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Tilta Nucleus-Nano & Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System

The Tilta Nucleus-Nano is a wireless lens control system specifically designed to be used with handheld gimbals such as Tilta’s own Gravity G2X system or DJI’s Ronin-S system (additional manufacturers to follow) and is fully compatible with all DSLR, mirrorless and modified “cine-style” vintage photo lenses

Tilta Nucleus Nano Hand Wheel Controller

Removable Tilta Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller

Unlike the 3-Channel Nucleus-M system which features two motors, a controller and hand grips, the Nano is a 1-channel system, meaning that there is one controller to control the single motor.

Thanks to the single motor set-up, and when paired with the G2X gimbal, a single operator is able to control the lens and gimbal simultaneously.

The motor allows for automatic or manual lens calibration (for lenses without hard end stops) by setting the A & B limits on the controller.

The Nucleus-Nano controller is powered by a single 14500 rechargeable battery that yields up to 6 hours of operating time and uses a no delay, highly responsive wireless connection to control the motor.

See it at ProFusion Expo HereGet up close with both the Tilta Nucleus-Nano and Gravity G2X Gimbal in the Tilta booth at ProFusion Expo 2018.

November 13th – 14th, at the MTCC in downtown Toronto. Click the image to the left for more details and to register for free!

The new state of the art power-efficient miniature motor creates low noise and provides the high-torque needed for smooth, fast focus pulls.

Tilta-Nucleus-Motor-Rod-Mounting Plate

Motor, Rod and Mounting Plate Assembly

The motor also features a 5-18V input tolerance for power via a Micro USB port, allowing for power to be drawn (when attached) from the G2X tilt motor’s 5V Micro USB output or via separately sold P-tap to 5V Micro USB cables.

A built-in 15mm rod adapter allows for wide range of flexibility and compatibility when using other camera rigs and mounting solutions.

The Wireless communication between the motor drive and the controller is direct and has a range of up to 300 feet.

Tilta Nucleus-Nano Wireless Lens Control System Kit

The Nucleus-Nano is a revolutionary wireless lens control system specifically designed for handheld gimbal systems. It makes it possible for a single operator to control a lens gear while simultaneously operating their gimbal. The Nano system is compatible with all DSLR, mirrorless, and modified “cine-style” vintage photo lenses.

Dale Sood talks to Walter from Tilta about the new Nucleus-Nano and G2X Gravity gimbal – which is currently the only hand-held gimbal system to support the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

Tilta Gravity G2X Handheld Gimbal

Tilta Nucleus on Gravity G2X Gimbal

Tilta Nucleus mounted on Gravity G2X Gimbal w/ optional wooden handle

With its Brazilian Rosewood grip and all black metal finish, the Tilta Gravity G2X Handheld Gimbal is perfect example of how to make something that is not only beautiful to look at, but is also an extremely capable piece of gear.

The G2X uses the same technology as found in the Tiltamax Gravity 3-Axis gimbal, but packs it into a much smaller, more compact set-up.

Despite it’s smaller size, the G2X boasts a max payload weight of up to 8 lbs and can easily handle DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, GoPros and compact cine-cameras, such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

In fact, what really sets the G2X apart from other similar handheld gimbals is it’s unique, angled roll motor arm which allows the roll motor to to be configured to sit either in front of, or behind the camera.

And if that’s not enough, the roll motor can also be used in a left or right side configuration giving it added flexibility and allowing for unobstructed viewing of a camera’s back mounted LCD display and/or fold out EVF LCD displays.

Tilta Gravity G2X with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Mounted

G2X w/ Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Mounted

As mentioned earlier, it’s due to this kind of mounting flexibility that the G2X is currently the only handheld gimbal that can easily accommodate the wide body of the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera.

The pan and tilt axis features 360° of rotation, while the roll axis can be rotated up to 60° to the right or left. 

There are four modes of operation available: pan-follow mode, tilt-lock mode, fully-stabilized mode and roll-lock mode.

You can also under-sling the camera giving you even greater shot flexibility.

Balancing is made easier using thanks to a 7-11 cm measuring scale that is stamped on to each of the gimbals arms. Simple make a note of the marks and you are good to go each time you need to remount the same camera package.

The G2X also has an auto-calibration feature that senses the payload and configure the motors to it’s ideal operating settings.

If you want to further customize the settings, you can use the Tilta Assistant App (available for both iOS and Android) to adjust each motor’s torque, dead zone, acceleration and speed so that they meet your specific needs.

The app can also be used to set-up a wireless time-lapse mode or remotely control the axis of the gimbal itself.

Tilta Gravity G2X Handheld Gimbal System with Safety Case

A compact handheld gimbal system for mirrorless DSLRS, DSLRS, Smartphones, and GoPros. The Gravity G2X has four user modes and is compatible with the TILTA Assistant App via Bluetooth, for greater calibration of features.

Lead photo credit: Tilta

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Tilta Nucleus-Nano & Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System


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