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Lip Smacking Tamarind Ribs
2021-06-17 02:28
Those who likes tamarind would fall in love with this dish! It's sourish and savory, absolutely appetizing! You can definitely eat a few bowls of rice with this gorgeous ribs! LIP SMACKING… Read More
My First Homemade Ciabatta Bread
2020-04-14 08:21
My hubby love ciabatta bread, so I've been wanting to make it for a long time. I've watched numerous videos and recipes in the past and it seems to be a little more complicated than any no… Read More
Salt And Pepper Deep Fried Tofu
2019-08-13 04:30
I've been wanting to cook this dish for a long time. This dish was inspired by a similar dish that I had in Guangzhou many yeas ago. Back then, we had this dish with cold beers. It was a chi… Read More
Spinach Tofu With Shimeji Mushroom
2019-07-15 08:21
Spinach, mushrooms and eggs... Oh, this is a brilliant combination! Simply because these three are my daughter's favourite! And I knew this would be a yummy~licious dish when I saw this re… Read More
Homemade Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam)
2019-01-31 13:19
I've been keeping this kaya recipe for a long time. I have not attempt to make this because I have a loving mother in law whom has been blessing us with her homemade kaya all along. Whenever… Read More
Chinese Style Steamed Fish
2019-01-16 10:18
My children love to eat fishes, especially my princess! Be it steamed or deep fried, she can literally finishes a whole fish by herself. (Well, a whole fish here means 800g or less per fis… Read More
Snowskin Mooncakes (Steaming Method)
2018-08-19 05:12
Snowskin mooncake is a non-baked mooncake eaten chilled during Mid-Autumn Festival. It has a skin texture similar to mochi and the filling can be of the common ones like lotus paste or red… Read More
Homemade Chilli Flakes
2018-08-04 02:25
I was half a mind on doing this post. Since this recipe is so simple, I wasn't sure to just post a short recipe on my instagram or make an official recipe on Yummy~licious. After a long thou… Read More
Rice Cooker Pandan Sponge Cake
2018-07-29 10:28
I am beginning to fall in love with rice cooker cakes. They are always soft and moist. You can never over-baked a cake in a rice cooker, well... at least for me! Just keep a watch on your ca… Read More
Mezcla Burrito Bar @ USJ 9, Subang Jaya
2018-07-24 10:54
Mezcla which means "Mix-It-Up" in Mexican, is a mexican fast food restaurant located in USJ 9 Subang Business Centre. It sells mainly burritos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos.As what it is… Read More
Rice Cooker Honey Cake
2018-07-13 16:33
...partially steamed in rice cooker, the cake turned out to be really moist and soft... Would you believe me if I told you that this cake is made from rice cooker? Yes, it is! My hubby… Read More
Appetizing Orange Chicken
2018-07-13 02:07
This sweet, tangy and savory Orange Chicken is the new craze in my family. We could eat a whole bowl of rice just with this dish. Even my children were quick to finish up their rice, thanks… Read More
Claypot Chicken Rice (in Rice Cooker)
2018-07-11 06:56
My mom used to cook this dish quite often when I was younger. But it was such a long time ago that I've forgotten all about it. It wasn't until few years ago, I recalled back this dish when… Read More
3-Ingredient Steamed Sponge Cake
2018-07-09 07:01
This steamed sponge cake is also known as Kai Dan Kou. The original recipe is from my hubby's late grandma (Ah Mah) - 1 bowl egg, 1 bowl sugar and 1 bowl flour. In Chinese families, our elde… Read More
Chinese Black Bean Soup
2018-07-05 07:22
In search of healthy soup recipes for my family, I found this chinese black bean soup recipe which I've been wanting to try. The appearance may not be inviting or tempting because of the mon… Read More
Homemade Boba Pearls/ Tapioca Pearls
2018-07-03 03:06
I am super excited to be posting this recipe. I can't believe that I've actually succeeded in making a nice and chewy boba pearls at home. Didn't know that it was this easy! ...tea-based d… Read More
2018-06-30 01:54
Ondeh-Ondeh is a popular traditional sweet dessert in Malaysia, which happened to be mine and my hubby's childhood favorite snack. Ondeh-Ondeh or Onde-Onde is a chewy pandan flavored glution… Read More
Salted Vegetable Soup With Tofu
2018-06-25 02:22
The secret ingredient for a flavourful Salted Vege Soup is a nice Roasted Pork Knuckle or Roasted Pork Bone. You can get the roasted pork bone from your trusted butcher. If you can't find… Read More
Reminisce Cafe @ Setiawalk Puchong
2018-06-10 02:02
Reminisce is an interesting cafe located at the Ground floor of Setiawalk Puchong. Last Tuesday, we were there for dinner after our initial plan to dine at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng failed m… Read More
Dried Cuttlefish Sambal
2018-05-31 01:21
This is a follow-up post for my Lontong Sayur Lodeh recipe. Because a good lontong must be accompanied by a salivating sambal, so here's my Dried Cuttlefish Sambal recipe! This sambal is a… Read More
Classic Stir-fry Tomato Eggs
2018-05-25 03:43
I used to dislike Tomato Eggs even tho' at that time I haven't try this dish before. It was because I was not a big fan of tomato nor ketchup. My prejudice thought turned 360° after I… Read More
Beetroot Soup With Corn And Carrot
2018-05-23 07:26
Even tho' beetroot has been around for a long time, but it was only made known as one of the superfood about a decade ago. Beetroot is a sweet root vegetable which most people will either… Read More
Zebra Butter Cake
2017-04-08 09:19
My mom love to eat butter cake. And knowing that her daughter can bake, she has been requesting me to bake her a butter cake for a very long time. This is definitely the longest overdue requ… Read More
BBQ Town @ Empire Shopping Gallery Subang
2016-11-08 05:20
Just on the recent Saturday, we had mom's early birthday dinner at the newly opened restaurant - BBQ Town in Empire Subang. This is their 2nd outlet . BBQ Town offers Thai BBQ and combinatio… Read More
GOO.N Baby Diapers
2016-07-23 15:44
I am very excited to be selected to review this GOO.N diaper. Coincidentally, the usual brand that my son is using has ran out of stock in my neighboring hypermarket. So, this opportunity ca… Read More
Fun Homemade Play Sand For Toddlers
2016-07-05 16:46
After successfully making my first homemade play dough for my daughter, I was eager to make this homemade play sand for her. This recipe is really easy ~ no cooking required. All you need to… Read More
Steamed Chicken With Pickled Mustard Root
2016-05-26 10:15
Many housewives (like myself), when we've ran out of idea of what to cook, we will just cook whatever we found in the pantry or fridge (especially on the last day of the week when we needed… Read More
Thai Laksa/ Siam Laksa
2016-05-06 18:00
Today, I've used the 'cheat way' to make this yummy-licious Thai Laksa. Thanks to my ex-boss, C, who (once) mentioned to me that her Malay neighbor used to make Thai Laksa with cans' tuna. Y… Read More
Silken Chinese Steamed Egg
2016-05-03 04:23
Chinese Steamed Egg is the PERFECT last minute dish to add on to complete your "3 dishes, 1 soup" dinner. Every Chinese family will know about this dish. It is a quick and easy dish, and mos… Read More
Kung Pao Chicken (Spicy Stir-fry Chicken)
2016-04-28 09:43
...known as Kungpo Chicken in restaurants, is a spicy stir-fry chicken... The cooking style - Kung Pao is originated from the Sichuan province of China. The authentic Kung Pao Chicken… Read More
Kimchi Stew (Kimchi-jjigae 김치찌개)
2016-04-23 08:01
Finally, I've make my Kimchi Jjigae! I've been excitedly saving my last quarter of homemade kimchi specially for this dish. My kimchi has been sitting in my fridge for 4 months and it has fe… Read More
Hainanese Chicken Chop
2016-04-17 08:43
This is my second attempt in cooking Hainanese Chicken Chop and I am very happy with the outcome. My hubby said this is more delicious than Yuk Kee's. The chicken was crispy on the outside… Read More
Old Cucumber Soup
2016-04-12 05:03
"If you don't have time for home-cooked meals, you must at least drink home-cooked soups," this is what the elderly would normally tell the younger generation. I don't quite understand this… Read More
Pretty~licious Steamed Soft Cake (QQ Cake)
2016-04-08 03:00
Aren't these pinky delicacies pretty? It tasted as good as it looks too. It has been such a long time since I last indulged myself in one of these. These are my favourite childhood snacks/ d… Read More
Salted Egg Yolk Chicken
2016-04-05 10:16
Who doesn't like Salted Egg Yolk Chicken? I mean, come 'on... each deep fried chicken cubes are well coated with the savory sauce of fragrant salted egg yolk and aromatic curry leaves. Don't… Read More
Supreme Soy Sauce Chow Mein
2016-03-31 06:22
Supreme Soy Sauce Chow Mein is a popular dish in Hong Kong. Usually it is eaten alongside with porridge during breakfasts. This dish is both mine and my hubby's favorite. One thing I like ab… Read More
Fu Chuk Guen 腐皮卷 (Beancurd Roll)
2016-03-25 05:03
May it be for breakfast or supper, my hubby and I love eating dim sum. We used to go dim sum with our good buddiess at Jalan Ipoh, KL almost every weekend night. We would chit chat until lat… Read More
Baked Herbal Chicken
2016-03-21 09:32
This is the easiest chicken recipe I've ever cooked. The first time I cooked this dish was during my family's gathering in 2009. Everyone thought that I've bought the chicken from restaurant… Read More
Honeydew Sai Mai Lo (Honeydew Sago Dessert)
2016-03-20 05:03
Sai Mai Lo or Sago Soup is a famous dessert originated from Hong Kong. It is made with sago/ tapioca pearls, coconut milk and evaporated milk. Other ingredients can be added such as honeydew… Read More
2016-03-17 16:44
Spinach is one of the most eaten superfood in my family. These dark leafy greens are rich in antioxidants and high in iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins A and C, which are all great for… Read More
2016-03-15 03:53
...which calls for pau flour and baking powder... an even fluffier and light mantou... Previously, I have tried my hands on a Classic White Mantou recipe which calls for only all-purp… Read More
2016-03-12 05:14
If you still have mandarin oranges in your house (i still have plenty...), this is a good recipe to make use of them (the peels). For the fruits, you can make them into fruit juice, marmalad… Read More
2016-03-11 10:24
Lotus root soup is very nutritious. It has many benefits like improve immune function, regulates blood pressure, aids constipation, energy booster and it is also a good blood building for la… Read More
2016-03-10 15:34
Mantou or Chinese steamed buns are originated from Northern China. They are eaten as a staple food where wheat is grown. According to a popular Chinese legend, the name 'mantou' is said to h… Read More
2016-03-10 13:47
While I was blog hopping last week, I stumbled across Zoe's Melt-in-your-mouth Salted Egg Yolk Cookies. Her cookies looks really cute and what makes me wanting to bake this too are her words… Read More
2016-03-10 13:47
It's cookies again in my kitchen! I am going to continue baking cookies until Chinese New Year. Hopefully I will be able to complete my long list of interesting CNY cookies that I wanted to… Read More
2016-03-10 13:47
Bak Kwa is a salty-sweet dried meat produce similar to jerky. It is originated from Fujian province in China by the Hokkien society. I used to remember we only get to eat Bak Kwa during Chin… Read More
2016-03-10 13:47
Okay, don't be mislead by the word 'Walnut' here. It DOES NOT contain any walnut. Only flour, sugar, oil and a little of alkaline water and butter to make this crunchy~licious Hup Tou Soh. D… Read More
2016-03-03 06:28
I missed my mom's fried nian gao with yam and sweet potato. As far as I know, it was the most classic and old fashion way of frying nian gao. The nian gao is sandwiched in between a piece of… Read More
2016-03-01 07:09
Taadaaa!! Here's my Baked Prawns in Special Sauce. This is a remake of a dish we had in Grand Imperial, USJ 19 Subang during our annual CNY dinner with our crazy bunch of friends. It was so… Read More
2016-03-01 04:07
Whenever I drink ABC soup, it reminded me of my mom. This classic soup has been in the menu of Chinese household for decades, ours included. My mom used to cook this soup alot during my chil… Read More
2016-02-22 06:53
I know I've mentioned it before in my previous collection - AGP back in 2008, but I am going to say it again here ~ This dish is my ALL-TIME favorite dish! In fact, it is among my TOP favori… Read More
2016-01-22 16:09
Being a sudden backup chef when my wife is busy taking care of our 2 little precious is simply a head-scratching job. Thinking of what to cook in such a short time is hard when both of us ar… Read More
2016-01-21 05:11
This is by far the easiest malay-style chicken soup - just 3 bulbs of soup spice pouches with some garlic, shallots and black peppercorn. Voila, here you have a yummylicious comforting chick… Read More
2016-01-18 05:41
With the Chinese New Year approaching, it is hard not to bake some cookies in my kitchen. Since I've been wanting to try out this golden syrup cookies recipe, now is the perfect time. I've m… Read More
2016-01-06 16:43
Since my hubby is so in love with my kimchi, I've decided to make him a snack with it. Using ingredients I found in my pantry, I make him this simplelicious Kimchi Bread Roll. The kimchi goe… Read More
2016-01-04 07:54
Being able to successfully fried Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow last time with compliments from my hubby, I was very confident that I could pass with flying colors in frying this Char Kueh Kak. Bu… Read More
2016-01-04 07:52
If you love to eat Penang Assam Laksa, then I would highly recommend that you check out this new instant noodle by Hao Way. It is the closest thing you can get to the real ones (in terms of… Read More
2016-01-04 07:52
As the saying goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Very true! I am sure one of the many reasons why my man love me so much is that I can cook yummylicious foods for him w… Read More
2015-12-23 09:05
We love our cast iron hot plate. It is really good for both baking and cooking. And today, I am going to share with you, my hubby's favourite dish. Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu is one dish that r… Read More
2015-12-10 03:38
My daughter loves playing with dough. Whenever i work with dough recipe, she would come and ask to join along. Usually I would give her a ball of dough to play with and she could play throug… Read More
2015-12-03 08:44
Mug cake simply means cake cooked in a mug. When I first heard of it, 8 years ago, mug cakes were not so popular then. A blogger friend of mine, Yoko from My Pooch Life was very generous to… Read More
2015-12-02 04:47
It has been raining since this afternoon (and is still raining now). The weather was really cooling and I couldn't ask for more appropriate weather to have these yummylicious lil' churros fo… Read More
2015-12-02 04:47
Many years ago (around 5 - 6 years ago), my hubby's grandma taught me how to make traditional mooncake. Unlike commercialized mooncake, traditional mooncake has a pastry skin that is moist… Read More
2015-11-18 03:41
For the first-timer parents, buying stuffs for your baby can be really fun. I remember when I first shopped for my first born, I bought a cute little mitten & bootie. It was a very simpl… Read More
2015-09-24 01:41
During my late teens, me and my friends (we) love to visit mamak. Mamak used to be the favourite hangout place for everyone. Most of the time, the mamak was full with crowds of all ages. Peo… Read More
2015-09-08 05:54
Hello everyone! You must be wondering why I have been so quiet for the past weeks. Don't worry, I am fine. In fact, I am more than fine. I have just delivered a beautiful baby boy on 21st Ju… Read More

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