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Responsive Web Design for Better Business Worldwide

This article aims to highlight the benefits of a good Responsive Web design; the way it helps to generate better business. What will happen if you convert your present website into a new one!

A good website is the key to the growth of any organization today. With multiple industries that have successfully migrated on to the online platform, it has been remarkable to see their growth over the years. We have all been enthused by a website or web design or two in past. The message that it gives, the way it has been innovatively designed. But, do you really understand the meaning behind the web design completely? Have you noticed some web designs being better than the others? An engaging Responsive website is more likely to get online traffic than a static one.

Let’s start right at the beginning and understand a little about what a responsive website really is?

What is Responsive Web Design?

  • Responsive Web Design is a specific method of web designing, allowing users to view their desktop content on other devices. This is irrespective of the screen size that the content is being viewed on.  So whether it is a tab, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, Android, etc. the designing has to be such that it is easy to browse.
  • Responsive web design has become quite crucial, as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than 50% of total internet traffic. To promote responsive web design, Google broadcasted Mobilegeddon in 2015, to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly, if the search was specifically done using a mobile device. Web Design Analysis Methods
  • Today, time is of utmost importance; hence people do not really want to invest it on something that is not appealing. Most of the people today use mobile devices or tablets that are enabled with different operating systems. Imagine someone is trying to browse a website from their mobile device but instead a distorted and slow version of the website opens! That is really not very appealing for the makers.

To avoid these errors let us first understand in brief…

Responsive Web design

1.Free Website Builder:

There are multiple website builders in the market today. They offer everything from launching website in minutes, responsive interface, etc. However, it is best to not get fooled by such claims. There are a lot of back end codes that are preset and may make your website slower. Best Responsive Web Design Company.

2.Not using a Responsive design:

Since nearly 50% of the web searches are done using a Mobile device or a smart tablet, isn’t it ideal to use responsive design interface? It is extremely crucial to have your website open on all devices and platforms seamlessly. However, there is still a lot of scope for companies to use responsive web designs to make their business better.

3.Design Elements:

You have to concentrate on the design elements of your website. Very little design or too much design and images can lead to a distracted user. You need to strike a balance with the audience using the right number if images, videos, content, banners, graphics, etc. All this while making sure that your website does not slow down.

4.Customer information:

While many companies spend millions improving their website and driving customers to it; most fail to utilize these leads properly. Offering freebies or discounts on your homepage directs, is a good way to engage the customer so that they come back.

5.Banners, sidebars, and footers:

It is a huge misconception to say that only advertising websites use banners and sidebars. It is imperative for every webpage to have appropriate banners and footers or headers to tell the customer what you do. It also helps towards better navigation.


Where visuals play an important part in websites, content too has to have an equally good footing. Weak content or less informative content makes it difficult for readers to actually stay on your website. Quality content with relevant images plays a crucial role in a good web design.

7.Information hard to find:

If your most important information is hard to find, it is not going to yield any results. A good layout should include a navigation bar at the top with links to all important aspects of the website. FAQs, product information, services, etc. should have their links very well defined right at the top. Blogs and testimonials can have a separate section at the bottom or sidebar.

8.Regular website updates:

Keeping your website updated regularly plays an important role in attracting visitors. Technological advances have enabled the websites to become victims of hackers too. Hence, it is imperative to protect your website at all times through regular updates and maintenance.

Now we know the crucial mistakes that designers and developers make while creating a good web design.In the next section, we will walk you through some quick points to help you understand in depth about Responsive Web Design Services.

A. How Does a Responsive Web Design Work? 

How Does a Responsive web Design Work

  • Now a day’s client wants a mobile design for all types of mobile devices. Be it iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Microsoft, etc. you name it and the client is waiting for a new design. There are endless resolutions; however, getting to work your website to work on all devices comes under the umbrella of responsive web design.
  • Mobile Usage:

    With increase in mobile usage today, an average person spends more than 4 hours a day on their mobile devices. Going by this figure, there is a scope for designing a better responsive web design that will attract readers as well as help with conversions. A website that is not too heavy to load with just the right information is the best form of a responsive web design.

  • Efficient and Easy to Manage:

    Having flexible codes will make it easier and efficient to manage the websites better. Using a mix of fluid images, fluid grids, and smart mark-up is a common practice to create flexible web designs. Having one website also makes it easy to manage the site. Unlike earlier times, the companies had two websites- one for the mobile and the other for desktop. It made managing the websites difficult. With the inclusion of responsive web designs, it has now become easier to manage sites.

  • Responsive Website increases conversions:

    A consistent, intuitive user experience (UX) also helps convert footfalls to leads. From controlling white space to using attractive calls to action, there are several areas that can be improved to increase your site’s return. Responsinator and Google’s own Page Speed are brilliant tools to analyze your website’s responsiveness.

  • If you notice above, the images have not only been resized to fit the screen size but they can be viewed seamlessly on any device. They are not distorted nor are they cropped / chopped out.

B.Why does Google suggest Responsive Web Design?

Google loves responsive web designs and it should matter as much to you too. A new website may look good on a search engine, but if it does not appease the reader, it’s not worth it.

 Responsive Web Design company

  • Usage: We all know that maximum users are dependent on their mobile devices for everything they do. Right from shopping to gathering information, everything is done through mobiles. Social media influence has increased the use of mobiles today. As per Google’s recommended approach, responsive websites increase SEO rankings too.
  • Happy readers: A responsive website makes readers happy since they are easier to browse. Since they are able to adapt to difference screen sizes and resolutions it attracts more traffic. Readers get elated to see the websites are able to load seamlessly on any smartphone or tablet. Readers will share responsive websites better, which will increase the traffic and audience.
  • Indexing: A responsive website resizes itself to a mobile screen similar to an app, and all the content is easily available on the search engines too. Since responsive sites share code, Googlebot has got a lot less work to do to find your content.
  •  Multiple Sites: A good responsive website will scale as per the size of the screen. All the videos and images too can be resized to fit the screen, making the audience come back.

C.What are the benefits of converting to a Responsive Website? 

Responsive Web designing services

Many of us rely on the B2C or B2B model to generate revenue and in short do business efficiently. To be able to tap into the potential customers it is imperative to be mobile friendly or have your website well optimized to utilize is completely.

  • Increased Traffic:

    Today, as per statistics, more than 60% of the business is generated through digital media time. While engaging an audience it is imperative to keep first impressions in mind. As the saying goes, ‘First impression is the last impression’; in this case it is a ‘lasting impression’. If less than 50% of your audience cannot find your website engaging, chances are they will never return.

  • Looks good in all user preferred devices:

    If you have to make an impression, make sure it is a good one. Your website has to be view-able easily on any preferred device of the consumer. Despite of regular updates, many companies still rely by the desktop friendly websites than an overall development. Investing time and money in developing device friendly website will yield you far better results than a static one.

  • Increased Business Leads: 

    Since we all know most consumers are inclined to use mobile apps and mobile version of the website. For example, you are browsing through Amazon app and you stumble across something you want to share with your colleague or peer. Chances are that you will share the image directly through any social media channel. If your website is unable to do so, chances are that the customer will not return.

  • Higher Rank in Search Results:

    A higher rank in search results is possible if the search engine weighs your website friendly on all devices. Although gaining more leads is a Herculean task, however, a great responsive web design will ensure that you do appear on top of the search results page.

Responsive web designing agency

Therefore, to conclude this article, we reiterate that a responsive web design can increase user experience tremendously. It accommodates the choices of everyone seamlessly. A responsive website is much easier to manage. It will benefit to spend some time to ensure that your design is as good as it can be.

For your business need, to create responsive design,Ace Dezines provide you with best in class services and on time delivery. We have a track record to create great responsive websites that will engage customers and increase your traffic. We analyze your needs as well as that of the target audience and give you complete solutions to make your responsive website better than the rest. Have a question? We are here to answer all your queries in a jiffy.

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Responsive Web Design for Better Business Worldwide


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