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If you are planning to visit Ukraine

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Ukrainian society has its own characteristics that may seem unusual to you .

One of them – a tribute to tradition!

The other – the result of a bizarre historical development.

Here is a try to tell you about the habits , customs, peculiar to the Ukrainians , which may seem strange.

So, if you are planning a visit to Ukraine, you will be always welcome .

Ukrainians consider it necessary to show all the interesting sights and places in your city . It is importent that the guest was fed as if just from the table.

It is a surprise , if the street or anywhere else you meet are not very many smiling faces . This does not mean that something bad happened . Ukrainians are not used to just smile . But try to smile at any of them and they will answer a smile. And , be sure to smile for you with all my heart .

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All that relates to communication , Ukrainians used to do wholeheartedly. Greeting ” How are you? ” In Ukraine inappropriate. Hearing this question , Ukrainian can really decide that it is interesting and you get an answer , the detail of which will depend on the extent of your love and time availability . Therefore it is better to use the traditional “Hello “, ” Hi “, etc.

Conversely, if they ask ” How are you? “, That are ready to get a little more than one-word answer and not just out of interest , but rather because they are ready to support you .

As for the ” forbidden” in their little. For example, Ukrainians speak about politics with pleasure. Religion is not a ” taboo ” topic , and religious views , you can talk with colleagues or friends. About money, health or personal problems they say in the close circle of friends . But the topics that do not start the first – this is a topic ethnicity, because Ukraine multinational country and you can not know who is in front of you : Ukrainian, Russian , Jewish, Crimean Tatar and other nationalities. All they consider Ukraine their motherland.

If you arrive in Ukraine on business, then certainly you can negotiate in English , if you is not a problem . If not, then for each meeting will be invited to a translator with the knowledge of your native language . Another thing, when people come wanting to learn Ukrainian .

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So what language is spoken in Ukraine? Many can be heard on the “language ” problem in Ukraine. What’s the matter ? The official language here – Ukrainian , and it’s perfectly logical . Are trained on the Ukrainian in schools and universities , to speak Ukrainian in public institutions and official events . But in the few centuries, dating from the times of the Russian Empire , which included a large part of the territory of modern Ukraine , and later as part of the USSR , the Russian language has taken a strong position in the Ukrainian society. There territorial differentiation : in the east and south of the country most people in everyday communication uses Russian language , while the west and north in all spheres of Ukrainian used . Fortunately, almost the entire country understands both languages ​​. People who refuse on principle to communicate in one of them, very little. You can witness how the two men are talking , one Ukrainian, the other – in Russian, and they may not even notice .

If you are planning a business meeting in Ukraine …
There are some features of the behavior in the business environment . For example, even if you set up a meeting , decided to confirm it on the phone somewhere for an hour before the appointed time . More or less important issues Ukrainians are used to solve mainly on personal meetings , without relying on telephone or mail.

During a private meeting easier to assess the intentions of potential partners and the ability to trust them. Also, if these are important negotiations to their conclusion , usually ends up dinner in the restaurant , organized by the host country . Such meals together allow future partners know each other better , to resolve issues remaining outside the negotiations.

Generally foreigners in Ukraine say that there used to more emotional than in other countries, refers to communication in general and in the business environment in particular. Although during the “official” part of the meeting , or during business hours at the office , they behave more restrained than usual in many countries, but at the same time trying to establish emotional contact with business partners or with colleagues after hours for a meal in the restaurant or visiting together what any cultural or sporting events.

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Ukrainians often have warm and open relationship also with their colleagues. It is interesting that in the office they can ” keep a distance ” and formalities , and beyond to communicate in a very personal issues and find moral support just society colleagues. The Ukrainian office decided together to celebrate all holidays and birthdays , organizing reception or ” more serious table .”

If you agree on the negotiations with the top managers of large Ukrainian companies, and comes to meet a very young man … whether to doubt his competence ?
Do not make premature conclusions , pay attention to the conversation . Many businessmen from other countries are often surprised by the young age of Ukrainian top management. But the fact that the Soviet system with its planned economy dominated until 1991 . After its fall , the beginning of the market economy , it appears that trained personnel we have available, in schools did not train specialists who demanded market. Moreover, the administrative staff ” old school ” is not able to quickly adapt to new economic conditions. Then it turned out that sometimes it’s better to hire very young inexperienced but enthusiastic specialist than to retrain and eradicate stereotypes have experienced staff. Youth quickly received the necessary skills , the second and sometimes third generation , often already outside the country , thus ensuring rapid career growth. And this is quite a massive trend for Ukraine.

If you have friends Ukrainians …
It so happened that the Ukrainians are very highly valued friendships often than not related . Relationship between friends warmer than, for example , in Europe.

Friends in Ukraine called the people they trust almost like yourself. Friends , usually slightly – from one to several , while buddies with whom they maintain informal relations can be very much.

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For example, a local proverb says so on friendship : “A man without friends , like a tree without roots “, ” A friend water sweeter than honey from the enemy ” or ” This friend has found that even in the hell would have went with him .” Communicate with friends and buddies dedicated significant time . Moreover, it is usually unplanned events in advance . So if you call your friend and ask Ukrainian meet, be prepared that he will invite you tonight , or , in extreme cases , tomorrow. If the next few weeks you are busy, Ukrainian does not understand , and may think that you do not want to meet at all. Therefore it is better offer in advance of the meeting . For his fellow Ukrainians spare neither time nor effort , so if need help .

So if you have friends Ukrainians – you are lucky .
Gender roles in Ukraine are somewhat different from Europe and the U.S. more traditional. But it is only at first glance. For example, in Ukraine are not accustomed aggressive feminist ideas . Here and now men exhibit such traditional courtesies as a compliment , to open the door to a woman or to shake hands when leaving the car .

Ukrainian men can even be offended if a woman does not allow to pay the bill for lunch in the restaurant. Most women tend to pay much attention to their appearance , try to dress elegantly . Sometimes it was erroneously interpreted as a desire to succeed by their femininity , but it is not so .

Even public opinion polls suggest that Ukrainians do it for yourself, not for men. And easy to understand : in Soviet times in the store was almost impossible to buy, for example , elegant shoes and clothes sewed on expressionless patterns mainly black and gray colors. While much of the world tailoring for yourself – it’s more a hobby for Ukrainians it was almost the only opportunity to dress decently . Therefore, the sewing machine was in almost every home and almost all were able to sew yourself.

As for the traditional role of women in society , the best Ukrainian folklore tells the centuries-old ” man – the head and the woman – neck “, ” As my Dad said so to my mother’s will be.” Quite a large percentage of marriages is at a young age to 25 years. But while modern Ukrainians are not afraid to be independent , to make decisions independently . So do not be surprised if you meet women who have had 35 to have a baby , or even two , get an education, and sometimes more than one . Nor have their own business or have a brilliant career . Incidentally, the work can be several. Such examples , especially in the big cities , you can find quite often. Maybe they just want to realize all the opportunities given to them by nature and society. Thus, Ukrainians are not interested in the trappings of equality itself , but we do not advise you to underestimate the role of women in business or personal communication . Their vital tasks , priorities, self area they used to choose themselves.

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If you are invited to visit …
Must warn you , events such as trips to visit or party, if it is not in any holiday or significant event in their lives , Ukrainians also do not plan in advance. By the way, for my birthday , they may be invited for a day or the same day . However, most likely will not be offended if you can not change your plans for the evening . Norm among friends is call and ask if not busy evening and whether you can come to visit or to invite . And if everyone agrees , cordial meeting in the home or in a restaurant can happen in the same evening. Perhaps it is not entirely rational and may seem awkward.

However, there are also pluses – holiday if you want it today , why delay ? Anyone who comes to visit , usually brings something to the table. This can be juice, wine , cake or candy. If you are invited to any family holiday , it would be appropriate to any gift or a bouquet of flowers for women. There are various signs , which they say they do not believe , but for some reason tend to perform. For example, they never say hello and did not pass through the door , do not whistle in the house. A bouquet of flowers to be an odd number .

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If you are planning to visit Ukraine


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