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Light Found Within the Shadow

(This post straddles the concepts of Consciousness and Metaphysics. It is therefore repeated in my other blog "Design Metaphysics")

Light responds to shadows cast within a background of contextual importance. This is an integral part of what might be considered as something being "observed". Decisions/choices are typically made in response to holographic Energy patterns appearing within the context of 3D space/time. These are the patterns we ourselves make conscious by virtue of our Awareness. Thought and emotion. meaning and purpose (Kama Manas) absorb and take into account every situation that appears to be evolving in space/time. Thought and emotion take into account the concepts of space and time. Space and time occupy every observable moment, both are symbolically apparent in every event and experience. Situations are witnessed/observed in every instant and in every space/dimension imaginable. Together they create the context in which future concepts in the form of an "idea" can be presented before consciousness (Akash). 

Design focuses its light (energy) towards a multidimensional expression of life in search of meaning and purpose.
 In reference to humanity and its evolutionary dependence upon duality, principles of a quantum "quality" are strategically and sequentially introduced in a manner that allows for nurturing and absorption within the parameters of an observer's concept of "reality".

Design demands awareness. Design demands that integrity be applied and integrated into every situation/circumstance imaginable. Design also acts as a barometer. It measures the capacity to survive and adapt by bringing energy into motion and form, i.e. enlightenment. Energy made conscionable by means of affording a structure both to an individual and collective awareness.

Thought, our senses and our emotions join together to illuminate patterns of vibratory geometry cloaked into formations of light, energy and information. Together we view this particular sense of awareness as our “feelings”. Awareness is virtual in origin, holographic in character and multidimensional in expression. Awareness is symbolic in nature and formation. Experience make reference to that which we are attracted and repulsed. 

Every event appears within its own special context. That context is always changing as are the POV of the observers/witnesses of that event. Every event is symbolically linked to every other event multidimensionally. This interpretation is instrumental in understanding the concept of quantum consciousness.

Together every event and experience re-presents a scenario that can be observed and symbolically interpreted as chapters in a book (Akash) that intimately displays the sequencing of one's own idea of consciousness. Every event and every experience adds to a multitude of possibilities of interpretation (POV) that when viewed from a distance, contribute and give credence to your awareness, your soul and your own personal evolution.
All forms of energy, light and information contribute to the concept of experience by bringing attention (a-tension/awareness) to every circumstance. These are the situations that make a symbolic, i.e. luminescent/synchronistic impression upon the observer. In essence, every dynamic relationship, i.e. pattern of energy created between agents of Light likewise characterize, i.e. qualify them. Life could be described as a series of momentous occasions established by means of a path or journey designed for purposes of growth, expansion and awareness.

Decisions in the moment are typically made in response to the mirrored reflections, cast shadows and referential experiences trapped within the dimensional parameters of 3D space/time and the concept of duality. These POV embrace a strong material interpretation of the universe. Reactions and responses are simple, literal, straightforward, unembellished and verbatim in perception and interpretation. Thoughts and feelings likewise include emotional moments that subconsciously (Kama Manas) support them. Together they contribute to the construction and holographic configuration of a subjective matrix/context in which every choice, decision and observation is made. 

Thoughts and feelings are persuaded by beliefs, which when observed together can either encourage or discourage, help or hinder moments of separation, fragmentation, compartmentalization, limited communication, poor correspondences, unity, coherence, harmony, balance, cooperation, integration, collaboration and agreement. 

Living and changing patterns of growth and expansion can be hindered or expanded within the confines of experience. Energy can easily become locked down, inert and stagnant as systemic changes both internal and external, continue to influence systems of belief that affect the evolutionary progress necessary for expansion and survival. In other words, the context in which the observer views every situation is constantly changing before his/her awareness. Adaptability is key to survival. Adaptability is a mainstay of the design process. Change and adaptability go hand in hand.

Virtual in essence and holographic in “measure” an observer’s intentions are essential and fundamental to every form. A shadow is cast as result of the relative "materialization" of a past idea or intention. A form (idea) casts its own shadow. Every form emits a light energy stemming from its own source/creator. Every form symbolically re-presents a piece of a greater quantum "puzzle". Every form is part of a greater consciousness brought to awareness by means of objectification and substantiation. Really, is the concept of quantum consciousness as puzzling at it might seem? Not "really" ... your are already substantiating your multidimensional power while reading this post. Watch your mind and emotions follow your focus/imagination. Know that you are already tapping into that which allows YOU to control the boring, pre-cast, repetitive and confining surrounds of duality. What needs to be best learned at this impasse is how to control one's focus beyond the constraints, pains and illogic surrounding this dimension.

A reflection is mirrored within the presentation of its own shadow and likewise becomes supported by the context in which the form/object appears. Every experience associated with phenomena as we witness and observe it in 3D space/time, contributes to this overall impression/puzzle. In other words, an irrefutable “light” of origin, i.e. source, is cast upon and likewise reflected within the shadow of every form of energy, light and information. This light "source" is always there. It is a reflection of the intention and desires of a creator observing/witnessing the qualities of its own creation, i.e. self. Qualities that surround the source are revealed within the form, i.e. design of its creation. When appropriately witnessed/discovered every form beckoned by a source becomes a key to the expansion of consciousness. Critical observation along with symbolic interpretation is an integral part of growth, expansion and awareness. 

Light (energy) makes both form and shadow visible. Light helps identify the form being witnessed by means of the shadow it casts before the consciousness of the observer. Design brings light to every form including the reflected light being projected upon the shade it creates as part of its own form shadow. Forms are made apparent to an observer by means of the shadow it casts and the context in which it is witnessed and observed. The meaning and purpose in support of every design is discovered by means of the symbolic associations (links) established between one's point of view, i.e. awareness, and the context in which it is observed. 

shadow |ˈ sh adō|
1 a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface: trees cast long shadows.
 used in reference to something insubstantial or fleeting : a freedom that was more shadow than substance.
2 follow and observe (someone) closely and typically secretly : he had been up all night shadowing a team of poachers.

Humanity’s consciousness straddles the realms of the tangible and the intangible. Codes in support of every pattern are revealed within the shadow of every form cast upon every event and experience. A program, i.e. design, is concealed within the density of 3D space/time. Its’ design (idea) appears in the form of an object or experience for all to see, feel, sense and think about. Yet the truth in support of every design lies veiled in the shadow of every object, event and experience. 

Design brings light to this dynamic. Design allows for the connection between the source, i.e. creator, and the efforts, i.e. materializations, of that focused awareness. Design participates in creating the veil that so delicately glows within and behind the shadows and patterns of the universe. Design holds the codes, the triggers, the ciphers and the keys that unlock the doors that border every threshold. Design gives precedence to the context in which both the creator and that which has been created can correspond to and be revealed. Codes find their expression by means of the signs that, through the process of appearing in the form of an event or experience, become symbolic of the level of an observer's multidimensionality. 

Every design harbors the reflections of its creative Source within the shadows (intents, meanings and purposes) of its creation. The observer is a repercussion of these efforts, an unexpected consequence created with the idea and intention of expanding in creative awareness by means of design. Programs have been written, coded and veiled within every pattern and every shadow, every event and every experience. 

Every form resonates in vibration to its creator. A creator is likewise the observer/witness who by virtue of experience and awareness, has cast its patterns of awareness (DNA) into a universal network of everlasting change. Its idea, i.e. program, is a reflection of its own DNA construct. Its expression is a reflection of the blueprint in which its own transformation of consciousness can be realized through forms of energy experienced in and through virtual space/time.

Reflections are made apparent within the conscious field of their own creative Source. They can also be shared with other creative forces when characteristically designated to vibrate within a common/shared frequency (field). These agents may possess a different POV or position yet remain staunch elements within the expression of a greater and more complex matrix/network. Typical observers/creators perceive the results of the design process and are left to interpret its meaning and purpose within the symbolic parameters of their own resourcefulness. Energy is typically formed within the parametric constraints contained within the context of every situation. Every “creator” must endure the self-determined constraints purposefully imposed upon its own field of conscious awareness.

Energy, light and information disguised as form/object, is made dimensionally apparent in response to the will and desire, i.e. focus, cast upon it. Every experience is retained, archived and reflected upon in the process. Experiences are categorized and surface before consciousness for purposes known only to the observer.

The categorizations of these experiences are fundamental to the virtual origins and creation of every form. What might be considered possible at a microcosmic level may not be macrocosmically. Common threads sustaining the dendritic forces engaged in every virtual network are built upon an evolutionary drive, extension, refinement and development of consciousness.

Greater consciousness is the result of a multitude of virtually designed networks meant to assimilate light, energy and information into legible and cohesive formations, i.e. systems. This process still prevails for the sake of distribution, communication, growth and expansion.  

You might view every systemic permutation as a series of ideas created solely for the purpose of exploration and understanding. As agents contributing to the creation of larger fields of consciousness increase, so do the options made available to its creators. Every permutation and iteration (idea, program) adds to the concept of being-ness. Every permutation and iteration (idea, program) adds to the concept of wholeness and unity. Ideas made in reference to scale, number and complexity assure the observer that the most appropriate directions have been explored and considered.

The greater the number of points of interface, the larger the network and therefore the stronger the references required to make more complex choices/decisions. The greater the number of points/positions that together create the referential composition required for growth, the better prepared in making the most appropriate decisions when confronted with the mysteries of the universe.

Greater awareness accounts for the creation of a greater field of consciousness that harbors the opportunity for unlimited assimilation within a never-ending contextual expansion. For example, spiders create their webs for many purposes. A spider’s intelligence is intimately reflected in the design of the web they create, where it is located and how strong it might be. Decisions are made in the moment. Time is meaningless, only survival and reproduction are of focus and effort. Structural decisions are discovered and resolved within the constraints and parameters of the environment, i.e. context, in order to complement every situation the spider is capable of expressing. The spider is an observer possessing the proper qualities and instincts to become a survivor by virtue of being a successful creator.

The spider takes on the form of an observer for certain specific purposes. The web will be designed with a number of intentions in support of the spider’s survival. The spider will instinctively determine what are the most appropriate actions to take when placed before a similar situation. In this case it will be an algorithm expressed within the parameters of a particular life form expressing its own particular pattern of energy in 3D space/time.

algorithm |ˈalgəˌriðəm|
a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, esp. by a computer : a basic algorithm for division.

Design is symbolic in nature and metaphoric in expression. The idea of there being a spider is the virtual result of a specific evolutionary and algorithmic path taken by its creative source/s. This algorithm is a series of programs that have been heavily influenced by past evolutionary experiences set in both macro and micro circumstances. These are design experiences that in summation contribute the realization and description of a field of consciousness or agent labeled as a spider.

Responses to most situations are based upon past recognitions, experiences and data that has been stored and coded into forms of a holographic nature. Observations are made and every situation analyzed. Assorted contexts are applied and design decisions are made. Space and time accounts for the “conditions” in which every design must succumb. Typically some designs take more time than others primarily due to the level of awareness brought to bear by its creative source/s. From this data forms are designed and codes implemented.

Design/s have a contextual basis from which to develop and/or expand, for it is the environment (context) that supports and sustains every idea. Contributions to the macro systems are typically shared in support of the existence of every micro expression that when in balance, gives substance and sustenance to a greater expanding network, e.g. universe. Such a dynamic network reaches beyond the scope of every contributing entity. However, such a network isn’t the only method available to contribute to the exploration of other universes. Every species on every planet has determined by means of experiencing its own designs, which patterns and blueprints bring meaning and purpose to life ... as observed from their own POV.

Design fuses the vibrational frequencies and agents that together bring “form” to systems of energy, light and information. Design enhances their attributes by means of meaning and purpose. Design plays the music so that every note can be heard and every virtual "form" of energy, light and information can be felt and experienced. Design insists that balance be realized and made apparent so that every event can harmonize within the parametric constraints of even greater creative networks at large throughout the universe.

Without resistance or opposition there wouldn’t be growth, change or a paramount expansion of consciousness. The unknown eventually becomes revealed in an order that at first glance, appears to challenge, confine and/or at times appear to destroy the Light within the shadow. This can’t be further from the truth.

The shadow’s expression works in combination with and in reference to the expansion of a personal, solar, galactic and universal consciousness. The push brings with it the necessary pull required to expand and bring balance through change. It is simply the response of a greater consciousness duly exercising its own interpretations of design. The expansion of consciousness is founded upon the drive to know through experience, only scale and content qualifies it. It is an “intelligence” softened by an awareness that will always remain an unknown … an awareness awaiting the experience of greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom by means of the design process.

Love (systemic unification) has a unique way in which to make its self, i.e. its own source, known, felt and in some cases accepted. Step back and observe the plight of every shadow that crosses your path. Bless it and its struggle to know and experience the unknown. Give thanks to a process that brings revelation to that which appears hidden in 3D space/time. Culture, conformity, religion and conditioning events in 3D space/time strive to direct you into believing that their methodology is the only way to reach enlightenment. In many circumstances and early on in the journey, this often appears to be the case. 

These systems/webs/matrixes are the result of a human psyche striving to bring meaning and purpose into a world of consciousness of which they know little about other than the reflections of a mysterious power to which they observe, witness and respond to in order to survive. Know that what has been described as the darkness has no power unless you relinquish and/or offer it from behind the veil of ignorance. Power exists within the context and intention of the observer that created it. Power waxes and wanes due to change. 

The dark is but part of a network of design experiences illustrating what not to do in order to achieve enlightenment. Reflections remain yet the Light appears dim from other points of view, i.e. constructs. The field is small, seeks solace and attempts to creatively strike out, i.e. create, within the self-centered confines of its own limited awareness. Sharing, linking, benevolence, forgiveness and understanding are discouraged and appear repulsive and a foolish detriment to one's own enlightenment from this POV. The observer cannot see beyond the very Light to which it is attracted or the context in which every impulse regarding change and expansion is supported. Light exists but appears dim from this perspective. Observers who resist co-creation at the scale of quantum multidimensionality will eventually experience perpetual resistance and a-tension by means of separation, regression and isolation through self consumption. 

"You don't know what you don't know"

You are in control. You willingly give your power to that which you want to experience. Why you ask, do I allow such things to exist when in actuality they are of my own creation? I give matter in the shape of form power over my attentiveness solely in order to create the circumstances and conditions in which I believe I can survive. Realize that such firm willingness and determination is experienced in your Life for reasons (meanings and purposes) known only to you.

Shadows are a natural product of creation in 3D space/time. They cannot be ignored. Form whether quantum/plasmic in nature or holographic in context, makes no reference to the degree of awareness that is designed into and about its materialization … no matter what dimension you imagine to dream and/or experience.

Design embraces the process of balancing. It is what design does. Design brings to your attention the fact that you are not alone and that the human species is a component of a greater universal network of consciousness.

There is a matrix, a quilt, a network, a puzzle in which all Life participates. You may break it into segments, fields, labels, designs, fragments or parts, yet macrocosmically they are connected in a network of a knowing Intelligence in the act of designing itself towards greater Consciousness/Intelligence, i.e. awareness of its self. You just happen to have chosen a human form with all its strengths and weaknesses, pre-determined and finely tuned within a multidimensional field of complexity that is dreamt, imagined and simultaneously experienced in space/time.

We are discussing a realm we visit every evening yet rarely bring back to awareness due to our classification of being human. Oh yes, there is a reason for this. This circumstance brings reflection, it is an integral part of a grand physics evolving between a multitude of worlds, i.e. realities/matrixes/networks we contribute to in this grand scheme of events. These are the situations we’ve designed for our growth and evolution in harmony with other agents participating in a virtual dream we subscribe to as being real.

Our reality is a participatory one. Without connection and a designed correspondence with other vibratory re-presentations describing the “universe” all would fade into the shadows. Light is made apparent, i.e. conscious, by means of a form-ation of energy. The wave is also the particle. Forms made apparent within the context of a particular geometry, vibrate from both within and beyond their own field of creative endeavor. This is why what is observed and/or experienced is merely a reflection of how it began. 

As above so below … the origin of every shadow can eventually be revealed by virtue of discovering how the light that is being reflected upon its formation has been cast. Many identities can be revealed by means of energy patterns/forms purposely created to quench the thirst of a single participatory agent rather than the network at-large, a system in which it relies upon to sustain itself within the realm of its own design.

We never stand-alone. Every creation is designed to eventually reveal this reality to its self internally. Look within to find the origin of this Light. Realize that the desire to resonate at a rate higher than the shadow matrix in which you “exist” is key to evolutionary progress. Evolution is key to the creation of networks that expand beyond what you believe, i.e. think, you “know”.

Design invites revelation. Design reveals itself by means of what it is. Design consciousness houses an innate desire, impulse and/or force stemming from within, a creation of self that can only be discovered and experienced by some means of “for

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Light Found Within the Shadow


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