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(More) Simple Hacks Behind My $39 Utility Bills

Big things have been happening since I published last month’s blog post, 5 Simple Apartment Hacks Behind my $39 Utility Bills, and it’s time to share the wealth!

I got a lot of great feedback with MORE tips from Financial Independence bloggers and readers on Facebook!

Bex, who I met on the Appalachian Trail, wears her baselayer to stay warm:

I saved so much money this winter/ spring by putting towels next to my door when it’s cold, leaving the back door open when it’s hot, making the fridge a lil warmer and turning EVERYTHING off. I wear my hiking baselayers under everything. Got my electric Bill to an avg of 40 bucks

Rachel cut her bills by $55 just by turning things down/off:

We unplug everything, turned down our water heater temp, turned up the temp on our fridge, and don’t use our thermostat unless we absolutely have to. Our monthly utilities went from $150+ to $95

Regina is a fan of attic fans:

My husband has been running our attic fan at night to cool the house for the day ahead. Also, Blackout Curtains help maintain temp

And while I try not to use my thermostat, Neil says:

Cut my utility bill in half by asking for a programmable thermostat for Christmas

AntiGroundhogDay recommends getting a smaller place:

I’m around $20-30 for my Electric Bill throughout the year, and $20 of that is the minimum charge, haha. One thing I would add is to “move to a smaller place to heat/cool.” I live in a 450 sq. ft. studio and I love it

My Mattress Money echos that sentiment, adding: 

Buy/rent WITHIN your means. Big homes/apartments come with big utilities

The Frugal Gene, on the power of night lights:

(My husband) put nightlights in the hallway so people don’t turn on the 5 hallway lights we have just to go urinate

For the homeowners out there, Adventure Rich suggests LED’s:

Some energy companies will give rebates for switching to LED lights. Not only did that save my husband and I a bundle on our bill, it continues to “pay-back” with the MUCH lower electricity usage

Finally, my favorite piece of advice comes from Epic Quiver:

Don’t forget to fill the empty space at the back of your refrigerator with 1 gallon bottles of water. It will keep the fridge cold and reduce the need for the compressor to engage

I’ve never even heard of doing this, but it makes a lot of sense! My fridge is usually half empty, so I’m trying this with some water-filled 2 liter soda bottles I’ve been using as backpack weights (training for future long-distance hikes.)

Minimally Nerdy was featured on some major blogs!

Including Stacking Benjamins and Rockstar Finance – Thanks for the shout-out!!!

Finally, I saved even MORE on my utilities!

My most recent bill, due tomorrow, was only $32.44! That’s not my cheapest ever, but it’s pretty darn close, and great for this time of year. I consider that a big win!

We’re going into summer, with every day getting hotter, but I still haven’t had to turn on my AC. Until then, I’m going to try some more of these reader recommendations – blackout curtains would be GREAT with the big windows in my apt, and I feel like there’s still money to be saved in my refrigerator – and I suggest you do the same.

I love hearing your success stories! Stay cool this summer by staying frugal! Keep the good ideas coming, and keep up the good work!!

This post first appeared on Minimally Nerdy, please read the originial post: here

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(More) Simple Hacks Behind My $39 Utility Bills


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