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You Should Try Juicing for These 7 Amazing Health Benefits

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I’m excited to share a guest post with all of you today, about 7 health benefits of Juicing, by Shelly Stinson!


Although juicing starting getting popular in the early ’90s, lots of people still haven’t tried it. Many times, it’s because they just don’t realize the true value that juicing has to offer.

But there are many benefits of juicing on a regular basis. These are just seven great benefits.

1. Lower Risk of Disease

Juicing is a great way to lower your risk of potentially life-threatening conditions like cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also reduces your likelihood of developing arthritis and other painful, inflammatory-type conditions. The reason juicing does this is because you’re getting the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables, as well as their antioxidants, flavonoids, and all of the other substances within them that protect your cells from damage.

Eases Symptoms Related to Certain Medical Conditions

Sometimes juicing can even help ease symptoms related to certain medical conditions. For instance, one woman shared on a blog how juicing and integrative nutrition helped her reverse melasma, a skin disorder that left brown patches on her skin.  Again, it’s the nutrients that make this type of relief possible, as many health conditions benefit from adding vitamins and minerals to your diet. It’s the same concept as taking vitamin C or zinc when you get a cold to help your body recover sooner.

Higher Levels of Energy

Have you ever eaten a meal, only to feel extremely tired afterward, like all you want to do is sleep? That doesn’t happen when you Juice. In fact, ask someone who juices about their energy levels, and they’ll likely tell you that they feel extremely alive!  This is partially due to the high nutrient content, but it’s also due to the fact that juice simply doesn’t weigh you down.

Helps with Weight Loss

Another benefit of juicing is that it makes losing weight easier. Fruits and vegetables are extremely low in calories and most have little to no fat, which makes them great additions to any weight loss plan. Plus, after drinking a glass of fresh juice, you don’t feel as hungry. Your body’s needs have been satisfied, which means that cravings go by the wayside.

Aids in Getting your Recommended Vitamins and Minerals

Do you struggle with getting your recommended intake of 2 cups of fruit and 2 ½ to 3 cups of veggies per day? If so, you aren’t alone because many people have the same problem. With juicing though, you’re able to easily meet these minimum requirements. Most juices involve adding three or more of these food sources, which means you can meet them all in one glass.

Keeps you Hydrated

Juicing extracts not only the vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables, but the water too. This keeps you from experiencing the effects of dehydration, such as fatigue, irritability, dry skin, and constipation.

You Feel Better Mentally

When you juice, you also feel better mentally. This is partly because the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables can help protect you against the effects of stress. Also, it’s pretty difficult to feel happy about life when your physical health isn’t up to par, and we’ve already established the advantages that juicing has for your body.

Juicing provides a lot of potential benefits and these are just seven. Any one of them on their own is more than enough reason to juice. But add them together and the real question is, “Why aren’t you juicing already?”

Shelly Stinson hails from Denver, where she’s establishing herself as a freelance writer. She loves writing about health, food, and exercise, and she recently jumped into the world of juicing.  You can find and follow her on Twitter.

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You Should Try Juicing for These 7 Amazing Health Benefits


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