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Tech News Digest For October 28, 2016
2016-10-28 15:00
Consider this a Halloween treat, I’ve got far more news stories this week than normal. Some are purely fun, some are informational and others talk about new products. Click on any of t… Read More
Did Your Devices Hack The Internet?
2016-10-24 15:00
There was a major attack on the Internet last Friday and it brought many major sites to their knees. The attack came from compromised devices, but it wasn’t computers or mobile phones… Read More
The 2017 Editions Of Quicken Have Arrived
2016-10-22 15:00
I wish I could tell you when I first started using Quicken to manage my personal finances. If I had to guess it was in the early 90s. While I am a long-time user, I do not purchase upgrades… Read More
Tech News Digest For October 21, 2016
2016-10-21 15:00
The news about Samsung’s faulty Note 7 continues and a new contender from Google becomes a potential replacement. Technology to make mobile devices far faster could be in the works. Ar… Read More
25 Foot Long HDMI Cable Can Come In Handy
2016-10-19 15:00
When I go somewhere to speak to an audience, it is often like a Cracker Jack box. I just never know what “prize” I’m going to get. Or in many cases, a surprise! Yes, I&rsqu&hell…Read More
Need To Constantly Evolve A Web Site
2016-10-18 15:00
As a Web designer, I’m constantly talking with clients and potential clients who haven’t updated their sites in years. Sometimes it extends beyond a decade. Think about your own… Read More
Tech News Digest For October 14, 2016
2016-10-14 15:00
The biggest news of the week was the second and final recall of Samsung’s Note 7. As one who flew in the last week, it was even singled out at the airport. Samsung was also in the news… Read More
Tap Dancing Instead Of Upgrading
2016-10-11 15:00
When I have the opportunity to get out and talk to users, I get to hear their stories. There are times I shake my head at how far users will go to avoid upgrading. In the first category, I… Read More
Tech News Digest For October 7, 2016
2016-10-07 15:00
The biggest announcements this week came from Google as they told us about new phones, Wi-Fi and a competitor to the Amazon Echo. Of course they are also one of the companies thought to be i… Read More
Tech News Digest For September 30, 2016
2016-09-30 15:00
Some of the stories in this week’s tech news are truly out of this world. Yup, they are about Mars. It is highly likely Twitter will get purchased and Google is interested. How it can… Read More
Do You Have A Better Scanner Than Me?
2016-09-27 15:00
In a recent client meeting, we were discussing a number of old photos that needed to be scanned for a Web site. I understand that clients always want to save money if there are tasks they ca… Read More
Eliminating Banding In Graphics For The Web
2016-09-26 15:00
While working on a recent project, the only copies of a logo were fairly low-resolution bitmaps. The quality of them was good, just at too low of a resolution for the desired usage on a Web… Read More
Tech News Digest For September 23, 2016
2016-09-23 15:00
Google wants to help you travel, Stripe wants to help you get paid, Facebook and Twitter are sick of giving you fake news, iPhones aren’t perfect though a dog has eight of them, fitnes… Read More
Two Projects Created With CorelDRAW
2016-09-20 15:00
I’m going to be speaking in a few weeks at the East Coast Awards and Personalization Expo and I wanted to teach attendees something really cool. I’m going to describe the basics… Read More
Tech News Digest For September 16, 2016
2016-09-16 15:00
iPhones are exploding in sales, through you may wait to wait awhile on updating your other idevices to iOS 10. When you do update, I’ve got a couple of links on how to get the most out… Read More
Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
2016-09-14 15:00
Last week’s announcement made it official, Apple has killed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Of course they also released their own crazy expensive, easy to lose headphones. Today I… Read More
Tech News Digest For September 9, 2016
2016-09-09 15:00
This week’s headlines were dominated by the announcement of the latest iPhones and the lack of a headphone jack. We’ll see if this was a huge mistake or a genius move for Apple… Read More
Tech News Digest For September 2, 2016
2016-09-02 15:00
Hackers are at it again, but part of the problem is that half of you fall for their obvious tricks. Intel has a new chip, Samsung has a new watch and a new iPhone is coming soon. Google adds… Read More
Do You Have An Effective Sign?
2016-08-30 15:00
If you are trying to bring people to you, you need an effective sign. While on my summer getaway in Loreto Bay, I saw two really cool signs promoting the towns of Loreto and San Felipe. They… Read More
2016-08-26 15:00
I encourage you all to look through this list carefully. By far the coolest is the last one that allows you to do virtual walkthroughs of the US National Parks. There are also warnings about… Read More
Review Of Xara Designer Pro X365
2016-08-20 15:00
I always look forward to graphic software updates and the Xara Designer Pro X 365 release is no exception. First of all, the 365 designation is Xara’s version of subscription based pro… Read More
Tech News Digest For August 19, 2016
2016-08-19 15:00
Recent changes at Facebook and Instagram, more about Windows 10, the latest rumors on new phones and tablets, a way to battle ransomware and the headline of the year are all featured in this… Read More
Tech News Digest For August 12, 2016
2016-08-12 15:00
Below are the some of top headlines in tech and rumors about the iPhone 7 are everywhere. But there are also articles to help you. 5 reasons why your Wi-Fi is slow (and how to fix it) My 3… Read More
Photodex ProShow 8 Is Now Available
2016-08-06 15:00
The folks at Photodex recently released ProShow 8, the latest version of their powerful tool for creating multimedia slideshows! It is one of my favorite tools to use as I always feel like I… Read More
Tech News Digest For August 5, 2016
2016-08-05 15:00
Windows 10 is almost a year old and it is one of the big storylines because the free upgrade is about to end and the first major update is about to be released. Pokemon is also filling the n… Read More
Facebook Gives Pages A Facelift
2016-08-04 15:00
I had heard that Facebook was testing a new look for pages. Not for personal profiles, we’re talking about business pages. If you don’t already have one for your business, make s… Read More
Tech News Digest For July 22, 2016
2016-07-22 15:00
Windows 10 is almost a year old and it is one of the big storylines because the free upgrade is about to end and the first major update is about to be released. Pokemon is also filling the n… Read More
Verify Your Facebook Page
2016-07-21 15:00
You may have noticed the lack of blog posts the last few days. I’m on vacation in Mexico and haven’t written much. But I’m still doing research while here. I was recently h… Read More
Tech News Digest For July 15, 2016
2016-07-15 15:00
It seems the last week has been all about Pokémon, though there was a little bit of other news this week. Below are some of the top tech stories. Yahoo sale could still draw Softbank… Read More
Convert Graphics To Symbols In CorelDRAW
2016-07-12 15:00
In Build Your CorelDRAW Files Efficiently, I told you how a blend group of 14 objects could be re-built as 2 objects. One of those objects was the label so it isn’t even part of the ci… Read More
Build Your CorelDRAW Files Efficiently
2016-07-11 15:00
I was sent a CorelDRAW file that was really slow. There were a variety of reasons for the slowness, but there was one issue that repeated numerous times. Look at the two red dots below. I… Read More
Tech News Digest For July 8, 2016
2016-07-08 15:00
With the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the news week started out slower than normal. There were still some big stories once the week got started. Below are links to the stories that caught… Read More
Xara Releases Xara Designer Pro X365
2016-07-07 15:00
Xara has released a new version of their Designer Pro software. Below is the press release with details of new features and changes. We’ll have a review after we’ve had time to g… Read More
Scaled Bitmaps Don’t Have To Be Blurry
2016-07-05 15:00
A few days ago, Jeff Harrison wrote a post entitled Scaled bitmaps on websites = blurry images. If at all possible, we should avoid using a bitmap on a Web site that is scaled. Yet there are… Read More
Scaled Bitmaps On Websites = Blurry Images
2016-07-01 17:30
Even a large entity such as the U.S. Postal Service can have graphics that are sub-optimal. Compare the difference for how the logo appears as of July 1/2016, relative to how it should look:… Read More
Tech News Digest For July 1, 2016
2016-07-01 15:00
I’ve put together a fairly long list of news items this week on a wide variety of tech-related subjects. There are also a couple of fun ones thrown in there that you may enjoy. You&rs&hell…Read More
Where Do I Find The File I Downloaded?
2016-06-30 15:00
This is a question I get quite often. Someone downloads a file from one of our Web sites and they have no clue where to find the file. If you don’t know where you saved the file on you… Read More
Nvidia GTX 1070 Loaded With Graphical Power
2016-06-29 15:00
For those of us in the world of graphics, a powerful video card can be very important so that you can push large amounts of pixels on screen with no delay. In fact, there may be 2-3 screens… Read More
Keep Your Web Info Updated And Accessible
2016-06-27 15:00
If you have a Web site, there can be several different products involved. Those products could all be managed in the same place or in different places. So let’s go over a few of the ma… Read More
Fashion Factory 3.5 CorelDRAW Plugin
2016-06-26 15:00
We’ve added a new CorelDRAW plugin from Advanced Tshirts designed to help those in apparel design and anyone else needing to create unique artwork. Fashion Factory 3.5 does require Cor… Read More
Tech News Digest For June 24, 2016
2016-06-24 15:00
There was a lot of news on various social media networks this week, possible money coming from lawsuit settlements, big deals, new products and much more. Are quizzes on Facebook dangerous?… Read More
Five Free Kindle Books For Dad
2016-06-19 15:00
This weekend marks the traditional beginning of summer. For many, that means spending more time by a lake or pool as well as on a beach. I’ve found some Kindle books that you can get f… Read More
Where To Begin
2016-06-01 03:30
A CorelDRAW Semi-Noob asks: I’ve been using CorelDraw for a little while now, but only for simple edits. I want to learn more about how to use the program. Can anyone recommend a good… Read More
Review Of Xara Web Designer 365 Premium
2016-05-21 15:00
The folks at Xara are not only keeping up with what Web designers want & need, they’re pushing Web design boundaries in all the right ways. The bells & whistles are all there i… Read More
Evaluating Different Newsletter Service
2016-05-16 15:00
There have been numerous changes in our online properties in the past couple of years. One thing has remained mostly unchanged and that is the provider we used to send both daily and weekly… Read More
2016-05-08 15:00
It’s Mother’s Day and a nice gift you can give mom would be some good books. Even better if you can get them for free so you can get her something else nice. I’ve put toget… Read More

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