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5 Weird Tools You Should Have in Your Workshop

Your Workshop is one of the places in your home where you can exercise creativity. However, always ensure that you exercise caution since about 1,000 people get into home accidents per month.

Regardless, with the right safety equipment, you can have more confidence when you undertake various projects like reusing old tires to make them part of your children’s playground.

With all the assortments of common equipment found in your workshop, there are some weird tools that should go with it. If you want to spice up your workshop with unique tools and other cool gadgets, there are a lot of them out there. Here are five of them:

Nail Kicker

When it comes to innovation, the modern Nail gun is one of the things that make your life easier. After all, it does a great job setting the nails into place. But what if you need to get a nail back instead?

In most cases, that’s where you regress back into outdated methods like using your trusty hammer coupled with your brute strength. It’s not an efficient way to remove nails if you plan to reuse them as soon as possible. After all, doing this might result in permanent damage to the wood around the head of the nail as well as the nail itself.

Now if you want a modern way of removing a nail head, you need to use a nail kicker. At its most basic form, this gadget is a reverse nail gun. Place it on top of the nail you wish to remove and pull the trigger.

It’s a great means of removing those pesky nails from the lumber. The nail kicker does so without damaging the surface. This is especially important when you need the surface for future usage.

Halligan Bar

A lot of firemen and rescue workers like the Halligan bar due to its simplicity in terms of use. This specialized builders hardware fits all of your needs when you need to pry open or demolish something. It’s a perfect tool for the manly man since you can smash doors open in case of home emergencies.

The Halligan bar is a heavy-duty tool made out of 30 inches of alloy steel or titanium. Its strange form is something that can remind you of the weapons warriors used in ancient times.

Pocket Chisel

If you don’t have a butterfly knife to defend your home with, in case of home invasions, you can use the Pocket Chisel as the next best tool. But despite its potential battlefield application, it’s one of the unusual tools you can use to do some serious home repair tasks.

At its core, the pocket chisel has no mechanical differences compared to normal chisels. However, this unique tool has a protective casing around the instrument’s sharp edges. This allows you to stow it in your pocket without worrying about cutting yourself by accident.

This feature allows you to use the pocket chisel in other places. But it can work well as a tool inside your workshop when you need to make it safe for yourself and your family.

Angled Drill Attachments

Your home can come in all forms, with varying shapes and sizes depending on how artistic you are. In some cases, it’s unavoidable for you to encounter an awkward angle in any of your future home repair processes. After all, drilling and hammering when space is too tight can either become difficult or even impossible.

With this, you might get surprised that super cool tools like multi-drill attachments got invented. After all, you can adjust it between 90-180 degrees. This allows you to reach all the difficult spots you might have when you’re trying to repair your house from the workshop.

Miter Saw

This tool is extremely handy to have in your workshop. After all, the miter saw gives you those perfect and accurate crosscuts at 90-degree angles. It can also do some miter cuts that you can angle to fit your exact specifications.

If you want to get this tool, shopping for it can become a tricky task. There are a lot of brands and types of miter saws available in the market. To get the best one around, you need to do your research and read some miter saw reviews to get the best miter saw around.

But what defines a good miter saw? This website can help you decide based on some of the features it can offer. One of the things you need to become aware of is the limitations of the tool since it isn’t perfect no matter how good the brand is.

For example, a miter saw can’t rip lumber to width since table saws and band saws should do that job. As much as you can use some tricks to increase their range, such as using sliding arms, the miter saw can only do so much. At best, it has a maximum of 14-16 inches of maximum crosscut as well as a maximum thickness of 6.75 inches for the 12-inch miter saw variants.

Workshop Safety Considerations

Efficient workshops should consider several safety risks in order to minimize them. While the Health and Safety Authority’s guidelines apply to big industrial workshops, you can use some of them for your own workshop at home. For example, you need to ensure that your workshop is well-lit and ventilated with a good housekeeping standard to ensure its safety.

Discover More Weird Tools Today!

Your workshop is a safe haven when you want to exercise your creativity. There are a lot of tools out there that you can use to make your works better and safer. However, owning these strange but cool devices can never hurt, especially when it also makes certain situations easier to resolve.

Don’t be afraid to experiment around and get new devices. All of these weird tools can help as long as you know how to use them.

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5 Weird Tools You Should Have in Your Workshop


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