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Facade Of Naulakha Palace, Gondal
2017-12-20 03:36
The 18th century Naulakha Palace at Gondal is one of the oldest palace in this town.  It has a beautiful sculpted facade. The palace has magnificent stone carvings with balconies… Read More
Veera Narayana Temple, Belavadi
2017-12-04 03:57
Veera Narayana Temple located in Belavadi is an ancient 12th century temple carved in soapstone. This temple comprising of three shrines was built during the rule of the Hoysala King Veera B… Read More
Lakshmi Narayana Mandir, Somnath
2017-11-30 04:04
These are group of temples at Somnath situated on the banks of a Hiren river. This is a calm and serene place just 5 kms away from the Someshwar Mahadev Temple.Lakshmi Narayan… Read More
Brick Monastery, Udayagiri
2017-11-27 01:30
At Udayagiri, the Buddhist site in Orissa, ASI have excavated many interesting structures that were created any time between 7th and 12th century. One such excavation has brought to light th… Read More
2017-11-25 05:00
The Archaeological Museum at Lothal was setup in 1976. In the museum it displays artifacts recovered from the excavation conducted from 1952 to 1961. It showcases beads, terracotta orna… Read More
Shri Shiddeshwar Temple, Bijapur
2017-11-22 17:23
Shri Shiddeshwar Temple in Bijapur is located at heart of the city.It is on behalf of Solapur Shree Siddarameshwar of Basav's Saints. This is a relatively new temple when compared to other a… Read More
Temi Tea Garden, Ravangla
2017-11-20 03:55
The Temi Tea Garden in Ravangla, considered one of the best in India and in the world. It is established in 1969 by the Government of Sikkim.It is the only tea garden in Sikkim. The garden i… Read More
Flowers At Sim's Park - 1, Coonoor
2017-11-16 04:34
Sim's Park in Coonoor is one of the major attraction that is feast for the nature lovers. Here one can see variety of beautiful and colorful flowers.Here are a few of them Read More
ASI Museum Sculptures - 2, Shimoga
2017-11-13 01:30
In Shimoga in the fort area is the 16th century Shivappa Nayak Palace  has been converted into a A.S.I Museum. There are many sculptures in this museum which were ex… Read More
2017-11-11 04:57
In Gir Sanctuary went for Safari in an open jeep and we could see some birds flying around. We spotted the Redstart in open areas of the forest.The adult male has overall… Read More
2017-11-08 17:04
At  Kurudumale there are many temples that are known for their architecture and spiritual importance. Here  Ganesha Temple and Someshwara Temple are very ancien… Read More
2017-11-06 01:00
Ravangla is a semi town that lies between Pelling and Gangtok. It is an elevation of 7000 ft and experiences snowfall during winter.This picturesque place is a must visit for who tour Sikkim… Read More
Red Vented Bulbul At Coonoor
2017-11-04 05:00
In Sim's Park of Coonoor among the various plants and trees one can also see a lot of birds. During tour of the park we also spotted many birds and on… Read More
2017-11-01 10:30
Sinquerim is a coastal village in North Goa. This is a beautiful village around 16 kms from the state capital Panaji close to Candolim.This village has pristine Sinquerim Beach and huge Fort… Read More
Coot At Jakkur Lake, Bangalore
2017-10-28 10:52
At Jakkur Lake in north Bangalore you can come across many colorful birds. One of them is Coot.Coots are small water birds. They have predominantly black plumage wit… Read More
2017-10-25 16:44
Bhedaghat is a small town is just 20 kms from Jabalpur by the side of the river Narmada. It is ideal getaway for people looking for a peaceful time from their busy schedule. The pl… Read More
Pemayangtse, Perfect Sublime Lotus
2017-10-23 00:30
Pemayangtse is located in the South Western part of Sikkim at a distance of 9 kms from Pelling. It is at a height of 6,000 feet above sea level. The weather in this place is amazing wit… Read More
Happy Diwali
2017-10-19 03:35
Friends wish you allHAPPY & PROSPEROUSDeepavaliDiwali, the  Festival of Lights is favorite among kids because they get a chance to light fire crackers.My kids  have grown up an… Read More
2017-10-16 01:00
Thread Garden at Ooty is located by the side of North Lake Road, opposite the Boat House.  This beautiful garden is created by Anthony Josheph with the help of 50  skillful and pro… Read More
Rani Sipri's Tomb, Ahmedabad
2017-10-11 10:30
Rani Sipri's Tomb is located in the old area of Ahmadabad within the same complex as Rani Sipri Mosque. It is one of the ancient monuments that has a combination of Indo-Islamic ar… Read More
2017-10-09 04:46
Siddhesvara Dham in Namchi is a unique pilgrim center that has replicas of the twelve Jyotirlinga. It is atop Solophok hilltop occupying an area of 29.9 hectares, just 5 kms from the ci… Read More
2017-10-07 10:40
Nadankanan Zoo at Bhubaneswar is one of great zoo in India. There are various animals and birds at the zoo. We went on a safari to nearby forest and we could se… Read More
Drive From Lachen To Gurudongmar Lake
2017-10-05 00:41
We managed to get some sleep in the very cold night at Lachen. We were up very early in the morning by 4 a.m for a drive of 67 kms to Gurudongmar Lake.We passed through a beautiful valley Ch… Read More
Kadari Manjunatheshwara Temple, Mangalore
2017-10-02 01:00
The Manjunatheshwara Temple at Mangalore on the hills of Kadri is a popular temple. It is very old temple, but the present structure built in complete stone dates to 14th century.The temple… Read More
Gita Mandir, Somnath
2017-09-28 01:04
These are group of temples at Somnath situated on the banks of a Hiren river. This is a calm and serene place just 5 kms away from the Someshwar Mahadev Temple.Gita Mandir is modern temple b… Read More
2017-09-25 01:00
The Veerabhadra Temple in Lepakshi has been built on a low altitude hillock of a large exposure of granite rock. This 16th century temple built by Virupanna Nayaka and Viranna, both Governor… Read More
Poetry In Stone - 33
2017-09-20 18:41
This is thirty-third  in the series on the rich cultural heritage of temples in India. The ancient monuments of India are richly carved and they behold ones attention for… Read More
Kolkota, City Of Joy
2017-09-18 01:00
Kolkata located on the east bank of the Hooghly River is the commercial, cultural, and educational center of Eastern India. In the late 17th century, it was ruled by the Nawab of Bengal and… Read More
Cheena Vala, Fort Kochi
2017-09-13 08:29
Cheena Vala in Fort Kochi are commonly known as "Chinese fishing nets". It is believed that these nets are set up between 13th and 14th century. They are fixed land installations for fishin… Read More
Buddhist Caves, Junagadh
2017-09-11 01:00
Buddhist Caves in Junagadh, close to the mosque inside the Uppekot Fort is fine example of Buddhist rock cut architecture of 2nd century A.D. These caves are on the… Read More
Indian Roller On The Highways
2017-09-09 05:00
While travelling on the highway from Bangalore to Mangalore one can see beautiful bird perched on the electric wires by the side of the road. One such colorful bird is Indian Roller.It is a… Read More
Pherozshah Mehta Gardens, Mumbai
2017-09-07 08:57
Pherozshah Mehta Gardens in Mumbai built on top of huge reservoir is one of the beautiful garden in the city. The park was primarily dedicated to Pherozeshah Mehta, a prominent Parsi politic… Read More
2017-09-04 16:36
While one climbs up the Indragiri Hill at Shravanbelgola there is a fort enclosure. From the structure it looks like this fort might have been built during the 18th centu… Read More
Images Of India - 167
2017-08-31 16:42
A glimpse of heritage monument of India in black and white. Check other posts that will give you more details about this monument.Bekal Fort at Pallikkere Read More
Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad
2017-08-28 01:00
Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad is a heart shaped artificial lake. The lake was designed by Hussain Shah Wali and hence the name. It is a heritage site of India and it is declared as th… Read More
Ganesh Tok, Gangtok
2017-08-24 16:33
In Gangtok close to Tashi View point is Ganesh Tok, a temple of Lord Ganesha. It's located at an altitude of 6,500 ft.This is a small temple that can be reached by climbing few number of ste… Read More
Aasiatic Lions At Gir
2017-08-21 01:00
Asiatic Lions are found only in Gir Forests of Gujarat. They have been marked as Endangered in the IUCN Red List of threatened species. The approximate population of the lions is b… Read More
Pandava Caves, Aravelam
2017-08-17 10:26
The ancient Caves in Aravelam is must visit place for history buffs. These 6th century caves are small that have 5 compartments. The Buddhist monks have carved these caves out of a… Read More
Flower Garden Of Samdruptse
2017-08-14 01:00
In the park where tall statue of Guru Padmasambhava in Samdruptse is located there is a beautiful garden.There are variety of colourful flowers in this garden.We could also se… Read More
Rang Mahal, Ellora
2017-08-07 01:35
We have already seen details of Kailasa Temple of Ellora in the earlier post. This 8th century temple has strong architectural influences  of Pallava and Chalukya styles.Within the encl… Read More
Boganarasimha Temple, Devarayan Durga
2017-07-31 01:00
The rocky hills of Devrayan Durga near Bangalore is surrounded by forest. The hill is dotted with several temples and at the at the foot of the hill is Boganarasimha Temp… Read More
Charminar, Hyderabad
2017-07-24 01:31
The Charminar in Hyderabad, is a historic monument as well as mosque that is visited by tourista all over the world. The ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah built… Read More
Red-necked Ibis At Talkad
2017-07-22 05:16
We came across many birds during our visit to Talkad. We spotted many birds around the temple in this small village. One of them is Red-necked Ibis.It is a medium sized bird… Read More
Bangalore Palace
2017-07-16 17:09
Bangalore Palace, is a magnificent palace located in Bangalore that still retains its old world charm. Construction of a palace building was started in 1874 and completed by 1878 o… Read More
Eurasian Curlew At Bhitarkanika
2017-07-15 05:00
In Bhitarkanika National Park we  hired a boat and cruised in the lake. Event it is off season we wanted to try our luck to spot some birds. One of them is Eurasian curle… Read More
Bada Bagh, Jaisalmer
2017-07-12 17:18
Jaisalmer has many interesting sites of architectural importance. One of them is Bada Bagh that is on the outskirts of the city just 6 kms away.It contains a set of royal cenotaphs built in… Read More
Rani Sipri's Mosque, Ahmedabad
2017-07-10 04:09
Rani Sipri's Mosque located in the old area of Ahmadabad is one of the ancient monuments that is known for its elegance. the construction of this medieval mosque was commissioned in 151… Read More
Birds In Bhitarkanika
2017-07-08 05:00
Bhitarkanika National Park is home for many common as well as rare birds. We spotted few common birds while going in a boat ride in the river Read More
Snow Peaks Of Lachen
2017-07-05 17:35
Lachen is a scenic mountain village surrounded by imposing snow capped peaks, glaciers and rock cliffs.Th place in all directions is surrounded by snow capped peaks Read More
Sayaji Baug Zoo - Tortoise
2017-07-03 01:25
Sayaji Baug Zoo at Vododara is one of the biggest zoo in the country. There are various wild animals and birds at the zoo. One among them is Tortoises.They are land… Read More
Red-necked Ibis At Diu
2017-07-01 04:56
During our visit to Diu, we came across many colorful birds. We could spot some birds near the beaches. One such beautiful bird is Red-necked Ibis.It is a medium sized bird, measuring 6… Read More
Veera Brahmam Cave, Yaganti
2017-06-26 03:13
Yaganti has many places of historic importance apart from the Uma Maheswara Swamy Temple. There are several caves in the hills surrounding and one of them is Veera Brahmam Cave.To reach… Read More
Common Kingfisher At Usgalimal
2017-06-24 05:03
When we were in Usgalimal to visit the Rock Engravings we came across Common Kingfisher.It is a small bird, measuring 25-35 cm in length with a wingspan of 25 cm. These birds have… Read More
Sursagar Lake, Vadodara
2017-06-22 13:22
Sursagar Lake at Vadodara is right in the middle of the city. The lake has held the water in one place with the help of stone banks and masonry and as a result it is full of water throughout… Read More
Basilica Of Bom Jesus, Old Goa
2017-06-19 01:00
The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the oldest churches located in Old Goa. This is India’s first minor basilica and its construction began in 1954.The architecture of the church is on… Read More
Indian Peahen At Gir
2017-06-17 05:00
In Gir Sanctuary went for Safari in an open jeep and we could see some birds flying around. We spotted the Indian Peahen in open areas of the forest.It has a mi… Read More
Sri Gangamma Devi Temple, Bangalore
2017-06-14 13:00
Sri Gangamma Devi Temple in Bangalore is located in Malleswaram region. It is built very close to the Kadu Mallikarjunswamy Temple. The temple has beautiful and colourful&nbsp&hell…Read More
Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Gangtok
2017-06-12 01:22
On our way to Lachen in North Sikkim from Gangtok we came across beautiful scenes and water falls. One such water fall just 32 kms away is Seven Sisters Waterfalls.There are quite a few… Read More
2017-06-10 05:32
When we were in Patan to visit the ancient Rani-Ki-Vav we could spot several common birds in the vicinity. One of them is Bank Myna.This bird identified by the… Read More
2017-06-07 15:11
Sri Rudreshwar Temple at Aravelam is newly built on the site where only a image of diety existed earlier. This temple is also known by the name 'Temple of Lord Shiva'.Inside the temple… Read More
2017-06-05 01:00
Veerabhadra Temple Complex in Lepakshi is one of the ancient structures in the area. Built in 16th century this is a architectural marvel. This was built by Virupanna Nayaka and Viranna… Read More
2017-06-03 08:18
During our trip to Ponda, we could spot some birds  in a field filled with water and one of them is Black-headed Ibis.They have white-plumage with some greyer areas on the wings. T… Read More
2017-05-31 12:02
Jama Masjid in Junagadh, the mosque inside the Uppekot Fort is today in ruins but still worth a visit. This mosque can be seen once one enters the fort very close to the medival cannons insi… Read More
Ashta Mathas, Udupi
2017-05-29 01:00
The Ashta Mathas of Udupi are a group of eight mathas. It was established by Hindu philosopher Madhvacharya, the chief proponent of the Dvaita school of Hindu thought. For each of the e… Read More
Chandragiri Fort
2017-05-24 12:36
Chandragiri Fort in Chandragiri (State: Kerala) is one of the oldest forts  perched atop a hill  in India by the side of the river Payaswini.This 17th century fort is 150… Read More
Shri Shantadurga Temple, Ponda
2017-05-22 01:30
Shri Shantadurga Temple is on slopes of foothills of a mountain chain, surrounded by lush vegetation of Kavalem village in Ponda. It is one of the oldest temple in the area.There is a main t… Read More
Birds At GKVK Campus, Bangalore
2017-05-20 06:54
The GKVK campus on Airport Road near Hebbal in Bangalore is one of the lesser known hot spots for the birds. This campus belongs to University of Agriculture Sciences. This is spread over a… Read More
Drive To Yumthang
2017-05-17 13:24
We reached beautiful Yumthang Valley from Lachung. The drive through on the winding roads is very memorable. It is a beautiful place that nature lovers will definitely love to spend the… Read More
Shamlaji Temple, Shamlaji
2017-05-15 01:00
Shamlaji Temple in Shamlaji is located on the banks of the Meshvo river in the valley surrounded by wooded hills. This 16th century temple is known for its artistic beauty in sculptures. The… Read More
Birds In Neighbourhood - 24
2017-05-13 05:30
I get to see variety of birds in the back yard of my parents house in Udupi. I have captured few of them in my camera and here they are. One such beautiful bird is male Brahminy Ki… Read More
Someshwara Beach, Ullal
2017-05-10 11:35
Someshwara Beach is located in Ullal. It is at the confluence of the Netravati River and the Arabian Sea.The beach is still in a pristine condition as it is not visited by many tourists. The… Read More
2017-05-08 00:30
Rumtek is located at a distance of 23 kms from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. It is 5500 feet above sea level on a hill facing the city of Gangtok. When Chinese occupied Tibet, the 16t… Read More
Black-headed Ibis At Sangam
2017-05-06 05:52
During our trip to Mysore, we also visited Sangam.  We could spot some birds here and one of them is Black-headed Ibis.They have white-plumage with some greyer areas on the wings… Read More
Suparshwanatha Basadi, Shravanabelagola
2017-05-03 11:39
At Shravanabelagola on the Chandragiri hill there are various monuments all over the hillock. One among them is Suparshwanatha Basadi to tthe north-west of the fort enclosure.It is… Read More
Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad
2017-05-01 05:03
Close to the famous Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad is Ibrahim Bagh that has many historic monuments. Qutub Shahi Tombs and mosques built by the various kings of the Qutb Shahi dynasty are l… Read More
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Ullal
2017-04-26 18:40
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple at Ullal is located in a calm and serene atmosphere. Even though the architecture of the temple is very similar to ancient temples in the area, this temple is very… Read More
2017-04-24 01:00
Pelling is a small town located at an altitude of 2150 m is last destination in our tour of the sate of Sikkim. It is fast growing into tourist destination in the state of Sikkim. This has b… Read More
2017-04-22 05:28
In Gir Sanctuary went for Safari in an open jeep and we could see few animals as well as birds in the forest. We could see plenty of Spotted Deer.  Here are few pictures that… Read More
Vali Sugreeva Temple, Avani
2017-04-19 12:24
Ramlingeshwar Temple complex at Avani has several shrines and one of them is Vali Sugreeva Temple. This temple is built by rulers of Nolamba dynasty around 10th Century A.D.&n&hell…Read More
Orchard Palace, Gondal
2017-04-17 01:00
Huzoor Palace at Gondal is the royal residence. In the late 19th century an additional section was added to this palace to host personal guests of the Maharajas. This annex of the Huzoo… Read More
Hanging Gardens, Mumbai
2017-04-12 11:30
The Hanging Gardens in Mumbai is one of the oldest garden in the city. It is a terraced garden perched at the top of Malabar Hill just opposite the Kamala Nehru Park.For people looking for q… Read More
2017-04-10 01:00
Namchi is town in the state of Sikkim located at a distance of 78 kilometres from the state capital Gangtok. In the local language the name means "Sky High". It is situated at an a… Read More
Western Reef Heron At Diu
2017-04-08 07:24
During our visit to Diu, we came across many colourful birds. We could spot some birds around the Diu Fort in the shallow water.  One such colourful bird is Western Reef Heron.&nbs&hell…Read More
Nyaya Mandir, Vadodara
2017-04-05 15:59
The Nyaya Mandir in Vadodara is the District Court of the city. This is one of the vintage buildings in the city that showcases the architecture of olden days.The initial plan in 1896 by Mah… Read More
2017-04-03 03:11
Murdeshwar is a small town on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The name of the city is another name of the Hindu god Shiva. It is at a distance of 162 km from Mangalore. On one side it is bound… Read More
Red Vented Bulbul At Gir
2017-04-01 05:40
In Gir Sanctuary went for Safari in an open jeep and we could see some birds flying around. We spotted few Red Vented Bulbul in the forest.We could see it around ticket b… Read More
2017-03-29 05:39
Bellum is a small village in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Bellum derives its name from "Bilum" Sanskrit word for caves. There is a newly built huge statue of Buddha here.This pla… Read More
Lachung, The Small Pass
2017-03-27 01:00
Lachung is a small hill station in northeast Sikkim approximately 125 kms from the state  capital Gangtok.This charming town is located at an elevation of about 9600 feet at the conflue… Read More
Flowers Of Botanical Garden - 2, Ooty
2017-03-25 05:30
The Botanical Garden at Ooty is one of the must visit tourist places.  This garden has many beautiful flowers and some of them are here:You can also find cariou… Read More
Kevda Masjidh Cenotaph, Champaner
2017-03-22 10:30
The Kevda Masjid inside the Citadel of Champaner, in Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a beautiful 16th century structure.In front of this mosque is a simple and… Read More
Kadu Mallikarjunaswamy Temple, Bangalore
2017-03-20 02:11
Kadu Mallikarjunaswamy Temple in Bangalore is located in Malleswaram region. The temple is built on a hilly area and temple itself on a hill top. As per the historic records the temple… Read More
Coot At Talkad
2017-03-18 06:01
We came across many birds during our visit to Talkad. We spotted many water birds in a pond in this small village. One of them is Coot.Coots are small water birds. They have predominant… Read More

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