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Carne Asada Authentica (Seasoned Thin Sliced Beef Sirloin)

Trader Joe's Carne Asada Authentica Seasoned Thinly Sliced Beef Sirloin

The Trader Rater Rating: 6.92

Review Summary: The intense salt and pepper in the marinade overwhelmed the flavor of the Meat, but when thinly sliced into a taco or sandwich along with other ingredients that mellow out the flavor, this Carne Asada hits the spot.

Full Review:

As huge steak fans, we were excited to give this product a try. We were also a bit skeptical, because one large downside of buying pre-marinated meat is that you can’t really see the meat and chose the best marbling, color, etc. Still, the fact that this dish requires virtually no preparation was a plus.

When we opened the package, the aroma of the spices was fantastic, but as we unrolled the meat, we realized that there were some significant inconsistencies with the size and thickness of the pieces – which made grilling a bit of a challenge. We found it helpful to lay the larger pieces on the grill first, so that by the time all the pieces were on the grill, we could almost immediately flip the smaller pieces to avoid overcooking.

Despite the delicious aroma at the start, we found the cooked Carne Asada to be a bit simplistic in flavor. Sure, there was some heat from the cayenne and chile peppers, but overall the meat was very salty and very peppery – to the point of being overwhelming. We also found the meat to be rather chewy, as if it was only average quality meat. Cutting thinner slices helped the texture.

During our first sampling, we surmised that the meat would be better if incorporated into a taco or burrito – so that the lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, etc. can mellow out the flavor a bit. The next day, we confirmed this by combining some leftover Carne Asada with a piece of Trader Joe’s Middle Eastern Flatbread, their Tzatziki sauce, lettuce and plum tomatoes  – with delicious results.

All told, as a standalone dish, this Carne Asada missed the mark a bit, but if you’re planning to use it as a base for a sandwich, taco, burrito, etc. you likely won’t be disappointed.

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Carne Asada Authentica (Seasoned Thin Sliced Beef Sirloin)


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