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14 Weird Places to Advertise That Really Work

Everyone is used to seeing ads during their favorite shows, but what happens when you think outside the TV box?

Using Weird or unusual places to advertise your business can make a lasting impression with customers. Zoning out during long commercial breaks is easy to do, but when an ad pops up when you’re not expecting one it’s more likely to get lodged into your memory.

So, what places are some of these Weird Places to place an ad? And which ones work the best?

Let’s look at 14 weird places to advertise that your customers will love.

1. In a Video Game

The virtual world has become a reality for millions of gamers who spend hours playing. That’s a lot of time and a lot of people setting eyes on your ad.

Targeting the kinds of video games your ideal Audience would go for is sure to get your message in front of the right crowd.

2. Bathroom Stalls

There isn’t a place on the planet where you have someone’s undivided attention quite like a public bathroom stall.

With nothing but close walls to stare at while they get the job done, your audience will have no choice but to read your ad. They’ll appreciate it, though. Reading in the bathroom is always entertaining.

3. Temporary Tattoos

People of all ages find temporary tattoos fun. They don’t see them as advertisements, they see it as something cool to place onto their arm, chest, or even their forehead.

And when a temporary tattoo lasts anywhere from two days to two weeks, you’ve just created a walking billboard that will advertise for a long time.

4. Mousepads

Mousepads seem simple enough. But when the average person spends over 142 minutes a day on the computer, that’s quite a bit of exposure.

And why not up the entertainment factor while you’re at it. Have your mousepads made in a fun shape that represents your company or the product you’re promoting.

5. Baggage Claims

When nearly 2 million people fly daily in the United States alone, that’s a huge market to target your product or service to. And the baggage claim area is a place where you can capture much of that attention.

While they wait for their luggage, the won’t have anything else to do but stand and stare. Give them something else to look at besides each other.


CAPTCHAS are becoming a more popular way of finding out if you’re human on websites. Chances are you’ve encountered at least one this week alone.

And the best part is the audience has to interact with them to get to the next page. So they’re unavoidable!

Turn a CAPTCHAS into an ad. Make it fun. It’s a sure way to get people to remember your name.

7. Inflatable Tents

When you’re out at public events, it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of business advertisements.

Unless you have an inflatable tent with your company info smack on the side of it!

Signs and free t-shirts are great, but nothing gets the attention of a crowd like a big inflatable tent. Their fun, they get attention, and it gives you a place to entertain those that come to hang out.

You can find out more at

8. Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are a little piece of advertising that gets reused more than you might realize. Not only is it a portable billboard after the customer leaves the store, but each time it’s reused after that.

Have you ever carried your lunch to work in one? Carried items over to a friend’s in one? How about used one as a beach bag? Chances are your customers are too.

9. Women’s Backsides

As crude as it may seem, or as much as people hate to admit it, women’s backsides get checked out regularly. So, when something is getting that much attention, why not place your ad there?

Whether it be your company name, motto, or whatever you choose, your ad is sure to be bootylicious.

10. Zambonis

Whether it’s a hockey game, ice skating event, or just a family outing at the rink, sooner or later the ice will need to get repaired. And an audience with nothing to do but watch the Zamboni go round is a captive audience indeed.

Place an ad on the side of the Zamboni. Chances are it may even get featured on the Jumbotron!

11. Checkout Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are a checkout necessity at many stores, especially grocery stores. They’re encountered by hundreds of people every day.

Give the customers something else to look at while they wait besides gossip magazines and candy wrappers. You may even turn what would have been an impulse gum purchase into a new customer for you.

12. Elevators

Closing total strangers into a small metal box aren’t the most pleasant experience ever. Elevators are known for awkward silences and stares.

But if you place your ad in an elevator, it’s a safe bet all eyes will be on it and not on the weird stranger standing in the corner.

13. Shopping Cart Handles

A shopping cart is an object that stays with customers throughout their shopping experience. It’s something they look at frequently, including that handle they’re hanging onto.

Placing your ad strategically in the middle of the handle means their hands will go on either side of it. Making it front and center every time they look down.

14. Public Bathroom Mirror

Public restroom visitors always look into the mirror as they approach the sink. So, it stands to reason that a well-placed ad will also get noticed and read.

And if you’re an ad is in a women’s restroom, it’s likely to get unwittingly featured in a selfie as well.

Weird Places to Advertise Can Turn into Big Bucks

When you use unusual places to advertise your product or service, it can reach your target audience when they least expect to see an ad. That can make it more remember-able. And that will turn into sales for you.

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14 Weird Places to Advertise That Really Work


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