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Paktakon or Riddles Introduction

Riddles are phrases or sentences that is arranged in a poetic form and describes a puzzle. It is a question or statement intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning, typically presented as a game. Nothing is not covered by the Riddles as it subjects or topics are wide range. It is undeniable that outlining or creating a riddle requires a sharp mind, attention to details and the ability to recognize the natural objects of assignment aside from the richness of vocabulary.  The game of riddles is widespread throughout the island and expresses the fondness of the feelings and mind and richness of imagination and idea of every barangays or race which created the riddles.

The guessing game of riddles is not new to the Ilonggos. It is also a part of their lives. At home, in school, during a wake, the riddles are being played and recited.

The paktakon, Hiligaynon term for riddles is grouped together in different categories, like for example the puzzles about plants, animals, climate and weather, tools or equipment and many others.

Here are the riddles and their answers: 

Riddles About Plants, Trees, Seeds and Fruits:

1. Nanaog si Santa Maria
     Pula ang iya saya.

                 Puso sang Saging

     Santa Maria went down
      Red is her skirt

                Banana Heart

 2. Diutay nga tabig
       Buta Sang kwarta


     Small tabig basket
       Full of money


3. Maitum nga bulbulon
      Mapula kon burikaton.


   Black and feathery
     Reddish when split open.

          Annato Seeds

4. Sang diutay alibangbang
     Sang nagdaku latigo
    Balatong or hantak beans

    Butterfly when it's still small
      Whip it grows up

      Balatong or hantak beans

5. Anano yadtong kaliwatan
      nga katingalahan
   Ang iya iloy nga nagakamang pa
   Ang ila nga anak nagapungko na.


  What is that strange family
   The mother is still crawling
  Their children are now sitting.


6. Isa ka hutlog nga ngipon
    Naputos sang papel.

   A lengthwise of teeth
   Wrapped by paper.


7. Ang diotay nga lata
     Ang sulod liso.


   Small can
   Inside are seeds


8. Ang sagwa ginakaon
    Ang sulod ginahaboy


    The outside is eaten
     The inside is thrown

         Corn / Maize

9. May tinirohay sa bilog nga gab-i
    Apang wala sang may nasamad

        Sinanlag nga mais

    There is a gun fighting throughout the whole night
     However no one is injured.

         Grilled corn

10. Ang dagat ginputos sang langit
      Ang langit Ginputos Sang tul-an
      Ang tul-an ginputos sang bulbol
      Ang bulbol ginputos sang panit.


     The sea was wrapped by heaven
     The  heaven was wrapped by bones
     The bones was wrapped by feathers
     The feathers was wrapped by skin.


11. Ang tubi ginputos sang unod
      Ang unod ginputos sang tul-an
      Ang tul-an ginputos sang panit.


     The water is wrapped by meat
     The meat is wrapped by bones
     The bones is wrapped by skin.


12. Sa init nagakalipay
      Sa tugnaw nagakalaya


     Happy in the heat of the sun
     Withered in coldness

           Acacia Tree

13. Puno niya kanyon
      Paklang lagari
      Dahon espada
      Bunga bala.


      The branch is cannon
       Twigs is saw
       Leaves is sword
      Fruit is bullet

         Palm Tree / Buri

14. Lumumpat si pirik-pirik
      Nanumpa nga indi magbalik.
            Dahon nga laya

      Pirik-pirik jumped
      Swearing not to return.

           Withered leaf

About Animals and Insect:

1. Nanay niya manyika
    Bata niya kantura.

        Nayon kag idik

   Mother is a doll
  The child is a female singer

      Pig / Sow and piglet

2. Diutay pa si Inday
    Makahibalo magsaka sa lubi.


    Inday is still small
    She knows how to climb a coconut tree


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Paktakon or Riddles Introduction


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