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Changing Your Algorithm

Changing Your Algorithm

Conceptual impressions surrounding this post are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument or network.

Our tendency to divide the world into separate objects, experiences and events seems necessary in our every day life, however it isn’t the only way in which we might perceive reality. Individual encounters we experience in life appear to be the products of an evolutionary series of intellectual abstractions subconsciously initiated, generated and formulated by means of our imagination. We should come to realize that the creative act is more than just an intellectual exercise, but the focus of a symbolic methodology filled with meaning and purpose, i.e. a purposeful and meaningful act presented before one's Awareness by means of a design agency.*

2 action or intervention, esp. such as to produce a particular effect : canals carved by the agency of running water | a belief in various forms of supernatural agency.

Awareness is made symbolically apparent physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by means of a design/ed agency.

When nature is observed and interpreted from a quantum POV pre-conceived ideas/beliefs that surround our current interpretations of the universe become automatically engaged. We attempt to tap into these belief systems in order to reach beyond the parameters of human intelligence. Matter/forms appear to emerge from within and/or beyond what we consider a vast unknown. The unknown is described as such because we've labeled it as being some thing, a field or dimension that exists and has a place in space/time beyond our imagination. 

The unknown is quantum. It has no thing. It just is. We view, perceive and interpret the unknown by virtue of a combination of senses that might work well in 3D space/time, but is lacking a certain reliability when confronted with impressions, forces, states of consciousness or agents that appear to lie beyond our awareness. We have yet to reveal the fullness of the un-known with the instruments available to us. 

We continue to observe phenomena with an assortment of instruments designed to reveal the un-known and in the process, acquiesce to a series of past methodologies that continue to support and perpetuate our limitations. 

Quantum mechanics demonstrates that the universe is more than merely a series of individual events, but rather a Field of Energy in constant motion, a collective integration of experiences and events made in reference to a series of synthesizing circumstances that when viewed individually, might be considered insignificant, irrelevant and nonessential. These events appear to be brought into a cohesive geometry/formation by means of an "observer", i.e. a POV/Source that connects the dots, a design that in turn brings meaning and purpose to the situation by virtue of its intention and desire for reflection/materialization and expansion in awareness. Every pattern becomes relevant and connected to other agencies participating in the design process.

Physicist Prove That the Imaginary Part of Quantum Mechanics Really Exists! 

Intro to Complex Numbers 

Together these events and experiences contribute towards a certain degree of substantiation in the form of a serendipitous, synergetic and self patterning matrix/network. This network might be viewed as a field of energy, light and information in perpetual transition and transformation. A field that harbors change yet can be influenced by means of concentration in the form of forces focused upon a particular POV. It is my belief that every impression generated within this network both visible and invisible, has its influence upon our interpretation and understanding of design's relationship to consciousness.

Note the fact that these views/perspectives/opinions rest within the constraints of a human POV. Other POV most certainly exist. Quantum theory including the field in which it plays itself out, invites every commanding awareness (POV) to intervene, be included and likewise be considered a player in the design of this multiverse. I propose that this incongruous state of affairs describes and supports what has been viewed and interpreted as quantum theory, quantum mechanics and quantum consciousness. Design is the instrument required for achieving balance and harmony within a quantum state of affairs.

In 1927 Werner Heisenberg developed a mathematical model in the form of a set of theorems that made reference to how matter cannot be measured without taking into consideration its effect. This was a model that has been proven a reliable reference for further investigations into the quantum world. The framework used to support quantum observation divided the atomic and subatomic world into what appeared to be an "illogical" when compared to classical physics.

The concept of duality inscribes the boundaries of all "forms" of energy viewed from within the dimensional parameters of space/time. Every POV cannot help but bring form and awareness into symbolic expression which is an expression of its reference in relation to its own position and limitations. These limitations could be described as the inability to sense or observe the world beyond the boundaries that surround one’s POV/center of consciousness. This position is ordinarily materialistic in quality and over time has become the foundation upon which our concepts of Reality have been defined, described and measured.

Separation creates awareness. Separation forms a dynamic relationship between "opposing" positions or states of awareness. New opportunities emerge (potential) as result of the differences discovered between opposing points of view. New perspectives, forms and geometries can be drawn from a multitude of quantum positions if purposely taken within this limitless field. 

New ideas and patterns, i.e. convoluted yet self contained states of awareness, will emerge. These newly assorted points of view afford the observer an opportunity by virtue of reflection, to be revealed. Over time and within the context supporting the description of its own dimensional space, the intangible becomes tangible, spirit/ether/plasma transforms into matter through the intentions/influences and direction that harbors within an observer's desires. 

Observed from a position of unity and beyond the interpenetrating, changing and chaotic presence of the quantum, patterns of change/energy begin to coalesce/resonate between complementary positions in dimensional space/time. Concepts in support of defining and/or describing what an observation might be lies in the lap of a perceiver. What is observed must first be perceived. An observer is unable to observe an event or experience until it is perceived. Only when something is observed does it become significant.

perceive verb [with object]     1 become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand:  | [with clause] :      become aware of (something) by the use of one of the senses, especially that of sight: .\     2 interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way; regard as:|observe verb [with object]    1 notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant: [with clause] : watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively: take note of or detect (something) in the course of a scientific study: 2 [reporting verb] make a remark: [with direct speech] :  
"As verbs the difference between perceive and observe is that perceive is to see, to be aware of, to understand while observe is to notice or view, especially carefully or with attention to detail."
“Perception shapes experience. These are physical examples, but we can say something similar about our everyday psychological experiences too. We become so fixed in our mindsets about what is true, as if our opinions are absolute facts, but like colour and time, they are rarely absolute facts. Often, they are just opinions – either our own or someone else’s.” 
Dr. David Hamilton 

We perceive many things in Life, but rarely do we truly observe what is going on within and around us. This is the primary reason why issues important to our lives and the life of the planet appear to remain unnoticed and cloaked in ignorance. 

Truth is often hidden in distraction

All things are potentially significant. Ignorance reins in a reality ill perceived and unobserved. Intentions can be easily hidden and Design effortlessly veiled. We are bombarded with insignificant trivia, pettiness, distortion, half truths and schemes created for purposes of distraction; "shining objects" that discourage, hinder and impede the intuition, imagination and expansion of self awareness. 

These are designs created to block and sway our attention, focus and POV. These are designs made to confuse humanity into believing joy and happiness can be found and experienced by goals and objectives designed to control you. Humanities history is one of distraction and exploitation, shallow exercises in the control of the mind, body and spirit. 

The mind is the great slayer of the real.
H.P. Blavatsky

Begin to observe the planet and not merely perceive it. Observe and reflect upon every design large and small. Learn from what you  intuitively and symbolically observe not what you fleetingly or momentarily perceive. 

This situation becomes apparent within the sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis. This circumstance creates a new situation, a new opportunity to bring to light another POV, i.e. awareness. Every new cycle brings into manifestation another set of "ideas". The sum of these ideas results in the collection of a number of parental traits (patterns). Together they create the "context" in which every idea generated within the next cycle is referenced. Together they give expression to the material-ization of another collective field of vibration having integrated its characteristics into yet another collective state of awareness/consciousness. Each offspring harbors the potential of becoming an agent, or beginning point about which other points of light (POV) can be linked and/or united. 

Another matrix will soon emerge founded upon past relationships established from within the POV of its own centered awareness. Other re-sources are eventually made apparent. Some appear hidden beyond the material, substantiating themselves within the parameters of certain pre-conceived dimensions. Every position within every field of energy in motion shares its qualities with others. Together they create the patterns/forms to which they harmonize/resonate. Together they create their own matrix (reality network) in which to experience Life's shifting timelines. 

Geometries stemming from a collective POV strive to focus upon their center for purposes of balance, form's survival is based upon cooperation. All micro points of energy, light and information resonate to frequencies being emitted from a macro source. In reference to  humanity, the concept of Design appears to find its origin within a greater context, a field described to be harboring an endless Universe beyond measurement or scale. The center is theorized as being part and parcel of the unknown and beyond the conscious awareness of every observer experiencing the sentient dimensions of 3D space/time.

Every agent of form, i.e. point of light, brings a certain quality or expression to both the seen (light) and the unseen (dark). Humanity by virtue of experiencing the quantum field of expression, spans the dimensions of both the seen and the unseen. Humanity substantiates its existence/being ness by means of the vibrations it creates and generates.  Forces resulting from this inter/inner-action bring re-presentation to every position in a complementary/symbolic order, geometry or form. All forms of energy, light and information should never be considered dualistic at this level of observation. From this POV all forms of energy share in a common set of frequencies described as being whole, a unity that individually and collectively bring a certain degree of substantiation into their existence.

Desire in the form of intention siphons energy into patterns that entice and substantiate the emergence of a new field of energy, i.e. a new state of being that harbors a center of awareness of its own. New points of view emerge in the quest for balance, the result of a desire for unity between two or more agents of light, energy and information. Reality appears as a series of newly created forms emerging from within a field of energy in motion. 

We are currently experiencing a quickening … a Christening of Light into new patterns and forms of relative "matter". Such phenomena are metaphysical (invisible) in origin and thought. They are the pre-cursors to further human and planetary evolution. 

Our shadow selves have been designed to bring into fruition truth, beauty and goodness by means of experiencing an enlightened path towards a specific meaning and purpose. Train the mind and the heart by focusing upon light, information and energy emerging from your perception, interpretation and definition of Source. Respect every form (shadow) upon which Light (universal vibration) is both cast and reflected. 

"We are, individually, in no way separate from The Whole, any more than a wave is separate from the ocean, but always and forever an expression of it, receding back into it after each expression, arising once more from it to manifest anew."
Neale Donald Walsch
2018 ReCreation Foundation

Feel the ocean of grace that engulfs your consciousness. Simply embrace its vast unknown. Light makes itself known by means of its' reflection and what is being reflected within the far reaching world of form. Elements initiate their spark by means of correspondences made between agents. This spark takes the form of a quickening that patterns itself within the context of a unified field. All that is and all that will be is both sustained and consumed within the afterglow of creation. All agents are appropriately identified. All agents individually participate in the expression of a collective radiance labeled consciousness. I am you. You are me.

Why do you so easily surrender your energy and grace to that which wants to control you? Bring mastery to your own awareness. Disengage from every parasitic gesture that attempts to control your fears. Control requires fear no matter its origin.

Why succumb to ignorance and hypocrisy when you know in your heart that fear can never harbor the truth? Know your own consciousness for what it is. Don't hide your truth from yourself. Lack of mastery is an invitation to all that wants to control you by regressively centering your focus/POV.  Learn to know what you’re dealing with by first knowing yourself. Matter demands control. Fear is a known characteristic of Life in a three dimensional world. Fear creates the borders and links the chains directed towards self consumption, regression and perpetual imbalance.  

Know your source by bringing it to Life within a field of consciousness yearning to learn and expand in its Intelligence. Such goals and objectives can be realized by means of exercising the design experience. Know that you are a contributor and co-creator of the program in which you "live". You are an integral part of a quantum presence being sustained and substantiated within a magnificent network of matriarchal prominence . Consciousness remains in a virtual world until brought forward and beyond self awareness. You are experiencing this "conscious" network while simultaneously responding to your own symbolic truth. To be unconscious is to accept and thereby energize someone else's truth and still believe it to be your own.

Your position is one of strength. Your position is one which allows you to program/design your "shadow self" (ego) in reference to the context, i.e. matrix/field, you've created. What you describe as your physical form has been designed and created for function and usability in 3D space/time. Your design allows for the creation/materialization of other forms/materializations of energy, light and information that enter and affect every realm/reality of your own making. 

Human is allowed the option of contributing to a more complex network of energy that both sustains and expands your awareness. You vibrate within this particular field a special geometry, that along with other patterns (designs) contribute to a greater context and content described by some as consciousness. As above so below. You are a microcosmic fulfillment of a greater Intelligence, an idea bound together by influences/impressions originating from the depths of an ever-expanding and contracting quantum field of virtual potential.

Meaning is symbolic in context and purpose. When observed fully they become one in the same by Design, i.e. Kama Manas. They each bring unity by means of their differences. Both meaning and purpose are distinguishable events and experiences made Real by virtue of the relationship between design and consciousness. 

Design is a symbolic enterprise meant to beget and sustain Life within the Cosmos.

New awareness' emerge symbolically from within the dynamics created between complementary points of view (POV). New arrangements of energy, light and information form geometric networks and patterns as result of the transfiguration between differences. Circumstances create a field where unity and balance can newly discovered, nurtured, experienced and made real in time and space. 

Every design is coded for creative purposes. Design is a compilation of light, energy and information, the reflection of a particular "knowing" from where it came. To know becomes a revelation when agents of consciousness begin to design their own identity as precursors to their own destiny. It is a process reflected in every design large and small. 

Re-organize, re-construct and redesign a new set of algorithms based upon observation and change. Decisions emerge throughout every moment. Form and formlessness appear in every illusion, symbolic imaginings (holographic ideas) are made apparent for purposes of reflecting upon one's own concept of Reality. 

Every program is coded to affect its matrix/field of origin. Every agent is created to reflect its light in conjunction with making reference to its own being, genesis, development, evolution, shaping, emergence and awareness.

Consciousness has many faces. Inquire into your self now. Do this in order to free yourself from the limitations, parameters and constraints you've accepted as your own. Deeply ponder upon what you want to become. Know that what you have created has been designed for the purpose of learning your own truth. Seek the Intelligence that is rightly yours.

Tips: Recognizing Truth - from Earth's Pivotal Years

"(1) If something is true, it does not generate fear or create harm.
(2) Truth exists outside of linear time, yet you access it in present time.
(3) When someone insists that his or her religion or philosophy is right, he or she is not presenting truth but energies of exclusion and control.
(4) If something of supposed merit appears false when you first hear it, or you are unsure of whether to trust it, be open to the possibility that the idea could be partly or wholly true.
(5) With information that appears to be at least partially true, inquire within yourself to discover what aspect is true so you do not unconsciously digest the whole package as true. 
(6) Be careful of taking in anyone else's truth as your own without first investigating it fully.
(7) When you are evaluating something to determine its truth, remember to step back enough to see the big picture. Do you know any of the backstory of the truth? Do you understand the implications of the truth, both big and small?
(8) Learn to ask questions that delve deeper."    

“I look for what needs to be done. After all, that’s how the universe designs itself.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

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Changing Your Algorithm


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