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Design Metaphysics: An Implosion of Awareness

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Conceptual impressions surrounding this article are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument, network or post.

The quantum world is a non-local Field of virtual energy that entertains the presence of certain conditions or “states” of recognition or being. These circumstances re-present themselves in reference to 3D space/time as a wide array of pulsations in the form of energy-in-motion. The quantum world is in a perpetual state of expansion and contraction, a source of apparent uncertainty; a presence in the form of a virtual field in perpetual transformation, transfiguration, transmutation and metamorphosis.

Within every “unified” field there appears to surface a process towards individuation in which certain tensions are entertained and negotiated. However balance and harmony still remains a probability and may in time become operational leading to a new or greater level of amalgamation.

The virtual world of uncertainty is a complex system yet it can be recognized and characterized by virtue of its qualitative behavior. These observations are intuitive in nature and present themselves as a quality of consciousness by means of design and metaphor.

Mind-fullness might be described as a purposeful (will) yet a non-judgmental (emotional) focus of attention (physical) made in the presence (space) of the moment (time).

In relation to the volatility of this virtual field, without the conceptual realization of a particle one would be unable to determine where one field begins and another ends.* Yet the duality of the particle/wave allows us to approach the unknown universe metaphorically as an endless ocean that embraces the changing tides and dimensions of space and time. It is within this boundless yet multidimensional framework that all things are made apparent by means of design ... including consciousness.

* This phenomenon becomes apparent within the confines of an "objective" world (3D space/time) where individual fields can be found to possess length, width and height. Consciousness still prevails yet at times appears to be somewhat hidden due to the lack of awareness the observer brings to the situation. Dimensions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th .....) bring to "light" a relative awareness to what is being observed by virtue of reflecting upon the observer's own luminescence in every event, object or circumstance.

Design consciousness carries us beyond the constraints of duality to where a sense of equilibrium can be significantly approached about the creation of a conceptual center or source, i.e. the self.

The concept of balance reaches a “tipping point” when certain patterns bring forward conditions that correspond to a particular collapse within its contextual framework. These conditions help fashion the changes that might lead to a symbolic implosion within the field. Typically these forces take a path of least resistance while leading to a variety of changes through means of friction and resistance.

“There is another not so apparent reason, why in the natural world around us there are so many spirals, as can be seen in shell-fish, snails, antelope horns, on a small scale in our spiraling DNA molecule and on a large scale in spiraling cosmic nebulae. We are now about to enter the realms of etheric energies, which are widely known and understood in many cultures.”
Dolly Knight and Jonathan Stromberg

What appears as an explosion, e.g. the big bang theory, is actually the cyclic continuation and response to a spiraling consubstantial implosion (attraction) made within the context of a plasmic, i.e. virtual field of changing energy. Implosions and explosions are characteristics of a plasmic environment (universe). Attractive forces (desire) initiate the motion towards becoming a causal source/s for the attraction and repulsion (separation) of certain elements (plasma) described and recognized as being substantial to the field being observed. 

Creativity is a consubstantial event based upon certain attractions that seem to form a central core of energy (source) about which "substances" that comprise the field eventually surround and by means of attraction encircle it. Together these elements create a field of their own by separating themselves out from a contextual Oneness by virtue of an electric (-) impulse. About this same central core a (+) substantial field of energy is created. Substance (plasma) contributes to the materialization of every contextual source by means of qualifying their impressions within the dimensional constraints that surround and encompass it. These substantial elementals (-) in turn organize themselves into patterns of energy, i.e. relative form, by virtue of the nature of the field made relevant by means of dimension and vibration.

Expansion is the product of an implosive attraction (ego). The attraction and repulsion of these consubstantial forces before and after entering the creative center contribute to the parametric boundaries of separation made evident in every field of energy, light and information. 

“Nuclear bombs explode when unstable material reaches a certain critical density. In order to make the material dense enough to explode when the bomb is detonated, smaller explosions occur all around the outside of the material. All these little explosions push inward on the material in the center, causing it to implode.”

Design brings substantiation to the contextual framework of consciousness. Design harbors the potential to expand the concept of consciousness by means of the imagination. Such awareness instills a certain sovereignty by first becoming fragmented and then by reuniting within the parameters (qualities) of yet another field. Such a contextual relationship harbors the opportunity to expand beyond the constraints intrinsic to every field. 

In other words, design invites the imagination to create, ingest and further integrate a wide range of correspondences by virtue of creating an attractive situation or circumstance solely in order to bring coherency between elements, e.g. the known and the unknown. These attractions reveal themselves both tangibly and intangibly as a sign, symbol or metaphor. Such events occur by virtue of a deep understanding that creation is both cyclical and spiral in character and will eventually return to a source made self evident by the observer (independent). 

The extreme examples of both attraction and repulsion have the occasion to go beyond the parameters of human imagination and may if necessary, collapse upon themselves. Such events will form within the parameters of the background in which they are observed and by canceling out other fields hosting lesser frequencies. The contextual fields found beyond the parameters of human consciousness may appear irregular in form and vibration, multidimensional in character and lacking in presumed geometry

Point: A fermion might be described as an identifiable tone or vibration that participates in the harmony of the spheres. The boson could be labeled as energy-in-motion and when positioned in a relative state of motionless or static state, a fermion. Every phase has the potential to participate in the creation of a symphony (geometry) by means of association (vibration).

Point: In 3D space/time the intuition is typically translated into linear thought, events and experiences (images). This is achieved by means of design thinking in the form of a sign, a symbol and/or metaphor. Design creates relevance in the form of a symbolic blueprint made apparent by means of an intuitive gesture. 
Design creates the intuitive bridge between the known and the unknown. Design is the language of the spheres and a catalytic converter of consciousness. 

Point: Energy takes a quantum leap into 3D space/time once a fourth "position" is acquired by virtue of a holographic blueprint. This fourth situation becomes a reference point that resonates within a contextual field (background) that surrounds and interpenetrates its configuration of origin. This POV penetrates the veil of spirit (virtual reality) by assuming a timeless and somewhat changeless position. 

Point: Design allows for the expansion and contraction of energy (consciousness) by creating the most appropriate bridge (patterns) between dimensions (space, time and timelessness). In reference to form every dimension is veiled within a virtual background of ether (plasma) and in due course may be made apparent by means of the very contextual substance from which it has emerged.

Edited: 01.05.2016

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Design Metaphysics: An Implosion of Awareness


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