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Quantum Consciousness: Change and Focus

 Conceptual impressions surrounding this post are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument or network.

Design Hypothesis:
Consciousness is conceptual, illusional, universal, symbolic and metaphorical. Consciousness is a metaphor for an omnipotent and collaborative intelligence whose sense of origin lies beyond the depths of human Awareness or understanding. Awareness brings forward a “sense of consciousness” through meaning and purpose, aka design. Metaphysical in content and context Life becomes real by means of a designed consciousness. 

Design is about creating and responding to signs, signals, symbols and metaphors we perceive in our daily lives. Change is entirely dependent upon our perception and interpretation of a concept of reality we've each designed by and for ourselves. Design functions at both conceptual and factual levels of awareness. Maintaining a sense of balance and presence in three dimensional space and linear time requires acute awareness, insight, observation, definition, redefinition, calibration and recalibration ad infinitum.  

Every observation is affected by change. Every perception and interpretation must be reconsidered, redefined and realigned by finding the pieces of the puzzle designed to fit within the reality we've created for ourselves. Every circumstance, event and experience will be expanded or marginalized by means of this POV. 

Quantum consciousness is multidimensional in character and context. A countless number of events and experiences affect our perceptions with some being more apparent than others. Events and experiences are affectively mental and emotional in character (Kama Manas) while others are blatantly apparent (physical). We tend to focus on one event/experience after another (cause and effect) without seriously considering the context/circumstances in which they appear. 

Consciousness is multidimensional in character. Certain theories propose that consciousness is grounded in feeling, i.e. emotions, impressions, beliefs, sensations, opinions, interpretive perceptions, etc. Consciousness embraces linear thought along with a wide variety of multidimensional impressions that together both qualify and characterize it. 

Awareness is an “agent” of consciousness. Awareness like consciousness, becomes linked by means of coherent resonance. Awareness has a subconscious presence. Awareness is attentive, perceptive, observant, alert, focused, diligent and at times understanding, thoughtful, kind, accommodating, responsible, considerate and caring. Awareness is fundamental to every human sensation seen and unseen.  

A sensorium (/sɛnˈsɔːrɪəm/)[1] (plural: sensoria) is the apparatus of an organism's perception considered as a whole, the "seat of sensation" where it experiences and interprets the environments within which it lives. The term originally entered English from the Late Latin in the mid-17th century, from the stem sens- ("sense"). In earlier use it referred, in a broader sense, to the brain as the mind's organ (Oxford English Dictionary 1989). In medical, psychological, and physiological discourse it has come to refer to the total character of the unique and changing sensory environments perceived by individuals. These include the sensation, perception, and interpretation of information about the world around us by using faculties of the mind such as senses, phenomenal and psychological perception, cognition, and intelligence.[2] 
1. "Definition of sensorium". Oxford Dictionaries. Oxford University. Retrieved July 21, 2017. 
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Awareness is perceptive, adaptable and always adjusting, modifying and redesigning its position in reference to every circumstance. Awareness has subconscious and unconscious underpinnings. Agents of awareness combine with others to create a Field of conscious energy in motion that pattern themselves about a commonly shared point of view or focus (source).   

These micro systems of intent and focus attract and become identified by means of an endlessly changing network of collective interaction, i.e. fields of energy in motion emerging about certain shared qualities/frequencies. In this manner every observation is designed to adapt within both a greater and lesser quantum field of changing circumstances. 

These networks readily attract and repel other agents/frequencies, i.e. vibrational conditions/attributes that qualify them within a quantum field/context of virtual potential (QFVP). Every situation embraces its own potential by means of attracting a virtual context/field where choice determines future potential 

Every event and experience harbors an awareness that is symbolically re-presented and metaphorically hidden within the auspices of change

Dimensional fields quantify, quantum fields qualify. Human consciousness strives to retain a balance between them.

"Quantum networks use uniquely quantum phenomena, like superposition, no-cloning, and entanglement that are not available to classical networks. Before the photon is measured, it exists in a superposition of all its possible quantum states, each with a corresponding probability. Measurement selects one among these states. In fact, the photon’s quantum state cannot be measured without causing a disturbance that betrays the attempt. Nor can an arbitrary, unknown quantum state be copied – no cloning allowed. A properly designed and operated quantum network derives inherent security from this behavior."

Science Made Simple: What are Quantum Networks 

Greater awareness equates greater consciousness. Greater consciousness requires balance and stability. Greater awareness demands greater focus and concentration while exhibiting a large degree of flexibility in extremely sensitive, complex and transformational situations. 

Human consciousness is inundated with a wide spectrum of energy pulsations and oscillations stemming from a wide variety of macro and micro re-sources. Patterns of energy are conceived, designed, conveyed, expressed and articulated within the conscious parameters, i.e. reality, inherent to every observer. Obviously not all patterns of energy are alike. Every perception is conditioned upon the awareness of its observer and the circumstance/situation in which that event or experience becomes mindful and/or recognized. 

These disturbances are multi-dimensional in origin, context and content, each reflect upon a unique language of symbols packaged into a system of beliefs developed for purposes of interpretation/perception and meaningful concentration. 

We each create a system, i.e. a language of symbols, designed for our own purposes. These fields of awareness have been "qualified" as being physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in character. Differentiation, i.e. linear thinking, distinguishes one sense from another (seen/unseen). Conceptual thinking consolidates and assimilates its sensory impressions at multidimensional levels. 

Humanities multidimensional "presence" is both tangible and intangible - contrasting conditions designed to be felt, discovered, experienced and absorbed.

Linear thinking categorizes (labels) this vibratory phenomenon in a way that likewise qualifies it. Physical fields are tangible and can be easily sensed, i.e. touched, smelled, heard, tasted, seen. Mental, emotional and spiritual fields are similarly “sensed” in a field of energy in motion and currently described as being quantum in origin (QFVP). 

Intangible fields are sensed by means of the intuition (feelings), the imagination, subconscious impressions (dreams) and synchronistic events. These “senses” are an integral part of what it means to be a multidimensional human. Unfortunately, the difficulty to currently measure and/or fully describe this phenomena, along with societal resistance to re-cognize their esoteric underpinnings, currently “un-qualifies” them within the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Every human transmits and receives energy in reference to and in tandem with, their own designs. Unfortunately, not all are tuned to a Reality far greater than their own. It’s time for humanity to change the channel. 

Each field shares a common source (DNA). Each field describes and defines a certain vibratory coherency/quality in the form of a broad representation of its own creative patterns reflected within a context of its own making (design). Every projection (hologram/form) in support of these projections help quantify and qualify this effort. 

We each create and design our own life through a system of signs, symbols and relevant codes based upon what we believe. 

Our reality is formed by images of our own liking, i.e. reflections of who we believe ourselves to be. 

We each design a language based upon our POV, a system of symbolic correspondences made in reference to the contexts/fields we observe and assimilate as re-presenting our life's Presence. This language is designed/created in order to perceive and respond to both tangible and intangible events and experiences. 

Design consciousness creates the very language that defines and describes the antenna (input) and transmission (output) that surrounds every circumstance (event and experience). Design embraces a symbolic language that allows and facilitates the transition and transformation of energy from one situation/state/status to another. Design consciousness requires adaptability, flexibility, resilience, adjustability, versatility, open-endedness, tolerance, cooperation and integrity. 


Quantum consciousness demands attention. You command attention by focusing upon a situation/circumstance made in reference to you as observer. What you observe is externally perceived and internally interpreted. What you observe is entirely dependent upon your point of view. What you perceive is an elucidation of what you observe in reference to what you believe. 

Observations are flavored by a variety of perceptions symbolically veiled in every event and experience. Consciousness is guided by a system of awarenesses that together categorize, qualify and identify events and experiences into recognizable fields of energy; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This network of awareness describes a multidimensional collaboration, i.e. a field of energy, made cognizant of all things observable.

What you observe is a reflection of who you are. What you perceive is made conscious/apparent by means of a symbolic language/vocabulary you've created to interpret Life's experiences and events. Your focus determines how you think and feel about the circumstances you encounter in Life - both seen and unseen. 

Life’s experiences bring change - events and experiences that invite and/or demand recalibration. By expanding and refining your design vocabulary they provide the signs and symbols that guide you in your journey   Changes such as these are closely related to an observer’s sense of awareness, which in turn affects perception (POV) and response to consciousness/Life at-large. These experiences are evolutionary, based upon choice and an observer's willingness to change.

Decisions based upon symbols and conditions imparted by other “realities”can, at times, become difficult or impossible to respond to or accept. Its often best to concentrate your focus upon a multidimensional/quantum POV. Multidimensional thinking implies flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, awareness, consciousness, creativity, wisdom and the willingness to perceive the world (reality) in a more wholistic and compassionate manner. Multidimensional thinking promotes and perpetuates greater awareness and therefore greater consciousness, which in turn creates more encompassing, empathic and cooperative correspondences - designs that in unison with others, create the elements, agents, fields and networks that propagate evolutionary progress.  

Without focus there can be little progress in the form of awareness, consciousness and evolution. The ability to focus collects your thoughts and feelings into conscious and subconscious bundles (points) of intention (light). The impulse/thrust to grow and experience Life is a transcendental force that supports your will and desire to become more aware and attentive to who and what you are. Intention tends to configure and reconfigure the Reality you seek to find, a gesture made in symbolic reference to the context in which your life is being observed. Living only happens in the moment.When you've become design conscious you naturally think, feel, imagine and intuit metaphorically - soon Life becomes forever fulfilled
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Quantum Consciousness: Change and Focus


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