never take a plane in my life, thing that sound pretty strange for people that use it everyday for work or for simple pleasure to travel, but unfortunately join Austria or start from Austria to anywhere else in in the world with plane is pretty expensive, isn’t at all a country open to such kind of transport ways and i can also suppose due of the austrian mentality that Ryanair and other cheap european flight companies haven’t that much money interest to create flight that link austrians towns to others.
The only way i could join Osnabrück so was my dear old best friend: the train!!!

Many people that have never been in Germany and travel through this country can’t understand at all on the map how long can be a travel by train through the whole Austria and Germany… i cannot say that it wasn’t an adventure, was really a pretty engaging travel that requested a lot of patience and stress improvement.

But let’s follow with me this crazy nice tour!

I started from Tamsweg with the bus and in 02:30 h i reached Salzburg, the famous town of Mozart, and i took directly the train that bring me to München, the main town of Bayern well known for the biggest Oktoberfest of Germany, i can’t describe my stunnment for how big the train station of München is… i was already once in this town at the Minerals Fest but never been in the train station, so that was really a great surprise to see all that tracks. Apart this relevant “detail”, the train station of München offer really a big variety of food and drinks shops that permit in this way to the people to have enough time for pick up something, i have really found that great (5 stars have merit it all!!!), another thing i was happy about was how this was pretty clean without papers without dirty things on the floor and so on, really a big place but good maintened!

After one hour of relaxing time in München i took the train for Hamm, a travel of around 5 hours that would bring me at the north! Five hours of thinking about how could be the first meeting with my boyfriend, yes because all that travel i did it for see him and be 4-5 days together. In Hamm (i remember me nothing of it) i had to take finally the last train that bringed me in Münster, at this time i had a lot of panic cause the time left to met him was always more shorter, but at the end (with some little problems to find us!! ) we was for the first time in our arms! For reach his home it was still one hour driving, so around was 13 hours travel for cover the distance of 1000 km around, i can just say that my sleeping time was really really merited!

But what about the travel to Osnabrück?

In facts during my stay in Nordhorn we haven’t got enough time for visit a lot this town, and when we was in the center was already evening so i hadn’t the occasion to see that much, in the evening we had just eat something fast and then to a metal gig, but during the day we had visited the Zoo of Osnabrück, that made this travel really something intense of emotions, i didn’t go to a zoo since when i was a kid, and rediscover all that animals was just simply amazing!

The Osnabrück zoo is pretty big and count a good number of pretty different animals, the spaces are enough large for it and the zoo equipe have try to rebuild their natural habitat as best as possible, also the area around is a full immersion in the nature, with many trees and many other animals are free to jump from one tree to the other. Is a nice space for kids but also for adults, pretty good done with cute areas where the childrens can play and the parents can relax for a while!
I have no idea if still there is but when i was they trained some kid to climb a high tree (sad it was no adults that did it, or i would do it too! ) and near there was also a nice street food/restaurant area with wood tables and benches to sit under the trees and eat some great curry wurst, a thypical german food that i have discover to love a lot!!!

Here some photos of this nice travel and the visit to the zoo, with a little description of it!

The first picture you had seen was a photo of the newbie Serval mom!

The zoo had revealed it a little bit later, but hide in the tall grass and trees it was the cuddling “nest” of these little lovely kittens, we had got a lot of luck and a lot of eye attention for it. For shoot this photo (that my dear boyfriend wanted ABSOLUTELY!!!) i had to jump on his shoulders and lounge me extremely, but was more than worthy!!!

Another new entry of the zoo was this baby giraffe, how is that cute?? Their texture is something hyper lovely and perfect!

A wonderful exemplar of Seal, was really funny the perfect position it had in this moment, waiting to be feeded with fishes!

A couple of Kookaburra, an exemplar of bird coming from Australia & New Guinea, i think is pretty seldom in zoos but was nice to see them once!

A cute Fawn next to a big fallen tree, that’s what i mean with “natural habitat”!

We have got you raccoon!!!

I just love this Iguanas picture, the light was so perfect for don’t catch them in a photo!

and at last but not for importance

That was my third great travel to Germany and the first meeting with my twin soul, a little sketch about 3-4 days spend in love and in wandering and discovering shortly the region and their thypical things!

Let me know what you think about and if you have never been there and if you have any advise,
and don’t lose the next travel adventures posts!

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Travel with Me: On the Road to Osnabrück, Germany


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