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Design Metaphysics: Quantum Geometry

Conceptual impressions surrounding this post are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument or network.

The following hypothesis is founded upon a human point of view and observed from within the parameters of three dimensional space and time. In other words, views and opinions made in reference to these observations are made within the parameters of the author's POV. 

Design is a process that acts in conjunction with consciousness. Design is archetypal in nature. Design is re-presented in all that can be humanly sensed. Design transforms Energy from the intangible to the tangible and back again establishing a closed loop of light, energy and information. You might say design is the prototypical feedback loop, the quintessential modifier in a series of symbolic events and experiences we describe as Life. 

Design is multi-dimensional. Design is both tangible and intangible. Design conveys certain impressions originating from within a quantum fabric of energy we call Universe. Design at first can seem apparent yet is hidden before your senses. Design has a meaning and a purpose. Design is a catalyzing agent, i.e. a transformative dynamic created between fields of energy made apparent by means of their own symbology. Energy is transformed (changed) by means of design. Design brings forward options in the form of symbolic persuasion. Design is interpretive - joining fields of divergent re-sources/energy that together "substantiate" the presence of a multi dimensional Source. These fields are quantum in character, i.e. bundles of energy, light and information, systems of energy vibrating at frequencies observed and unobserved, know and unknown.  

Design harbors an amalgamation of symbolic interpretations/observations that when appropriate resonate/unite for the purpose of transformation and evolutionary progress. This challenge for unity distinguishes its self from all other forces and by means of sign/s, symbol/s, analogy and/or metaphor, become synonymous with identifying one's own "presence" with that of a Universal state of consciousness. 
symbol | ˈsimbəl |1 a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation.  a shape or sign used to represent something such as an organization, e.g. a red cross or a Star of David. 2 a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract:

Design uses signs, symbols, metaphor and analogy to make itself known; creating the tools you find significant in order to explore the mysteries surrounding the field and the Source of an infinite Consciousness. This is the design process, a systematic method towards conscious growth and expansion being symbolically communicated to you in the most intimate way. 

Design functions in the now, constantly deciphering your experiences in the present, a focused single-minded attentiveness bringing close attention to that to which motivates you to act in the moment.       

Find your truth. Know your mind. Follow your heart. Love eternal will not be denied. Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Please note … posts are continually being edited over time. Copyright © 2006 -2021 C.G. Garant. All Rights Reserved. (Fair use notice) You are also invited to visit, and and 


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Design Metaphysics: Quantum Geometry


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