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2023-05-31 15:25
Dive into our curated collection of sunset photographs, ready to be downloaded for free from StockVault. These images capture the beauty of the sun setting in different parts of the world, t… Read More
2023-05-04 13:30
Bokeh, a term derived from the Japanese word “boke,” which translates to blur or haze, has become an integral element in the realm of photography, imbuing images with an artistic… Read More
2023-04-05 22:13
The Milky Way Galaxy, a breathtaking celestial masterpiece, has long been a popular subject for night sky photographers. Its luminous, sprawling arms stretch across the heavens, creating a m… Read More
5 Stunning Food Stock Images By Dana Tentis
2022-03-15 20:30
Dana Tentis is a StockVault author and photographer who captures images of tasty cuisine. Are you looking for free images that include zucchini, cheese, olives, honey, tomatoes, or matcha?… Read More
10 Free Stock Photos Of Vintage Technology
2022-01-28 21:43
In our hyper-digital world, it can be easy to forget that technology has evolved into what it is today. After all, we’ve come a long way since the telegraph machine aka the text messag… Read More
15 Free Stock Photos For Music Lovers
2022-01-04 18:44
Music is an expressive art form; often inspired by human relationships and the natural world around us. It transcends language or cultural barriers. However, expressing the intricacies of mu… Read More
10 Free Neon Images For A Futuristic Look
2021-12-06 14:40
From fierce fashion to fonts and photos, neon is all the rage these days. With its futuristic look, one can’t help but be fascinated by the glow it brings to any setting. If you’… Read More
25 Free Space And Star Photos
2021-10-07 12:00
Space photography when done well can be truly breathtaking. In fact, it can elicit a sense of wonder and add immediate intrigue to any project. With this in mind, I’ve shared 25 free s… Read More
2021-05-24 11:39
Today’s freebie is the third set of four camera illustrations in a flat design style and a variety of models, along the same lines as this previously published freebie, and this one al… Read More
Victorian Cameras
2021-05-20 10:39
Today’s freebie is comprised of a set of three Victorian-era cameras, meticulously drawn in Adobe Illustrator so you can manipulate and edit them to use in your personal or commercial… Read More
Drone Icons
2021-05-18 19:49
Time for another Freebie! This time we have a set of 16 drone and drone photography-related icons for you to download, edit, and use in your personal or commercial projects. These icons are… Read More
Flat Design Cameras Part 2
2021-05-03 12:53
In this post we have another set of four camera illustrations in a flat design style and a variety of models, along the same lines as this previously published freebie. They are designed in… Read More
Camera Symbols
2021-04-30 13:09
In today’s post we have another freebie for you! These camera symbols can be used in your designs and projects in a variety of ways – as icons on a website, in logos, business ca… Read More
2021-04-28 16:29
This freebie is a set of four camera illustrations in a flat design style and a variety of models. You can download these flat design cameras in Adobe Illustrator format to edit and use in y… Read More
80s Camera Vector Illustrations
2021-04-26 13:36
In today’s freebie we have vintage vector camera illustrations in vibrant colors against a playful background. Download this freebie to use without attribution in your personal and com… Read More
Photography Logos
2021-04-21 12:57
Are you a professional photographer or enthusiast in need of a logo? Then you’ve come to the right place! Use any of these free photography logos for your business, pleasure, or person… Read More
Writing Tools Icons
2021-04-19 13:29
Another freebie for you today! Here we have a set of 12 hand drawn writing tools – pencil, pens, ruler, scissors, and more! These colorful tools can be downloaded in Adobe Illustrator… Read More
Camera Vector Illustrations
2021-04-15 17:01
Keeping with our recent theme of freebies, we have some camera illustrations for you. Check out these cool retro drawings of vintage cameras, available in Adobe Illustrator format so you can… Read More
3 Free Photography Vector Illustrations
2021-04-13 12:59
Today we are bringing you a set of three photography vector illustrations, free for you to download, edit, and use in your commercial or personal projects. These one of a kind illustrations… Read More
6 Free Mobile Wallpapers / Backgrounds
2021-04-12 17:33
Here’s another vector freebie! A minimalist set of 6 Free Mobile Wallpapers / Backgrounds you can download, edit, and use in your personal and commercial projects. Add them to your pho… Read More
12 Free Photography Icons
2021-04-08 16:30
We have a new freebie for you! A beautiful set of 12 free photography icons you can download, edit, and use in your personal and commercial projects without attribution (although we would lo… Read More
Colorful Bokeh Backgrounds
2020-11-22 14:12
Today I have a large set of colorful bokeh backgrounds that I shot with my macro lens using led lights. Bokeh lights are pretty easy to make and always in demand before the holidays. You can… Read More
Subtle Black Background Textures
2020-07-24 10:22
It’s been a while but today I have a nice freebie texture pack ready to be shared. This pack includes 11 high resolution subtle black background textures from an old exterior wall cove… Read More
Grunge Concrete – 18 Free Textures
2020-06-02 12:50
I’m back with a huge set of free grunge concrete textures from an old water supply structure from the mid 1900’s. The rough concrete has gathered moss and other dirt through the… Read More
Boulders And Lichen Textures
2020-05-22 19:33
Volcanic boulders and lichen are plentiful in Iceland, in fact we, the locals, don’t give them much attention. In the midst of this Covid-19 epidemic that has affected most of the worl… Read More
Vintage Gravel Textures
2020-05-11 12:59
Today I got a brand new set of free vintage gravel textures from an old structure. It looks like gravel but in fact it’s old concrete mixed with small pebbles and stones. I climbed the… Read More
Grunge Wood And Tar Paper Textures
2020-05-01 10:52
Hey guys, I’m back with a brand new set of grunge wood and tar paper textures. The images are from deteriorated interior walls of an old naval structure from the 1940’s. The ripp… Read More
Free Gritty Concrete Textures
2020-04-13 17:16
This weeks freebie is a set of gritty concrete textures from an old stone wall down by the sea. Years of being exposed to the harsh Icelandic nature elements has left its marks. Large pieces… Read More
Grunge Wooden Ship Hull Textures
2020-04-06 09:45
Today I have a set of 9 grunge wooden ship hull textures from an old fishing boat. We all love oil-soaked wood and peeled paint right? I’ve posted from this set before, but a much more… Read More
Dark Metal Textures
2020-04-01 10:45
This week I have a new set of dark metal textures from corrugated metal sheets. The images are grungy and gritty with a lot of details and dark areas. They are perfect to be used as backgrou… Read More
Corroded Metal Container
2020-03-24 12:37
I’m back with some great corroded metal container backgrounds for your texture arsenal. These images are from an old container with a lot of nasty rust, peeled paint and other grunge e… Read More
10 Free Rust Backgrounds
2020-03-18 12:56
Hey guys, I’m back with a new set of 10 high resolution free rust backgrounds from my arsenal. These textures are grunge and gritty, perfect for adding a worn and vintage effect to you… Read More
Free Black Grunge Overlay Textures
2020-02-16 14:15
Hey guys, today I have a small set of grunge overlay textures that I created from deteriorated stone walls. The walls were filled with cracks, peeled paint and other weathered elements. Thes… Read More
7 Things To Photograph On Rainy Days
2020-02-04 10:39
There is just so much beauty in nature, and a rainy day is one of them. As a nature photographer, taking beautiful pictures on rainy days can be both challenging and rewarding. Unlike pictur… Read More
Subtle Grunge Overlays
2020-01-20 11:07
Today I have a set of subtle grunge overlays textures that I created from images of old concrete walls. This set includes 6 high resolution grayscale textures that have been inverted to high… Read More
Grunge Wooden Backgrounds
2020-01-06 16:46
Hey guys, happy new year and thanks for the support in 2019! Today I have a set of 10 grunge wooden backgrounds from an old fish factory down by the sea. I’ve posted many sets from thi… Read More
10 Dark Grunge Concrete Backgrounds
2019-12-22 10:50
Hey guys, today I have a new set of some really gritty textures. I’ve put together 10 dark grunge concrete backgrounds that you can use for various applications. They are dark enough t… Read More
Free Dirty Paper Textures
2019-11-25 09:09
We’re back with a new set of free dirty paper textures. Paper textures are great for adding a vintage effect to your designs by using them as overlays. You can also use them as backgro… Read More
10 Grunge Stone Wall Textures
2019-10-24 13:02
Hey guys, today I got a new set of 10 grunge stone wall textures from an old decayed wall. I’ve posted a few sets from the same location before, an old fishing factory down by the sea… Read More
Monochrome Wooden Backgrounds
2019-09-13 10:48
Hey guys, today I have a new set of monochrome wooden backgrounds that I created from old wooden panels. They were used to block windows on an old building and have been subjected to the ele… Read More
10 Free Grunge Textures
2019-08-23 13:24
Hey guys, today I have a set of free grunge textures from an old decayed building with some gritty concrete walls. A large section of the wall was missing the paint as it probably peeled off… Read More
Creative Habits Ingenious People Have
2019-08-14 22:32
Ever wondered if you are a creative person? Maybe you’ve been asked this on a job interview. Not quite sure about the answer? First of all, let’s get something straight: there is… Read More
Grunge Highpass And Lowpass Textures
2019-07-26 10:47
It’s Friday and a good day to share a new set of grunge textures that you can add to your arsenal. Today I have a set of 12 grunge highpass and lowpass textures from an old and cracked… Read More
Free Grunge Rusted Fence Textures
2019-07-14 12:43
I’m back with another excellent set of free grunge rusted fence textures from an old decayed building. Being fascinated with rust and other dirt I always go for the most grungy surface… Read More

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