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5 Pointers for Picking the Ideal Deck Stain

Five guidelines to opt for the right deck stain. Ways to choose a color that perfectly complements the deck. Pointers in selecting a suitable deck stain.

Thinking of refreshing your backyard decor, but you do not know where to start? Are you planning to apply some coating on all your wooden furniture? Look no further; Deck Stain is your answer. You can use a deck stain on all your wooden furnishings and give it a new look.

Deck stain is vital for protecting and increasing the longevity of your deck wood. It also makes your deck look pleasant, giving an aesthetic look. Staining your deck is essential in maintaining its durability and preserving its beauty. 

There is a wide range of deck stains. Choosing the proper deck stain may seem daunting. This article intends to help you out and make it easier for you to pick out the most suitable deck stain.

Types of Wood

Based on the type of wood, you can determine what type of deck stain to apply. If the surface is expensive hardwood like mahogany, it is better to display its beautiful woody texture and patterns. Hence, it is advisable to use a translucent or transparent deck stain on hardwoods.

Opaque or solid stain is best suited for softer, less costly woods like cedar and wood alternatives like composite decking. The solid color will keep the structure intact and provide proper protection.

We also suggest to opt for translucent or lighter deck stain on new wood; and darker or opaque deck stain on older wood.

Besides doing the usual cleaning and caring for your wooden floors, you can also apply a deck stain to lengthen the lifespan of your prized floorings.

Types of Stain

Stains come in two varieties:  water-based stains and oil-based stains. There are also different forms of colors, classified based on their opacity. According to your deck’s environment, wood type, and preferences, you can decide which type of stain to use. 

To make your decision easier and consume less time, weigh out the pros and cons for each type, and consider your deck’s surroundings. It is crucial to research the deck stain you are planning to apply, also browse the places where it can be found.

If the surface is continuously exposed to direct sun and wind or rain, water-based stains are more durable. Water-based stains are also useful when you need a quick fix, supposedly for renovating a house that you need to sell within a short time.

For a more finished look or smoother finish, opting for an oil-based stain would be ideal.

An opaque coating has to be reapplied more often than others. On the other hand, clear stains or coatings highlight the wood’s natural grain, texture, and color beautifully. Tinted stains add a hint of color but also makes the wood’s natural features prominent.

For a more uniform finish, going for semi-transparent stains are optimal as they also add color and accentuate the features of the wood.

Color Choices

Portraying your personality through the colors of your home decor is fun. Don’t hold back when you choose a color in which you find to be the best that showcases your personality. If you are still fumbling over which color to apply, follow the basic rules of combining compatible colors.

Colors also influence your mood and comfort; hence, it would be ideal to have a color at your home, which keeps your mind at ease.

Choose a color that goes well with the surroundings of your deck or the design of your deck. Look for colors that match with your exterior decor. To make the selection easier, you can also use a color chart wheel.

You can try out a color combination strategy that comprises three colors: a dominant, secondary, and accent color. This can accentuate the features of your house quickly.

Also, take the type of deck material into account when choosing a color. Some colors appear differently on certain types of wood surfaces and, accordingly, go well with a particular kind of wood.

For example, you can use a semi-solid stain with red and brown hues on an old cedar surface. The red and brown shades will hide any aging imperfections, making the wood look lively.

Application and Preparation Time

When contemplating which deck stain to choose, consider the time and effort, it will take to apply.

If you have time and want to apply a long durability stain, then a water-based stain is wise. Using an oil-based stain is time-consuming, so it is a process that requires full commitment.

It would be best to not go for oil-based stains when working on an urgent project. This is because oil-based stains take a long time to dry. They usually take 24-48 hours to dry completely.

Water-based stain requires lesser effort and time. It requires less dedication. It is advisable to use a water-based stain when working on a project that needs to be finished as soon as possible. Since these stains dry quickly, it is also handy when working on small projects. 

According to your capabilities, preferences, and schedule, you can decide which deck stain to opt for. 


Before selecting a stain, conduct a trial application of different stains on your deck. Testing the stains on the designated surface can help you determine which one to choose. 

Try out the stains on a small area of the deck. Look at the experimental stained patches at different angles and different times of the day. You can go for the color you deem to be the most suitable for the lighting and compatibility.

Some online retailers offer virtual trial sessions of deck stains. You can also try them out by approaching those traders.

Auditioning your stains will help you visualize your target and, consequently, boost your inspiration. Having constant inspiration will help you keep motivated.

Hopefully, this article encourages you to carry out a successful deck staining project, making your home look one of a kind. Happy staining!

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5 Pointers for Picking the Ideal Deck Stain


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