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Here’s the type of harassment others have experienced from NCO Financial

NCO Financial is a liar and a scam. They accused me of having a medical bill worth $455 that I refused to pay. Yet, the date in the bill does not correspond to the visits I had with the clinic. They kept on calling me and insisted I pay the debt immediately. Otherwise, they’re going to issue a subpoena and they’ll see me in court. I called the clinic and spoke to the secretary. I was told I no longer have an outstanding balance and they have never used the services of Nco Financial collection agency again since last year. So, I called the agency to tell them about what I learned and that I no longer have debt with the clinic. Yet, the agent I spoke to insisted they still have records of my debt. When I asked for facts and documents to prove their claim, the agent just diverted the conversation and, eventually, hung up the phone. This company is terrible.

I had got myself into a debt consolidation program and it worked well for my credit cards. Except one that was being handled by NCO Financial Services. One credit card company never allowed my debt to be consolidated with the others. Instead, the account was turned over to NCO Financial Services. As a result, my account balance exceeded the original amount of my debts. The problem is that I was never informed as to why it happened. I also never received a notice from them. So I called NCO Financial to ask for an explanation. Three weeks later, NCO never called up and no action had been taken till now. I called the agency again but the rep never sounded so accommodating. I was just told that they are still looking into the issue and are verifying my account. They will be contacting me as soon as the investigation is over. I called the debt consolidation organization to investigate and they’re quick to take action. With this, I doubt if NCO Financial is really addressing my issue and/or working on it. I will never stop until I get to the bottom of this.

My wallet was lost last year with my cards and SIN inside. Five months later, my wife and I were surprised to receive a notice from Telus regarding unpaid bills. Somebody stole my identity and open a couple of accounts at Telus. We filed a report about the lost cards and stolen identity. We even have a police report number of it. A few months later, collectors from NCO Financial started calling me and my wife trying to collect payment from me. They said they’ve been assigned to handle my accounts. So, they would do every possible way they could to get the bills settled. And, they did to the extent that they’re harassing me and my wife over the phone. We contacted NCO Financial and told them that the accounts are in dispute. In fact, we have a police report number of the dispute. Yet, they never listened and insisted that we settle the debt right away without giving excuses. This agency is just awful and I don’t want to talk to their rude agents again.

NCO Financial raised the amount of my debt without my knowledge. I only learned about it when I made my payment after three months of hiatus. I got into an accident that forced me to rest for weeks and it left me unsuitable for work for over a week. Eventually, I lost my job. As a result, I was unable to pay my bills on time and had to skip paying my debts. As soon as I got my first salary from my current job, I started making small payments again to NCO Financial. I thought they already understood and would consider my situation. Unfortunately, they didn’t. Instead, they raised the amount of my debt. When I asked what it’s all about, they said it’s for the charges and add-ons for failing to pay consistently. No matter how many times I explained to the agent what happened to me during those months, she just ignored me and told me she won’t accept excuses. The only thing she accepts is my payment. Indeed, they’re only after the money and nothing more. They are so rude and impolite. I can’t stand listening to her for long. I have enough stress and anxiety going on so I decided to hang up the phone.

NCO Financial supplied erroneous information on my credit report. I have been keeping in touch with this collection agency for weeks hoping that they would rectify their mistake. I have received mails from NCO concerning my debt with DirectTV that continues to appear on my credit report. I have already paid my dues including the interests and what not. Yet, these people never seem to bother unless they’re being paid to get it done quickly. It obviously is negligence. I am sick and tired of dealing with these lazy people pretending they don’t have a responsibility to consumers and companies they represent. This is exactly why we need the help of lawyers and government agencies in order to protect our rights and interests. If only companies like DirectTV and NCO Financials were ethical and practiced integrity in doing their business, we would not have resorted to legal intervention. They simply destroy the system and eradicate consumers’ confidence in free enterprise.

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Here’s the type of harassment others have experienced from NCO Financial


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