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20 Beautifully Weird and Unique Brochure Designs You’ll Drool Over

When handing out Brochures, you don’t want them to end up in the sad waste bin for forgetfulness. You want your customers to hold onto it and remember your business the next time it needs a service that you’re offering.

Here are 20 weird Brochure designs that won’t end up in the bottom of your customer’s waste bin.

1. Corporate Brochures

Doing a creative corporate brochure means you really have to think outside the box. It’s hard to get all the information out there while still being professional.

You have to find a way, to sum up, the brand’s mission in a small amount of space.

2. School Brochures

No high school counselor or nurses office isn’t complete without a few brochures adorning it.

Brochures are a great way to display an educational program or school classes. The brochure has to give a sense of the school’s core values.

3. Event Brochures

Brochures are often given away at events so you need them to be eye-catching or the wind up on the floor. Not only will they end up on the floor, but your audience will be less inclined to use it as a souvenir.

It should have maps, schedules, and information on the event.

4. Resturant Brochures

Take out menus are technically brochures. They typically get magnetized to your refrigerator or tossed in the junk drawer.

The point is that people hold on to these for a really long time. You want to make sure it looks cool, but also represent the brand over a long period.

5. Graphic Design Brochures

Brochures aren’t just great for marketing a client’s brand but your own brand as well.

This is a great way to get yourself a little practice with creating them, and also see how your designs look.

6. Medical Brochures

A great way to get medical information out to an audience is brochures inside the waiting room.

These brochures do a great job of relaying info, but typically, the design leaves much to be desired.

7. Industrial Brochures

Industrial brands use brochures to give a basic rundown of the services that they provide.

Getting this information out in a creative way can be a bit challenging. Industrial info is often difficult to understand to the everyday person, and the designs are less than interesting. They don’t have to be dull to look at though.

8. Nonprofit/Government Brochures

Nonprofit government organizations need brochures to get people psyched about what they stand for.

They need creative displays to get people to donate time and money to their cause. They need unique brochures with a huge call to action.

9. Product Brochures

Product brochures are perfect for displaying various products. They can display one product or be a mini catalog on a bunch of different ones.

These brochures have to be both interesting to look at and be faithful to the company’s brand.

10. Real Estate Brochures

Real Estate Brochures work the best when they focus on the bigger picture of the business.

Not only can brochures give the buyer a sense of the property but also a good feel for the general atmosphere of the business.

11. Theatre and Fine Art Brochures

There is hardly a time that you go to a musical or performance and not come home with a brochure.

These brochures often have a basic rundown of the art or performance that’s being displayed to the audience.

12. Travel and Hotel Brochures

Brochures and travel are basically soulmates. From the day you start your trip you’ll be loaded down with information on your trip. Everything that you need to know. These brochures are great for displaying events and points of interests.

13. Branded Brochures

Brouchers are just one way that a company can market their brand. You can create brochures to market the brand itself.

Some interesting things can and will come out of it.

14. Folded Origami

Folding paper is an awesome, memorable way to connect with your audience. You would be surprised at just how much information you can pack into this little space as well.

The only problem with them is that they don’t lay flat. It’s hard for customers to keep up with them because of this.

15. Tabs

Using tabs can make your brochure easy to navigate. You can combine tabs with interesting colors and striking font to really reel the customer in.

Using tabs to label is simple and effective.

16. Cut-Cuts and Die-Cuts

Die-cuts can lend a very interesting visual to your brochure. If you add it to a careful design layout, it can deliver a pretty effective message.

This is typically used for the front of your brochure, but adding it on the inside can be interesting too.

17. Unusual Shapes

The biggest reason why most brochures are square or rectangular is that weirdly shaped brochure designs make printing awkward.

Because it’s not seen that often, this makes strange shapes really stick out to your audience. This method can also really help raise brand awareness depending on the shape.

18. Binding

You can do some really interesting things with the binding of your brochure. Most are saddle stitched, so if you use any other type of binding, you’re golden.

They are especially interesting if you use bright, pretty colors.

19. Loose Leaf Inserts

A corporate folder with loose leaf inserts can look professional and stylish if done the correct way.

This also gives you the option to add all kinds of other interesting content like CDS for example.

20. Be Creative

Above everything else, be creative. A creative mind will really set you apart from your competition.

Make a brochure design that is unique, something that can be recognized in a sea of others. Brochures can be great marketing materials if you let them.

To get started on getting your own creations printed visit New Era Print Solutions to get started.

Unique Brochure Designs

Having a unique brochure design can stop your customers from tossing your promotional materials in the garbage.

Customers want something fresh, and new, if you can deliver this, with some of these off the wall designs you will be sure to keep them.

For more marketing techniques that are strange but oddly effective, visit our blog.

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20 Beautifully Weird and Unique Brochure Designs You’ll Drool Over


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