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If it had been a beautiful Dragonfly I might have just waited for it to fly away on its own - but finding a Grasshopper that did not want to leave my doorway, I was afraid it might fly inside.

I kicked it – gently – to push it aside, thinking perhaps it might have died already.  It moved a few inches (it was, after all, just a gentle push) but remained nearby.  I tried again and it was gone.  But not really.  I was wearing a very loose blouse and without my feeling it at all, somehow this insect flew into it.  I looked around and not seeing it, assumed it had flown out the open area of my porch.

I went inside, put down my groceries and started to change my clothes.  A lump in a seam made me turn the blouse inside out and to my great amazement, he/she/it popped out.  Not to fly, as I would presume a frightened or suddenly-freed insect would do, but plopped, again, to my floor.  I thought perhaps I had injured it with my gentle kick.

I went to get a jar to contain it and while I was rummaging in my kitchen, it remained, sedate, in my front room by the screen door which I had left open, hoping it would fly away unaided.  When I returned I scooped it up, took it outside and tried to up-end it into a potted plant.  It soared away – it did not falter as if injured.  It was a relief to have it gone but also to see it fly so swiftly upward.  After all, these are insects that I presumed, by their name, to be earth-bound.

I have been reading a wonderful book (SIDEWALK ORACLES) about symbols and synchronicity and how meaningful omens present themselves to our consciousness every day, if we will only observe them.  I thought that this odd event might have some information to bring to me from the universe. 

I have retired in Thailand, so it is not uncommon to see a Gecko at my doorway or even lurking on my ceiling, waiting for a feast of mosquitoes.  But certainly, as I live in a condo in an area without much greenery left in the neighborhood, a grasshopper was completely foreign to my experience here.

In searching the Internet for omens regarding this creature, I was pleased to find how many Asian cultures connected it with good luck.

The Chinese, always on the lookout for symbols of longevity, wealth and good luck, even kept them as family pets, assuring prosperity to the family.

Even in other parts of the world the grasshopper was cherished.  Athenians believed them to be a symbol of immortality as Zeus changed Tithonus into a grasshopper who lived forever.

Of the legends I found, I focused on the Iroquois Nation’s tribal belief that the grasshopper deals with messages of good news.  When on spirit walks, viewing a grasshopper meant news would be received that would benefit the community.

Other references brought what I hoped was my “message” from the grasshopper that wanted to come home with me:  It is considered an advocate of intuition = listening to one’s inner voice.  It seemed that my book on synchronicity and symbolism had come to life.


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