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Getting That Dough: 9 Weird Side Hustles That Actually Bring In Money

Getting That Dough: 9 Weird Side Hustles That Actually Bring In Money

You Love your full-time job, and you’re not ready to leave it behind. 

The only issue? 

You wish it paid just a little bit more. 

The good news?

You don’t have to quit your job and devote your life to finding a better-paying gig without making any money in the process. Instead, use weird side Hustles to bring in some money and learn a lot about yourself and others.

In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite — and most lucrative — strange side hustles with you. 

Try out any of the options on this list to lower your stress level, pad your income, and have tons of fun in the process.

1. Review Hyper-Niche Products

You’re always obsessed with trying out the latest “must-have” product. 

Your friends may even love to make fun of you for your addiction to leaving long product or restaurant reviews on Amazon and Yelp. But you just love helping others — and being able to give your honest opinions about the things you’ve invested in. 

Why not get paid to share your thoughts on products with the world and become a Professional reviewer as a side hustle? 

This is the perfect opportunity for those who are looking for things they can do in the comfort of their own homes. 

The weirder and more niche the products, the better (and more interesting for you.)

Think things like meal replacement shakes, or bizarre new beauty trends like blood facials.

2. Work as A Professional Bridesmaid

Yes, you read that right. 

Working as a professional bridesmaid is a side hustle that’s gaining more and more attention. For those who may not have the friend group to fill up a bridal party, these professionals can save brides-to-be tons of stress and embarrassment. 

In fact, some professional bridesmaids are able to make up to $1,000 every day. 

Plus, you get free cake, dancing, and the chance to meet some cute people in the rest of the bridal party. 

Of course, this entry on our list of lucrative side hustles isn’t limited to women alone. Men can also become professional groomsmen. 

3. Rent Your House as a Set

Many people that work in Hollywood or in the acting business as a whole rely on side hustles to help them make rent every month. 

But what if you could make the right industry connections while also making a little extra cash? What if you’re into side hustles from home that don’t involve you having to write your own blog? 

You can actually rent your home out as a movie set to both professionals and amateur directors alike. 

Many film students are willing to pay for the right location, and if a bigger corporation wants to shoot at your house, you’ll really be in the money. 

Plus, you’ll get to rub elbows with the right people — and maybe star in a scene yourself.

4. Being a Camgirl/Guy 

Maybe you’ve always had a taste for exhibition. You also love the idea of getting dressed up and putting on a show when it comes to your intimate life. 

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t at least thought about doing some kind of work in the adult industry before. 

Why not make it a side hustle?

Webcam modeling is the perfect way to make it happen. You’ll be able to put on a show for viewers and make some serious bank in the process. 

If you’re worried about your full-time job finding out, invest in wigs, wear masks, or simply don’t show your face on camera. 

If you’re not quite sure if you want to show all of yourself to the Internet, you still have options. Many people decide to work as virtual girlfriends and boyfriends. 

You’ll build up a loyal client list, and then set up video sessions to check-in with them, just as you would in a real relationship. 

5. Working as a Healer

Have you always been into the more mystical side of life? 

Have you been known to whip up lotions, potions, and elixirs for your friends when they’re going through a tough time? 

Maybe you love supplements and herbalism, or even stranger things like tarot card readings. 

Why not take your love of the occult — or just natural healing and intuition — to the next level? 

You can become a professional healer as a side hustle. Work on reading people’s auras, helping them to get through creative blocks, or even use aromatherapy to help them feel better. 

It might sound a bit obscure, but especially given the skeptism surrounding much of modern medicine, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

You may find that you love doing it so much, it one day becomes your full-time gig. 

6. Sell Your Hair

Donating your hair to causes like Locks of Love, which provides wigs and extensions for people with cancer, is always a great move. 

But sometimes, you need to go to drastic measures to get a little extra cash. 

Especially if you’ve long been toying with the idea of making a change to your look, kill two birds with one stone and sell your leftover hair. 

You’ll have better luck if your hair hasn’t been previously chemically treated, so this tip works best for natural locks. 

7. Become a “People Walker”

We think the best side hustle jobs are those that allow you to make a genuine connection with other people — while filling your wallet in the process. 

Enter the concept of “people walking.”

This is definitely one of the more up-and-coming entries on our list, but it’s gaining traction fast. 

People walkers serve as companions for people who need a little bit of extra motivation getting out of the house. 

Some people hire people walkers because they’re on a weight loss journey.

Others find that having someone to talk to makes them feel less lonely. Some people hire people walkers because they work from home and miss the companionship of the office environment. 

If you become a people walker, you’ll find it one of the most emotionally rewarding side hustles possible. 

8. Host a Webinar on Your Hobby

Have a subject that you absolutely love talking about — but know that your friends are tired of hearing you go on and on about?

What if there was a way to talk and teach people about the things you love the most, while also making a little bit of extra cash in the process? 

Enter the webinar side hustle. 

Create a few module courses about something you know you’re good at.

Maybe you’re an expert on French cooking. Perhaps you want to help people master basic software programs. Maybe your skill is writing blog posts, teaching people languages, or even offering travel hacks. 

Whatever it is, you can and should monetize it.

If you don’t feel like hosting a webinar completely on your own, you can create much smaller classes and share them with the world on sites like Udemy.

9. Serve as a Life Coach

We all go through phases of our life where we just feel a little bit “stuck.” 

Maybe your career isn’t taking off as fast as you hoped it would. Maybe your love life is in the gutter. Perhaps you’ve just moved to a new city, and are struggling to make friends. 

Are you the type of person who people always seem to come to for advice? 

Maybe you’ve even been in some of the above situations yourself, and have the wisdom to help others get through similar things. 

You should consider becoming a life coach as one of your side hustles. 

Depending on what you plan to offer, you may or may not need certification. Either way, it’s an excellent job to line your pockets and genuinely make a difference in the lives of others. 

Try These Side Hustles to Pad Your Income

Whether you decide to work as a digital girlfriend/boyfriend, become a professional bridesmaid, or just want to serve as a life coach, there are no shortages of side hustles out there. 

It’s all about finding ones that match your schedule and pique your interests. 

As with any job, the best side hustles are those that play to your strengths. 

Looking for more advice about how to make a bit of extra cash? Want some tips on how to better budget your money or land that promotion at work? 

Want the latest news on other weird career paths?

We’ve got you covered. 

Keep checking back with us for more invaluable advice.

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Getting That Dough: 9 Weird Side Hustles That Actually Bring In Money


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