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Entering the Quantum Field of Virtual Potential (QFVP)

Conceptual impressions surrounding this post have yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument or network.

Scientists document the presence of quantum spin liquids, a never-before-seen state of matter 

"In 1973, physicist Philip W. Anderson theorized the existence of a new state of matter that has been a major focus of the field, especially in the race for Quantum computers. 

This bizarre state of matter is called a Quantum Spin Liquid and, contrary to the name, has nothing to do with everyday liquids like water. Instead, it's all about magnets that never freeze and the way electrons in them spin. In regular magnets, when the temperature drops below a certain temperature, the electrons stabilize and form a solid piece of matter with magnetic properties. In quantum spin liquid, the electrons don't stabilize when cooled, don't form into a solid, and are constantly changing and fluctuating (like a liquid) in one of the most entangled quantum states ever conceived. 

"It is a very special moment in the field," said Mikhail Lukin, the George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics, co-director of the Harvard Quantum Initiative (HQI), and one of the senior authors of the study. "You can really touch, poke, and prod at this exotic state and manipulate it to understand its properties. …It's a new state of matter that people have never been able to observe." 

Team develops quantum simulator with 256 qubits, largest of its kind ever created 

"The number of quantum states that are possible with only 256 qubits exceeds the number of atoms in the solar system," Ebadi said, explaining the system's vast size. 

Already, the simulator has allowed researchers to observe several exotic quantum states of matter that had never before been realized experimentally, and to perform a quantum phase transition study so precise that it serves as the textbook example of how magnetism works at the quantum level. 

These experiments provide powerful insights on the quantum physics underlying material properties and can help show scientists how to design new materials with exotic properties. 

"The workhorse of this new platform is a device called the spatial light modulator, which is used to shape an optical wavefront to produce hundreds of individually focused optical tweezer beams," said Ebadi. "These devices are essentially the same as what is used inside a computer projector to display images on a screen, but we have adapted them to be a critical component of our quantum simulator." 

Design Hypothesis: 

Consciousness is conceptual, illusional, symbolic and metaphoric in character. Consciousness is the quintessential archetype. Consciousness is the concomitant consequence associated with a range of multidimensional patterns of energy whose origin rests beyond the subconscious. Awareness brings forward a “sense of consciousness” by fostering correspondences and fusing the concepts of meaning and purpose. Metaphysical in content and context, fractal and holographic in re-presentation, all forms of energy/Life are revealed and made apparent by means of design. (10.01.2021) 

Design describes a metaphysical and multidimensional process. The design process is dependent upon belief, intention, intuition, imagination and awareness. Design creates a network of energy between fields/states/points and patterns of awareness. Design creates a virtual, symbiotic and metaphoric lattice between consciousness and the subconscious, the tangible and the intangible, the known and the unknown. All forms of energy in motion are based upon principles of meaning and purpose felt and understood. (11.06.2021)


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Entering the Quantum Field of Virtual Potential (QFVP)


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