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Design Metaphysics: Qualia

Conceptual impressions originating from this writing are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument, network or post.

Awareness is an integral part of both the observed and the observer. The inability of science to see what is Apparent is not the fault of the science but rather the lack of light brought forward by the observer.

“Consciousness is being”
Deepak Chopra

The Concept of qualia attempts to describe a feeling. The concept of “I” or being appears to be part of a reality inaugurated within the constraints of a conceptual framework that is more felt than understood. Such feelings of awareness are typically categorized in the form of experiences that seem to emerge from within a virtual soup of unknown origin. Why do certain experiences make an impression upon us and others do not? Is there a certain degree of importance we bring to every experience, or is it that we seem more sensitive to certain circumstances or situations than others? Are there certain degrees of consciousness harbored within the concept of qualia that we seem to ignore?

The multitude of ideas surrounding the concept of “I” symbolically represent a multidimensional point, i.e. a source that appears to be partaking in a contextual network of being-ness, i.e. a singular feeling (impression) vested in a virtual domain that seems to be endlessly merging, emerging and converging with and within its self. Within this mysterious contextual environment individual patterns of Energy appear to coagulate about a series of homologous impressions coded to formulate into groups of events and experiences that appear to emerge from within the boundaries of a universal consciousness. 

Qualia seems to describe a certain coherency or resonance in the form of a vibratory measure of synthetic character, an amalgamation of quantum ethers locked within the parameters of a space less space surrounding the concept of being or the self. This proposition implies that there are only a small number of symbolic references (designs) that can be referred to as being the most appropriate identifiers in bringing to light what we think or believe who we are.

Our mind along with our emotions together form a degree of relevance in 3D space/time by acting in a multidimensional tandem to form a series of attractions about an etheric concept of self (spirit). Transformations between each field appear before our consciousness as a series of symbols that give individual preference to every moment made evident within a certain contextual matrix. 

Attraction harbors the potential for other formations of energy, light and information by means of a gradual metamorphosis made apparent only in space/time. The wave function describes its energy “state” in the form of a particle. Unseen or unobserved states of energy (particles) likewise harbor the potential of becoming real by means of the function of the wave. Life, which includes all forms made apparent in the universe, are guided by these very same vibratory imaginings and appear in the form of patterns (states of materialization) whose origins stem from deep within a vibratory field of incomprehensible measure. In essence context means everything. It is the medium from which forms emerge and time destroys. It symbolizes the field in which energy is made apparent and to which energy returns. It harbors the concept of an omnipresence in which perpetual balance and unity can be discovered by means of a design or series of designs emerging from within its depths (unconscious) ... which in turn identify its very essence and/or being. 

Edited: 12.23.2015
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Design Metaphysics: Qualia


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