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Interview: Young Instagram-bloggers told about travels

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Owners often do not want to rent their apartments for Young people under 25 years of age. Sometimes, and more often on holidays, such as the New Year, in addition to the deposit, owners ask to give a passport. The reason is distrust and a high probability that young people will organize a riot. But is it so? The Dobovo team interviewed the young Instagrаm-bloggers. Young travel lovers — Akim Dragomiretsky, Vlad Bezruk and Lisa Tonkonog, told about themselves, their preferences and confessed that the main thing which they want after an active day is to relax in cozy apartments.

Hi, guys! Tell us about yourself: how and why did you decide to become a blogger? What is the topic of your Instagram account?
Akim: I began to develop my blog, when I realized that I want to share the beauty what inspires me every day. Many people often pass by the incredible things that surround them. I want that people to look around, not just stare into their phones. I like to take a picture of beautiful things that people do and nature, which is incredible in Ukraine.
Vlad: The decision to become a blogger was casual. After trying a few times, I realized that I like the art of photography. The topic of my blog is something like “a beautiful person on a beautiful background”.
Lisa: As for me — Instagram is like another life. I can convey my emotions through the photo. Especially I like pictures from trips.

What exactly inspires you to make posts?
Akim: Most of all, people who tell me about their stories — where they were, where they want to go, about their interests and what they like to do in their free time.
Vlad: I’m inspired by music and the world around me.
Lisa: I’m inspired by the atmosphere of cities in which I travel and places in which I like to go… And of course, Pinterest.

How much time do you spend on a blog on average?
Akim: I open my page hundreds of times a day. So. I will not say for sure.
Vlad:  It’s usually 3-4 hours.
Lisa: In general, I’m doing something all day in my Instagram. For example, I`m reading information that will help me improve the blog.

What is the most difficult part of blogging?
Akim: Attracting a new audience and keeping their attention. Now the activities of all bloggers has become much smaller.
Vlad: The most difficult thing for me is to make high-quality content.
Lisa: As for me, writing texts. I need to prepare for a long time to make something cool.

What is your favorite post?
Akim: My favorite is the one which is the last one. Always.
Vlad: I do not have a favorite post, but I have favorites. These are photos which I created with maximum effort or photos with people who a dear for me.
Lisa: There is no favorite one, but I admire a collection of photos from the Carpathian Mountains.

Do you often travel? Where do you usually go and what type of trip do you choose?
Akim: I often travel, but not as far as I would like. This is usually a trip out from the city by bus.
Vlad: Often. I’m going to places that attracted me before.
Lisa: Quite often, for my age, I’m going somewhere, every 2 months. For this month I have already visited two cities. It all depends on my mood.

Where do you usually book an apartment during the trip? And how long?
Akim: I recently booked on and will continue to do so in the future. For a couple of days.
Vlad: I book through the Internet, for the previous trip I used dobovo; usually from 3 to 7 days.
Lisa: I have already booked apartments on Dobovo 4 times. I do not like staying in cities for a long time, so the most often I stay for two days, maximum — four.

How do you prepare for trips — are there any personal life hacks?
Akim: I am preparing at the last moment. Life hack: never to do like that.
Vlad: There is one most important thing — I do everything in advance. Many people postpone everything at the last minute, and it is wrong!
Lisa: I do not like to prepare, the main thing for me — spontaneity.

Continue the phrase “For me, the main thing in traveling…”
Akim: Find the most beautiful places and make the best shots.
Vlad: For me, positive emotions that I will get!
Lisa: Find something interesting and special. It can be very different places.

Tell us about your last trip with Dobovo — how it was?
Akim: Everything was perfect. There was a lot of fun during the day, and with Dobovo I can relax in comfortable conditions at night to continue the adventures for the next day.
Vlad: Thanks to Dobovo my trips became more convenient and pleasant. The last time I went, I was very pleased. Especially I was pleased with a cozy apartment with modern renovation.
Lisa: I have just returned from Kharkiv yesterday. It was really one of the best trips. Also thanks to Dobovo.

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Interview: Young Instagram-bloggers told about travels


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