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The Importance for every industry to incorporate Digital Marketing in 2017

Digital Marketing has become the most preferred mode of reaching out to a large number of people. Incorporating Digital Marketing in your firms advertising and marketing strategies just ensures that you accelerate your business further.

We have all been hearing about the technology boom, digitization and reaching out to a global audience through the touch of a button. It helps to increase brand name and visibility among-st an online audience. However, do you really know what digital marketing is?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing but an online medium, through the power of the internet, to reach a million targeted audiences worldwide. Until a decade or two ago, the only form of digital media was the television. This was also restricted to a few people; hence people sought the print media to advertise their products and services. That was pretty relevant about 15 years ago approx. but today it cannot be regarded as ‘The’ only way to advertise and market a product. With the advent of technology, there have been innumerable advances and the foremost being digital marketing or marketing your products online.

How does Digital Marketing work?

Digital marketing basically involves the usage of different techniques to market a product online. The very word ‘digital’ gives you an idea about the length and breadth of the online world. Each medium has a different way of functioning, but the ultimate goal remains the same- making your brand name visible. It is about being innovative and creative to market your products and services through various social media channels. These different channels come under a common umbrella called “Social Media Marketing”. Various popular websites that are targeted under this umbrella are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. that carry structured campaigns to promote a particular brand.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

There are huge brand altering benefits of digital marketing such as-

  • Strategize with valuable data– Helps you to strategize and build a business plan that will be visible amongst a large number of online audience. This will in turn help you to actually see an increase in ROI in the times to come. The buying pattern will play a major role here.
  • Lead Generation– Great content will help to great better leads. This means you need to know your target audience and use advertising keywords to create better leads for your business.
  • Conversion rates– You can gain better conversion rates with ardent use of digital marketing. Reaching out to a million users at the same time and connecting with the audience on a one-to-one basis is the beauty of digital marketing.
  • Healthy Competition– Although this seems surreal, there is a lot of truth hidden in it. You can continuously updated about the happenings of large competitors and know that you can compete with them in the same space.
  • Internet of things– Connect with your audience globally without having the constraint of time and distance attached. There are a lot of things that the internet can do for your business today and one of them is connecting to users globally.
  • Instant Analytics– You can keep a track of all your campaigns and how they have fared with the audience instantly through analytics. You can then bifurcate what worked well for you and areas of improvement.

Reasons to build a digital marketing strategy 

Digital Marketing strategy

1. Cost Effective

The capacity of reaching a million users at the same time is the biggest advantage of digital marketing being cost effective. That means you need to print the same ad repeatedly or even create banners everywhere again and again. Mass media does its job of promotion. If you want to promote an ad in your daily newspaper, the average cost for a full front page ad is approx. 3500/ i.e. around 60 lakhs! The same ad can be run, on say Facebook, for a good Rs. 65 a day and create a campaign that will reach a wider audience, considering most of the world in online sometime or the other. This is just one example, there are various types of ads that can be run like video ads, banners, flyers, trailers, email marketing, etc.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Some experts believe that SEO is really the magic behind digital marketing. It is the most effective way to increase ROI by improving a website’s ranking in the SERP’s. There are a lot of keywords that are gaining popularity and your websites popularity will be reflected with the use of these keywords effectively. SEO specialists are of the opinion that you need to be updated with the changing algorithms as well as research carried out by the search engines so that you can modify your campaigns accordingly. This will help you get the best search results and drive pertinent traffic to your website. Reap the benefits of organic marketing through SEO.

3. Be ahead of your competition

We discussed in the above points about having a healthy competition. Being ahead of your competition does not overcast any shadow on the above point but simply reiterates that you can access various news clippings and analyses of your competitors online and study them. This will give you an idea about the way they are positioned in the market and how they have reached here. Some even showcase a way forward that is a great way to learn about their techniques.

4. Brand Recognition

There has always been a lot of weightage on logos and brand names. An attractive logo will stay ingrained in your memory forever, almost. However, a changing brand name or logo will not resonate with you personally. For example, people still relate the child on Parle-G to the brand, Amul’s little blue haired girl will never be forgotten, Nirma’s girl in a frock will always have a good recall factor, Windows colorful wavy 4 squares will also be a reminder of this operating system and so forth. Being online, today adds a lot of significance to people relating with the brand better.

5. Track results

With the inclusion of Google Analytics in the suite of Google products, there is an easier way to track your reach vis-à-vis your competitors. This not only helps you get a better understanding of your products and but also tells you your areas of improvement. You can track the results easily online and make amends in your digital marketing strategy. If you compare the campaign results, at the end of each campaign, you can easily track what worked well for you and what did not.

6. Mobile Users

The use of mobile phones have increased manifold in the recent years. Every consumer is online at some point of the day or night, globally. In order to reach this audience as well, it is important to have your website and products easily viewable on smart devices. Mobile marketing caters to ads being visible on different apps that the users download. These ads are paid by the company to be displayed on the mobile. The users can easily access the links provided that can lead to a higher conversion rate.

7. Better Revenues

One size fits all approach can pretty well be adapted here as there are innumerable smart phone users that you will be catering to. Reaching an ever increasing online audience is imperative to stay ahead of the competition. Your online users play a very important role in making or breaking your online brand reputation. By engaging the audience in different ways you can gain better revenues through digital marketing. Running contests, online sales, lucrative investment options can help you increase your revenues in the long run.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

DM Strategies for Small Businesses

As a small business, there is always a question of marketing and cost that creates a huge vacuum in decision making. A lot of small businesses fail to make an impression online because of lopsided marketing strategies or sticking to the every-strategy-works-best-for-every business strategy. Companies fail to recognize the importance of placing themselves well online so that they can reap huge benefits from this medium.

Small businesses can include a lot of baby steps in creating a powerful impact on the audience. Here intellect will play a greater role than money involved; because it is not always that the saying holds true ‘all you touch is gold’. A small business that is involved in doing business completely online should have an effective digital marketing strategy in place. This will ensure that you reach a wider audience in a less than stipulated time frame.

  • Website Layout

Almost every business aims at driving traffic to their website. Hence it is very important to have a great website layout especially the landing page. A website must look and feel good while navigating. It should be easy to decipher and maneuver without difficulty. Since nearly 50% of the audience uses their mobile devices to access websites or indulge in apps to do online shopping, it is important to have a great responsive website design that can be viewed irrespective of screen size and resolution. Google has tightened its algorithm to reward search result rankings based on mobile compatibility of websites.

  • Social Media

Learning to use Social media wisely will go a long way to drive organic traffic to your website. A lot of people pay to advertise regular services and no one is really interested in it. They have Google for it! It is important to understand and know your target audience before proceeding with social media marketing. The users are spread far and wide between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. It also ends up taking up a lot of time; hence it is important to invest it wisely than play around haphazardly. Facebook is the most popular social media marketing channel on the internet by far. With a monthly active user base of over 2 billion people, you can actually perceive the potential your business has to grow through Facebook alone. Do not overload your promotions else it will become unnoticed since users will not really bother to check your links. Be judicious while posting content on social media, one that is relevant only.

  • Email Marketing

Imagine the power an email has over its users. It is a great way to let your audience know that you exist, the products that you offer, the offers that you are running, the benefits the audience can reap and so forth. Do not ignore this very important digital marketing tool that is cost effective and helps to reach a large number of users instantly. Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Reach Mail, Litmus, Mailjet, Cake Mail, etc. are few email marketing tools that you can use to gather and send emails to potential customers. It aids as a personal interaction and aims to generate 50% more leads than only social media marketing. Use it wisely by including great precise content along with goodies for the users to get enticed with.

  • FAQ’s / Answers

It is always better to have smartly framed answers on your website to enable a greater audience view. We all love the idea of getting an answer instantly and that is where Google plays the most important role. Provide informative and relevant answers that are rich in text and visuals to be able to show up on SERPs. If answered well, you have a higher chance of coming on the first page.

Although there are no set ‘works-for-all’ parameters for digital marketing however, there are a lot of permutations and combinations that can work well for organizations. In brief, knowing your audience, knowing how to use social media and analyzing your website is the first way to start building a great digital marketing strategy.

AceDezines, a creative and innovative, digital marketing firm knows just the ways to make your business a success in the digital world. We provide cost effective and lucrative options to customers to increase their ROI as well as generate continuous leads. Let us help you become a market leader through effective best practices in Digital Marketing.

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The Importance for every industry to incorporate Digital Marketing in 2017


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