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Design Metaphysics: Designing Source

Our shadow selves have been designed to bring to fruition Truth, beauty and goodness by means of a road enlightened. Train the mind and the heart by focusing upon the light, information and symbolic energy stemming from your own knowledge of Source. Relish the forms in which Light makes its daily transition and transformation.

Feel the ocean of grace that engulfs your Consciousness within a vast unknown. Light radiates within the constraints of form. Elements/agents interact and create a spark by patterning themselves about a common flame (source) radiating within a field brought to Life by means of design. All that is will be consumed in the afterglow. All consciousness participates within a common radiance. 

So why do we so easily acclimate and sacrifice our energy and grace to that which wants to control us? Master that which you are by disengaging in every parasitic pattern that attempts to generate and control your fears. 

Why succumb to ignorance and hypocrisy when you know they will never harbor the truth? Do you know your consciousness for what it is? Lack of mastery invites distortion while every cadger ignores its own truth by taking yours. 

Know your Source by bringing to Life the Concept of an earthly consciousness. Know that you are a contributor and co-creator of a multitude of design patterns beyond your own awareness. You are an integral point in the creation of a greater network, i.e. a specific consciousness resonating within the geometry of a greater wisdom (fabric) loosely bound together by quantum/fractal and holographic levels of attraction and repulsion. This is where the concepts of unity and separation are experienced and allowed. Together these factors set the stage for a greater awareness.

Awareness incubates and then is born from within the dynamic turbulence (chaos) created between opposing yet complementary points of view (POV). This presents a field where an added concept of singularity can evolve, be discovered and in time ideally e-merge. Designs are coded for creative purposes … compilations of light, energy and information that reflect upon a conceptual knowledge within its own re-source/s. 

Form is illusionary ... a designed self-generated series of imaginings coded to justify the virtual impression, i.e. realization, that only certain ideas (patterns) born from one's own intentions/consciousness actually exist. Together these patterns create a particular “playing field”, i.e. a contextual fabric that drives further investigations into consciousness.

Consciousness becomes recognizable at certain levels, i.e. dimensions, of awareness and is patterned about a multidimensional concept of both knowing and feeling (Kama Manas). Discover your Self in order to experience what this level of integration might be. Know that what you have designed for your self has been created to find your own truth. Relative sources change by design yet remain the same.

As we inquire into the depths of the "unknown" we are typically presented with more than just one meaning or purpose surrounding an event or experience. We are usually presented with a handful of interpretations and connotations. Every clarification is important and every interpretation relevant; we are often left to determine which is most appropriate. This is where the cognitive qualities of the rational mind (purpose) and the empathic strength of the heart (meaning) resolve the intuitive “feelings” required for evaluation and appropriate action.

Find your truth. Know your mind. Follow your heart. Love eternal will not be denied. Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Please note … posts are continually being edited over time. Copyright © 2006-2018 C.G. Garant. All Rights Reserved. (Fair use notice.) You are also invited to visit 

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Design Metaphysics: Designing Source


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