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Design Consciousness: A Metaphoric Stream of Changing Awareness

So what could be considered a “field” of consciousness? What might it be? What does it consist of? How can I achieve a better understanding of what I feel as a permanent Awareness centered within my being? What is the essence of this something? Why is it always changing? 

Know that consciousness is multi-dimensional. And what might that mean? Multidimensionality implies that you have a multitude of thoughts and feelings surrounding your every day experience. A conscious type of awareness impregnates your subjective and objective perceptions of roles (identities) and patterns in which you actively participate. 

These impressions mix, match and overlap. These impressions are mental, emotional, physical and "spiritual" in context. These feelings and impressions typically flow, pool and over time and in space simultaneously affect each other. Together they give precedence to a personal recipe filled with awareness. Insights stemming from a blueprint that gives relative structure to a specific awareness (identity) that is all your own.

Consciousness is much like this. Every broth begins with a certain desire. This desire inscribes the characteristics of a personal “source”, i.e. a perspective that has evolved and been conditioned by many events. Together and from a macro POV they appear to identify what seems to be a single point of view. Together they give precedence to what might be considered a type of "singularity".  To a certain degree this is true, every desire is a compilation of many experiences and events all having been accepted, interpreted and described as being “real”.

Jung observed similar patterns or roles in his desire to resolve the inner workings of the psyche. Jung attempted to label these impressions as a venture to objectify them, give them an identity and harness their qualities for others to see, evaluate and imagine. In a sense he believed these categories needed to be determined so as to signify the differences between an impression and an observation. His was a scientific approach implemented in order to distinguish the lobster from the bisque. The idea of consciousness would never be the same. 

Separation and fragmentation are necessary. They are integral contributors every creative act. Jung felt that the psyche that harbors the concept of consciousness, was multi-dimensional in character and unique to every individual. Jung felt that the psyche along with experience, offered the opportunity to generate impressions surrounding the concepts of Life and reality. Multidimensionality affirmed the realization that the psyche was always changing based upon information brought forward by means of experience and awareness. 

" ... awareness is the catalyst Life responds to."
Jayme Price

Consciousness like quick silver is always changing and playing games by means of perception. Belief systems, events and experiences remain fundamental to every view of reality.

What could we ever know about a phenomenon that appears to substantiate our own personal view of ourselves, others and the world? Consciousness is both divisive and enlightening while likewise masking the reality behind a veil of unknowing. 

Consciousness creates a conceptual origin re-presenting* an imaginary source. It is what we search for in ourselves and project upon others including forms. Consciousness is a multidimensional idea, a dominant, over seeing and omnipotent concept of awareness that fuels the imagination and projects light upon "reality". 

* Re-presenting describes the symbolic interchange between a subjective and objective perception that surrounds an earlier creative experience. What is made holographically apparent is a re-flection of a re-source-full field composed of many observations that in unison and with direction give awareness a meaning and a purpose, i.e. reality. Part of design's function is to clarify the blurring affects of 3D space/time. Design achieves this objective by revealing the dynamics, i.e. differences and similarities, between what is felt and what is observed. 

This mirage likewise creates the institutions ordained to control us from cradle to grave. Or more aptly to control an innate freedom of awareness meant to explore its own "source" by means of its own needs and desires.

We are all sources of luminescence made apparent by means of our own light, i.e. consciousness. We are reflections of what appears to be generated from a common "source". We are holographic ingredients simmering in a metaphysical cauldron where the process of creation can be brewed, observed and tasted, i.e. experienced. Consciousness facilitates a certain focus, i.e. an interest about which virtual energy in motion can be attracted and conversely repulsed. Consciousness predicates source. Design gives credence to the concept of a virtual "field" by bringing expression to a realm (field of awareness) in relative stasis. Consciousness is the broth that contains the impressions and emotions we feel and interpret as reality. Design is the process that gives this stock figure and relish.

We contain attributes described as human. Every greater source (macro) might be considered to be virtual, i.e. conceptual, in character. Consciousness will continue to remain incomprehensible due to our tendency to attribute to it every power we wish ... including omnipotence.** In essence, we can fashion the concept of reality into anything we want while existing within a conscious framework of our own making.

** It becomes apparent in the evolution of every solar (soul-ar) journey that humanity has access to its own grade of omnipotence when viewed from other dimensions. Each ingredient is uniquely patterned about a moment in time, designed if you will, within the parameters of a greater contextual field of perpetual motion.

Within the parameters of this field can be found the "qualities" that help create it, i.e. the fragments that together make us human. These strings of energy appear as spiraling vectors projected from within the core of our being …  we are patterned, i.e. designed, expressions within the context of a greater whole. These traits are expressed and made “real” by means of our personality. It is here where we can individually sense our own multi-dimensionality. As personalities we take on many roles. Within the context of a personality we can bring relevance to who we are, what we re-present and how we perform within certain dimensional constraints ... which might be considered a "classification" of a greater consciousness in itself. When occupying 3D space/time we cannot be anything but human including all its foibles.

It is within the parameters of every subjective field that the concept of a soul, i.e. inner source or origin, of virtual re-cognition exists and when appropriate can be made apparent in 3D space/time. We are many things to many people which includes ourselves. Our personalities are multidimensional. Our roles and actions influence others. 

Some human traits are more apparent than others. Some traits/qualities fall short of a holographic emergence by remaining dormant within the virtual domain of formlessness. Some traits convolute the concept of awareness, i.e. consciousness, to a point where the overseeing "soul" withdraws upon itself. Denial is reflected back to its source until it can be subjectively recognized by the observer (personality). In essence, a field of consciousness as viewed from a soul's POV, is in a mode of perpetual expansion and contraction while remaining dependent upon experiences in 3D space/time.

The affiliation between the macro field of virtual energy and a virtual field of micro awareness is born of a soul-ar intention by inviting the patterns and geometries of the universe to expand and develop by means of design. Each quality re-presents a timeline about which certain events and experiences can emerge. Time changes all. Experiences can add or detract from a POV thereby affecting the expansion and contraction of a field of awareness and observation.

Every trait (quality) adds to the broth of a particular universe encountered. We each bring a flavor to the recipe, i.e. consciousness, of our own making. Evolution suggests humanity eventually unleash the strappings that harness soul recognition. Individual enlightenment demands penetration and exploration into the unknown by reaching beyond the false constraints of a self imposed belief system. Unity is re-discovered by means of re-positioning every re-source within a greater field of virtual non-dimensionality. A well designed "consciousness" is instrumental in affording every soul this universal opportunity.

We as a species are presently on that brink. Human awareness has always been multidimensional in character and as a whole is currently shattering the web of an earth based awareness, i.e. field of consciousness. New situations demand new conditions. New awareness imparts greater expansion. The web is actually a network. One perspective contains and embraces a certain consciousness the other expands upon it. They are both one in the same. Our POV merely changes our comprehension and understanding of an interchangeable series of events.

It goes without saying that the planet (Gaia) is similarly recalibrating its own frequency in collaboration with other formations, i.e. waves and particles of light ... mineral, plant, animal, human, solar. The consciousness of the planet holds the cards. Supporting Gaia's transformation during this transition period is imperative in sustaining the changes yet to be experienced during humanity's recalibration.

The Birkeland *** currents act as a metaphor to help describe what might be considered a collective stream of consciousness. These occurrences appear as holographic events grouped about a collective source, impression forming iterations common to a particular frequency, pattern or series of patterns. For example, the keynote of “G” can be resonate at different octaves. It is within the parameters of every field (octave) we can recognize a G chord. There exists a resonance between octaves, i.e. a vibration that emerges from within every note found to be in tune with a common source or frequency. Synchronicity stages the resonance ... its affects make it real. Vibratory sharing creates the framework necessary for unification and expansion of any source harnessing micro and macro connotations.

*** Note: Please observe and seriously ponder upon the intimate relationship between the Z pinch as an affect generated by a Birkeland current and its relationship to the geometry of a vesica piscis.

These permutations are based upon evolutionary and involutionary connotations. These events expand upon permutations stemming from a collective frequency or matrix, bundled about a shared identity. Examples of this process become unified within a common spiraling field by means of its own electric surge and attractive, i.e. magnetic, strength. 

Humanity is an example of this phenomenon. We are representatives of a shared set of vibrations, which when formed within the confines of 3D space/time have been described as being "human"... yet every permutation stemming from this shared series of iterations is different in its own right. Each permutation retains a common bond (frequency) with its source. Every human is also a “characterization”, i.e. a holographic expression, of a patterned series of vibrations encountering 3D space/time.

It is important to remember that the basis for this process is founded in what we've labeled as light formations. We are light bodies, configurations of energy in motion based upon the patterns of a universal geometry. We are elemental expressions, holograms stemming from a Source that is continuously changing, expanding and contracting within a greater contextual consciousness we construe as the universe. Humans like animals, plants and minerals are embellished with similar vibratory configurations patterned about different qualities stemming from a common contextual field, i.e. macro Source of Light. Humanity is but a single expression of a greater source of consciousness. Humanity is the configuration of a set of energy patterns in motion. Humanity is symbolic of a consciousness made apparent by means of a soul whose Light can transition between form and formlessness. Design is the tool of a what might be considered a universal consciousness.

Edited: 11.30.2017
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Design Consciousness: A Metaphoric Stream of Changing Awareness


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